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    First time I thought of a different girl when I first looked at this fox right here, Dani Daniels. And you know who she reminds me of? Eva Lovia, which I also reviewed quite recently (check it out HERE).  It’s not anything else but the sharp look on their faces with the nicely lined eyebrows and the casually lowered eyelids. From the waist down, it’s like she borrowed her legs from an angel. Her hips and thighs, shaping her ass, so magnificent.

    Plus she has long legs, and to point that out, she usually wears chic high heels, usually colorful to put an accent on her positive attitude. I’m not saying that her torso is bad, on the contrary, she is shaped like parenthesis but flipped backward. You know “)(“. Only it’s a bit larger gap between them if you want it to be in a perfect ratio 1:1. Okay, we’re starting to use some complicated math to describe her, however, it’s her fault, she looks so smart and intelligent! Especially with that perfect ass, right?

    Dani Daniels on Naughty America

    She’s a typical brunette with an atypical face, really detailed and quite beautiful! Such a belle. Her body is amazing, even though she doesn’t have tits of an above average size, they’re still pretty decent. However, her fine ass is so tight, you can immediately tell that she squats. It’s impossible to have an ass like that naturally!

    She was born in Oregon, the USA and you are probably not going to believe it, but she is almost 30 years old! She was born on September 13th, 1989, but don’t let her youthful skin and look fool you! She is a gifted girl and thankfully, she used her talent to become a porn star! You can’t throw away this beauty like that! It’s the reason why she won many things and was nominated 20 times more than that for something else, so she was successful in general.

    Dani Daniels unshaved pussy

    Formally, she is described as a porn star, an artist, and several other things that are reasonable because they’re connected with her primary career. She is a stripper, a webcam model, and – most importantly – a porn director. Her descent is rather mixed, so she is definitely not the everyday girl you see on the streets, having some roots from Czech, England, and German as well.

    Her early life included going to art school, that’s why she is considered an artist but she only finished 2 years of art education and then she dropped out unfortunately – or fortunately. She had a good reason behind it, and that led her to this path which is known today. She dropped out because she couldn’t afford school. She was in debt and she had to work as a stripper in order to collect the cash!

    That’s when she realized what she is assembled for! Dani joined the porn industry in January 2011, and her first scene was on Reality Kings. Primarily, she was a girl-on-girl performer, then she got adapted to dicks over time.

    We don’t mind her magazine awards this time, so here are the ones that are strictly porn related: the Twistys Treat of the Month (2011), the Penthouse Pet of the Month (2012), and Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month in 2013.

    She’s a serious webcam model, and she can be found filming in her personal space, showing some really personal stuff if you know what I mean. Streamate is her name there so feel free to find her yourself.

    Her notable achievements: She was on the list of “The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s Most Popular Stars” in 2014  and 2015, which is a pretty prestigious award. One of her more famous porn movies (which is more like a parody) is “The Whore of Wall Street” mocking “The Wolf of Wall Street”, made in 2014 for Brazzers, a huge name which makes the porn parody popular!

    Let’s start a trend where we put a fun fact at the end, related to the porn star. Like, did you know that her name Dani Daniels was derived from her ex-boyfriend’s name? She did it purposely perhaps to show him what kind of a sex machine he passed on! Revenge is sweet, as they say!

    * By the end of 2016, she starred in 486 movies and directed 6 of them.

    * In 2016 she created a line of sex toys, based on her and Doc Johnson’s idea, which brought her, and him the AVN Fan Award for Most Amazing Sex Toy.

    We have here a huge intro for a porn star and it’s big because of the importance of this girl. You’ll see now, in practice, why did we have a heart-to-heart opening to you guys, leaving nothing behind, nothing left unexplained. The scenes:

    8. Pawg – Sexy White Girl With A Fat Bubble Ass

    Bangbros are usually some guys that find a girl which fits their strict expectation and that doesn’t beat around the bush. Literally bush. They want a girl with a unmowed lawn in the front yard, it makes it feel more natural that way. Beauty, sexiness and high-pitched lust is the key element. She’s even funny, and has an ass with class! But, what they haven’t prescribed is something that can’t be put in words.

    They got Dani Daniels, and who knows when they’ll hook up with her again or even meet a similar hot babe like her. So the time is used pretty effectively, as no one worries about that in Bangbros. They finally got her. They highly appreciated the opportunity from the first moment they met her to the last jizz. She enjoyed the time with them, they loved the time with her, and it all boils down to a big day where lots of good things happened. And that is to bamboozle the fuck out of Dani. Thanks a lot, Bangbros

    What can I say about Dani Daniels? She's witty, all natural, sexy, she's got bush, beautiful, sexual, horny, and fun, but we're here for white girls with phat asses, and she definitly fits the bill. Not only does this lovely young slut have a great shapely booty, but she knows how to work it. In this video you'll see plenty of ass worship, twerking, butt bouncing, ass shaking, cheek spreading...etc And of course, hardcore fucking. Dani Daniels is a screamer, to put it mildly. She takes a dick like no other, and sucks cock like you won't believe. Her pretty pussy gets slammed hard in this scene, and she loved every stroke of it. Actually, I don't know who was fucking who harder. It's pretty hot to watch such a pretty face let out the filthy things she was saying. She repeatedly begged for a mouthful of cum, and who can say no to such a pretty face? Enjoy..

    Click here to open the video

    7. Girls Way – Sharing The Bed: Part Two Scene #1

    This is the sequel of a lesbian drama porn and it’s such a great one. A good plot and a sincerely marvelous psychological approach are what described it, believe it or not. Long story short, a Christian girl named Shyla had a strict Christian cult and admiration, praising values such as modesty and virginity and all that stuff. Just the usual religious stuff, you know. So, yeah, she meets a girl named Sasha, and he immediately went mad for her!

    What else is for her to do, then to break some laws and norms. It’s only human nature. Anyways, while she honestly asks and reexamines herself what and who she is, this great story just had to be spoken of. As things are starting to get more and more complex, Shyla was in a huge dilemma and in a deep thinking abyss which is pretty serious, so she had to open up with Sasha and tell all her struggles to her. After a good talk, she advises Shyla to meet a consultant, and that’s actually Dani Daniels.

    Finally, there she is! Shyla went to Dani’s office for therapy to help her out with her situation. Long after finally settling for the therapy, Shyla knew it was a right choice because Dani’s philosophy for something to get eliminated from someone’s system is to force it to the system intentionally! So yeah, a hot, steamy, lesbian sex between a patient and the shrink happened, but, like the law forbids, everything that happened there, stays there. Thank heavens we have a rare footage of this miracle!

    Dani Daniels scissor scene

    6. My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend with Johnny Castle

    Dani doesn’t look like her normal self here. Maybe it’s me. Or it may be true, maybe it’s even better and she’s a double agent or something. Naughty America is back with their fixed stories about dad’s girlfriend’s, friend’s hot moms, hot sisters, and step-daughters, etc.

    Dani is leaving her boyfriend, and she’s moving out. The worst thing to end a man’s life, and the best thing to start it as well. Come to think of it, this here may be the smartest thing I ever wrote or said. I amaze myself. But I’m not as amazing as Johnny is.

    He overlooks the situation, sees that his dad’s girlfriend is dumping him and leaving, so he of all people, decides to use the situation in the best possible way – to fuck Dani’s brains out. Now, keep in mind this guy thinks with his dick entirely. What a legend. Johnny Castle for president! He’s our modern day hero/villain, depending on which point you look at him.

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    5. HD Love – Heavy Pampering

    God knows why this scene is called the way it is, but certainly it will be me who’s missing the point. It’s just two alleged teens, Dani Daniels and Lily Love, who normally want to experiment a bit, nothing odd. The two invite over a guy that they know to help them out with their scientific experiment, subject: human anatomy. First, they start searching for vital parts of each other’s bodies, and if you didn’t know, the best sensor on our body is the mouth and the tongue.

    These girls aren’t fooling around here, they have a lot of ambition for this one. The guy is really in the center of attention, watching every single move of the girls without interfering. Well, it’s until they invite him to join them in bed for a hot threesome. That’s when the experimentators become the very experiment!

    There wasn’t a fragment of his cock which remained unlicked or unsucked, and he didn’t remain giving them something in return, putting his cock deep inside their pussies!!! Don’t mind my seriousness with these scenes, I try to explain them in a matter which they’re made in. Believe me, I’m laughing here! This scene is amazing!

    Dani Daniels hot threesome

    4. Back Room Facials – Beautiful Dani Daniels Loves the Dick

    Well, we all know now what to buy Dani for her birthday. A dick! Thanks for the seemingly convincing and huge title! Since I’m no member of Bangbros, unfortunately, (it would still be awesome Bangbros if you reward me with such honor.) I can only tell how I love these porn trailers.

    You know, when they are all being interviewed like the start of the real movie, and then all of a sudden, there are some flashbacks of how Dani is sucking cock and fucking the guy, reminding us about the most likely outcome of the plot, but starting with a harmless introduction anyways.

    They say that it’s another Backroom Facials with their boy Derrick Fierce, and Dani Daniels was up next on the field of lust! Dani vs. the dick she likes! At first, she seemed calm and untouched, but man, the lustful look in her eyes completely tell a different story. I got to watch this!

    In this weeks Backrook Facials we have the lovely Dani Daniels and let me tell you guys something she definetly has something for my boy "Derrick Fierce" so i teased her all throughout but this girl didnt budge one bit until she got her man! and ladies and gents let me tell you tha these two went at it all over the place and did I mention that this girl has an amazing BOOTY!?! so like I was saying Derrick gave her something fierce and had her moaning and dripping all over the place you guys will love this update trust me! STAY TUNED!

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    3. We Live Together – Pussy Pumping

    I just adore Dani’s girl on girl sex skills, it seems so pleasant to watch them having fun. She lives together with her girlfriend Aidra Fox, and the two are about to get their bath together in a broad bath tub. It’s multifunctional! It cleans the girls, plus they do some exercises to maintain their muscles and fitness! These exercises include moves usually executed by disc jockeys, so nothing too fancy or hard, basically anybody can do it.

    Well, if you somehow get into Dani or Aidra’s pants, definitely give it a try! They start to suck on each other’s nice and juicy titties and to soften up their previously soaked pussies until they decide to take things to the bed! Whenever I watch a lesbian scene, I think about how the girls make the scenes way hotter! Like, the more girls there are, the better the scene and such. Fantastic stuff here Reality Kings, a classic Dani Daniels – at the beginning of her career!

    Dani Daniels Reality Kings lesbian scene

    2. My Friend’s Hot Girl with Derrick Pierce

    One time Derrick Fierce, and now again Derrick Pierce, what the hell, porn studios? Stop playing with us, you surely have other guys who want to fuck her! Like, is this even the same guy? We will remain answerless. So, Derrick Pierce is taking out his friend’s girlfriend to her rightful boyfriend, Seth, who’s at a cocktail party.

    Before they leave, Dani must find a fitting dress while Derrick approves/disapproves of it. After a few tries, Dani fails to impress Derrick with her sexy outfits, so she decides to fuck her boyfriend’s friend instead, thinking that maybe that will show him her sexy side! Oh, now you approve, ey Derrick??? If that’s even your real name!

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    1. All Girl Massage – One Stop Shop Scene #1

    What’s a better way to gift your mom and sister for Mother’s day then to get them a session and a massage treatment at a noble spa! And Misty Stone wants to get them the so-called “Full Release treatment”, but first, she needs to investigate the field before marching onto it! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as the clever girl probably thinks. When she got to the spa’s massage section, she interrupted Dani in her “office” cleaning and already saw too much, but she liked everything about it!

    There wasn’t a living soul around, and Misty sure was feeling it, so she was able to spend some extra cash on herself, we can say. Dani noticed her intentions, so she offered her to give a teaser of the massage! You all know what this massage is about, and it’s all about gentle, barely – touching to the essential parts of the woman’s body, which only another female knows where they are!

    Dani IS the doctor here by the way! We’ll see if Misty will keeps her promise to send her mom and sister here! Two or three fingers are probably enough to convince her otherwise! Enough said because the core of the content is hidden between the lines! Literally, it’s lacking some delicious information about the very massage! Suit yourselves then, guys.