The Human Sexipede: First Sequence

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    The last porn parody on our list, “The Human Sexipede: First Sequence” it’s not on the 10th position because it is bad in any way. No, it’s here because the other movies were generally better than this. However, this is still a masterpiece of porn parodies.

    It’s rather difficult to take the sick idea exposed in the original movie “The Human Centipede” (check it out on IMDB) and turn it into a porn movie and have success with it. However, director Lee Roy Myers, the guy who later did a fantastic job with “Family Guy: XXX Parody”, managed to make this porn horror movie fun and enjoyable to watch.


    The main idea was a hot threesome

    He kept the same idea as in the original Human Centipede, as in a threesome of two women and an Asian guy joined together at their extremities. Dr. Helter, played by Tom Byron, takes it into his hands to help people in reaching sexual satisfaction.

    This is the why he kidnaps two hot and young American girls, Lindsay (played by Sunny Lane) and Jenny (played by Danica Dillan) and an Asian, Katsuro (played by Keni Styles). The german doctor’s idea was to join their mouth and “private parts”, this way they could have oral sex with each other as much as they want, until they eventually reach sexual satisfaction.

    A highly recommended movie

    Funny enough, this porn parody was considered by other media as “legitimately pretty funny and well-written” . This gets to show that whenever director Lee Roy Myers gets his hand on a porn parody, he does so much more out of it.

    This porn, just as the other 9 in our toplist, is highly recommended by us. Do check it out, we’re pretty confident you won’t regret not even a second of it.

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