The 6 Best Big Ass Pornstars in 2017


Stand clear: We are approaching the main (commonized, not communized) sector that has the most use in the colloquial porn dictionary. By enrichening the vocabulary, new horizons opened for us, however, let’s get back to this old tradition, of worshiping good, young, ’round and of course, Big Butts!

Either slim or curvy, doesn’t matter, if you’re rocking some sweet buttocks beneath that dress, you’ve got vast points in my book(ing)! For other, more rare categories, it was tough to search for porn stars with a rigid criterion, but not because the girls aren’t widespread across the industry, but because it’s a tough competition, really!

To say that this wasn’t also a tough competition may be plausible, but somehow I managed to hack a half the domain of babes because I searched for the girls with the juiciest, biggest and tastiest asses there are in the universe! Well, US universe mostly, to be honest.

Some might comprehend this list as the bit of a deranged selection, but trust me, I’ve overwatched the whole situation regarding porn star’s overalls, implying on her physicals, then her age, and years spent in the industry, or better yet, experience if you put it that way.

I’m procrastinating the point and essence of this article, so I don’t want to dwell anymore, boring you to death reading this prolonged introduction. It’s mandatory that you give you the proper instruction so that you don’t come to me blasting me on how I did something wrong later. See, I always keep track of anything, and my top priority is to distribute top quality articles to you guys!

If you likey what you see, then proceed, if you cannot withstand my obnoxious rankings, find a leading dealer for your affinities! Eventually, you’ll come back, hehe! Enjoy the classiest Butts ever!

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6. Lisa Ann

I got you thinking and leaving you full of doubt, whether I’m drugged out or just lost my mind somewhere out there stranded or not. But yes, Lisa Ann is first paragraphically speaking but ranked on number six, and before you act, let me explain.

Okay, so you probably know better Lisa than you do you, lad, but, if an alien would ask me to describe her, this is what I’ll mention anything else. The extra-terrestrials would rather ask first what’s that hanging on her upper-body, and I’d say that those are one of the biggest boobs in the porn industry, 38E!

They possibly have better technology than we do, so they’ll read the measurements directly, those horny bastards. Be careful once you encounter them, so that your snitching doesn’t abduct the porn stars. Or even worse, they may exploit the wholesome milk from her giant tits! It’d be a hard hit for the industry! Oh, right, she retired.

Anyways, if you’re feeling like arguing over the 6th spot, be my guest, I’ll provide you with the full article at the bottom, so check her stats, and admire the awards she acquired through the decade!

Lisa Ann prefers having sex with NBA players. Why? Read more about it HERE

If there were a Best Ass award, she’d probably win it multiple times, however in the plus-que-parfait, because nowadays girls look like they’re inflating their asses with noble glass from outer space! It seems we gone too far from the Earth on this one! Well, it explains Lisa the best, no human-like creature would be so great as Lisa Ann is!

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5. Kelly Divine

To make things utterly unfair, I’ve placed a BBW model over the Porn Queen, and last time I checked my privileges, I’m allowed to do so! But check the booty on this cutie! Subjectively, overage layers of fat ain’t my think too much, I like them thick, but when they’re still slick!

Not that Kelly isn’t slick, but I had to make room for her (no pun intended, I swear) in narrow BBW section of my taste, and place Kelly there! That red hair resembles the fire that she is, so watch yourself not to get badly burned! Adding fuel to hell is the mirror image of when Kelly looks you in the eye with that intense stare!

She’ll sweep you off your feet, that’s for sure! And believe it or not, 33 years old! That’s not too old, but the youthful limit is beyond exceeded, however, Kelly is performing like crazy still! It’s tough to endure a 173cm tall, 59kg body. Her weight might seem suspicious, but I circled around the sources of the internets, and haven’t found any number larger than 60.

She’s BBW, and she still is light under those circumstances! That’s what you call a professional level porn star! Since this is a big butts article, I won’t spread big tits propaganda, they’ll find their own way, but to say that she has huge tits, she does! Read the full article on Kelly Divine!

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4. Allie Haze

The first question that comes to your mind is if this babe’s from South America, of some Brazillian descent or ancestry. Well, an above average porn consumer like me would ask a question like this, so it’s not that of an imposing question.

And the answer is; absolutely not! She’s an All-American porn star born in Montana, on May 1987. Her great great great grand roots aren’t considered, so we’ll never know if that’s a coincidence or just God-given! The ass is simply… fantastic, alluring, appealing, no words can describe it, you just gotta see it!

Boxer pants, or sexy panties, you name it, the butt’s big even if she’s wearing tight denim if she is able to squeeze through those patty cakes! Allie’s quite tall, 170 cm and weighs just as much Kelly does, and that’s extremely odd because Kelly is even taller than her! Physics can sometimes be irrational, but, will get used to it, yeah.

I recommend you watch her videos from the beginning of her career at first, later you’ll notice that her ass is expanding and that oiling it up will just make you an addict of her behind. And you don’t need troublesome like that in your life. Gradually, you watch more and more requiring videos of Allie, then come see me as a shrink, to help you get off her ass!

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3. Alexis Texas

Hm, I’m trying to find a pattern on which babes have the biggest asses, and have one or more thing in common which results in that envious dimensions! Texas US isn’t that famous of fostering Butt farms, but it seems though that Alexis is one in a million. Maybe it’s because of she of the German, or Norwegian, or maybe Puerto Rican descent. I reckon Puerto Rico.

Ay, ay, ay, I’ll never be fascinated more by the fact that nobody induced butt-size measurements somewhere, so that if we’re running a 90’s internet of snail speed and can’t load an image, we are able to find details and numbers so that we don’t have to go and read a porn video with the same internet speed, because watching an actual video is luxurious.

Check out this interview with Alexis Texas from 2015 when she was the co-host of the AVN Awards

This blonde samurai is ready to chop off your dick if you don’t worship her as a goddess, and who isn’t really is a fool, Alexis is well-known for her impeccable porn scenes, where she’s getting nailed by well-endowed penises, wherever their hole-destination is!

Time is the most scarce resource, so moving on to number two, I’ll leave you with this next breadcrumb to find your porn hero path:

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2. Mia Malkova

A mixture of French and Canadian, you get this: a blonde babe with a body which can be displayed on some sculpture expos, if there were an artist as such which sees the potential in this young girl!

Don’t forget, she likes it rough…ly to be melted in a sculpture, no smooth parts, only crude carbon to metaphorically show how she really liked rough sex! Thought I was going to be polite, think again!

This flexible latex-girl looks great in any attire you imagine of, especially in her birthday suit! That rocking body of a 25-year-old is just too dreamy to get constricted by some unworthy materials! If I were a rule-giver, I’d make a certain law for this individual to strictly go naked in public places. But only during the night. From 12 AM to 4 AM. The ass looks like two fold mountains, with a big crack/canyon between them!

Don’t fall in there, it can be dangerous! Once you go in, you’ll never see the sunlight, by choice!

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1. Jada Stevens

If anyone has a tremendous ass, that will be Jada Stevens! The only girl in the industry whose pictures are featured the most with her ass in the first plan while her head is in the background, almost blurred due to camera focus on that phat apple bottom!

She’s just brilliant, if not perfect butt-related, she wouldn’t be where she is now if it was otherwise! Not only her ass, she’s got a steaming body fresh out of a sex machine that made her (not her dad, an actual (hypothetical) machine).

Jada’s hitting 30 next year, but she’s not yet reached her critical years, so this ass will be around for at least 5 years more, and until then, we will dine in grace and power! We hope that we’ll have a worthy replacement one day because these circumferences and volumes are rare these days!

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