The Top 12 Unjust Stereotypes Aimed Towards Sex Workers

Stereotypes against sex workers

Selling and purchase of sex and other pleasures have always played a major role in society. It is one of the not at all prestigious jobs, viewing it from a capitalist standpoint or someone’s mom’s standpoint. Yet just as any service, it revolves around the notion of supply and demand and let me tell you, there is a lot of money in this business. A whole freaking lot!

We tend to forget that even some people we know closely might use the services sex workers provide. Yet it’s still a common habit for individuals in every level of our society to look down on sex workers and label them in an inhuman way.

Ignoring other people as human beings and treating them as if they were only some kind of object of abuse is what causes the greatest problems in any society. Obnoxious generalizations just don’t take us anywhere.

Even if we don’t approve of people’s actions, it doesn’t give anyone the right to behave inhumanly with others. It’s every person’s basic right to be treated equally, so we are going to continue with that line of thought throughout this article and weed out any unnecessary stereotypes and misjudgments a lot of us might have towards sex workers.

These people don’t always have it easy and they receive a lot of abusive treatment from individuals who use their service, the police or their own community in general.  People who provide sexual services have come to replace the terms like hooker, prostitute, and whore with the term “sex worker” because it removes the negative associations that come along with these words.

So to make the lives of other people a touch easier and to avoid any foul talk and making asses of ourselves in the future, let’s dive into how we can improve our perception of sex workers.

1. Sex Workers Are All Drug Addicts

There isn’t a single profession in the world that relies on drug addiction, yet a lot of people think that drug abuse and sex work walk hand in hand.

For starters, people in any line of work use drugs to keep them calm or give them that kick they’re looking for, but that doesn’t mean they must use it.

Labeling all sex workers as low life drug addicts is simply wrong. Sure, there are many of them on the street who simply provide sex services to support their drug addiction. They are viewed as immoral, unclean and repulsive, so it’s most sane people’s natural instinct to steer clear of them.

While there is no arguing with that, a lot of professional sex workers if not most of them, do their work soberly. So forget the assumption that every sex worker is a drug addict or supports some kind of shady drug business.

2. Their Work Is Not a “Real” Job

Now, a job is something that you do to occupy yourself and pay the bills and even have fun along the way, right?

People tend to be shortsighted when it comes to viewing “out of the ordinary” activities as professional careers and sex workers see a lot of this shortsightedness. They often get ask when will they get a “real” job. While few people know that sex work is a really high paying job and it takes a lot of practice and experience for those who do it on a more professional level with taking part in porn movies and such.

Although it can really be a high paying job, some sex workers also have a lot of side jobs to keep them busy. They go about their days the same way as we do and work for the cash they get.

It’s a misconception that they don’t have to invest into their bodies and that they don’t have to put up too much effort to “get the job done”.

Sex workers are professionals of pleasure and get paid for their good company. Now there’s a solid job description.

3. Too Many Assholes Visit Sex Workers

[formatp]Well, it’s hard to argue with that. While there is truly a great number of sex hungry assholes with bad breaths and bad attitudes, there are also some refreshing people who are visiting sex workers.[/formatp]

They don’t have too much of a choice when it comes to their clients. Yet some prostitutes mention pleasant experiences with gentlemen who keep their breaths fresh and bring two bottles of water with them.

There are guys who only hire sex workers to teach them a few new tricks in bed or to improve themselves. Some of the sex workers even manage to find a good friend in one of their clients whom they don’t have sex with.

So it works kind of like jobs in the service industry at some point. They meet a lot of people and hang out with the good ones.

4. Sex Workers Can’t Get Real Dates

It’s easy to understand where people are coming from with this statement and sure, it isn’t easy for a sex worker to find someone who can accept that this is his or her career of choice. Most people refuse to date a sex worker, it’s everyone’s personal choice.

But think about it for a second, is it hard for a chef to cook a meal for himself? Absolutely not. So would it be hard for a professional sex worker to find a date? She is being paid for being attractive and providing good company. Also, a little sluttiness is always welcome when people are looking for someone to date.

Some sex workers are actually cool people with interesting personalities!

5. They Are Criminals

It’s easy to sink into the underground feeling of a brothel and our society doesn’t really talk highly of sex work.

Sex workers are exposed to a lot of sexual, cultural, verbal and emotional violence for this reason. As some of their reports say, a lot of them are abused by police who put them in situations where they either have sex or get arrested. Even if they do their work on a legal basis, they come across some kind of abusive behavior. So there are other criminals to worry about.

Most of the girls who are working in brothels have to have the right health certificates in order to be able to get clients, so sex workers can operate on a completely legal basis.

6. Sex Workers Aren’t Smart At All

It’s just as for anyone to label us as stupid based on a misconception or simple lack of knowledge. Our concepts and beliefs of intelligence are generally pretty limited, as most of us tend to call people “smart” who are good at math or those who we can discuss our philosophical viewpoints with.

We forget all about practical intelligence that actually helps to get things done. Sex workers have to navigate through all kinds of people and they have to be able to keep themselves and their colleges safe at all times.

Being street smart is something a few people poses, yet sex workers have to be on edge every day and handle things in a sensible matter.

7. All Sex Workers Have Been Abused By Their Parents

Now, even a well-trained therapist wouldn’t come forth with a statement like that. Jumping to these kinds of conclusions or asking something like this will pretty much make an ass out of you. Besides, why would you want to dive into a sex worker’s deepest thoughts?

But no one can argue with the conclusion, though. It is a fact that some sex workers have been victims of rape and childhood abuse in the past. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their jobs out of their own choice and they are not taking responsibility for how they’re using their own bodies.

A correlation isn’t the causation.

8. They Wreck Marriages

[formatp]This is one of the most mediocre and dumbest statements of all. Does a sex worker knock on anybody’s door saying “I’m here to take your husband”? of course not.[/formatp]

Guys walk into brothels by their own will and nobody asked them to do so. Naturally, most of them do it without their partner’s knowledge. But some have their partners agreement as this sort of thing allows them to live out any of their sexual desires in a safe environment without having any impact on their relationship.

Sex workers might enjoy a guy’s company but they are still only engaging in a business transaction. It’s just supply and demand. They probably forget about the guy within an hour.

9. Sex Workers Who Take Part In Porn Must Be Rich!

Acting in porn movies is one of the highest paying jobs in the sex industry. But it doesn’t throw anyone into a luxurious life. Sure, actors who work with Hustler, Brazzers, BangBros and other big companies get their own fair share of fame and wealth, but average porn movies pay from $150 to $1500. Sex workers hardly get rich off those, but it does give them enough spending money.

Still, acting in adult movies isn’t the absolute gold mine that people think it is.

10. It Doesn’t Matter How You Describe Them

Most people call sex workers as foul, dirty, hookers, whores and drug users. They get more verbal abuse and bad talk than you can imagine. Yet this isn’t a measurement for them, it’s a measurement for people who talk about them this way. It takes some human decency to talk about all people in a respective manner, no matter what activity they pursue in their day-to-day lives.

This is why people who work in the sex industry have come up with the name “sex worker”. It removes the negative associations that most people have when they converse about such individuals. Thinking like this creates a new perspective of sex workers aka Prostitutes.

It imposes a new view on sex work, enabling people to see it as a form of economic exchange and labor.

11. Sex Workers Can’t Be Raped

It’s wrong to think that someone couldn’t be forced to have sex against their own will even if they have sex with a lot of random strangers. They can easily be viewed as someone who doesn’t have a choice or who doesn’t make a choice in who they want to have sex with.

Sex workers are often viewed as people who have no boundaries and cannot fall a victim of sexual harassment. Yet they conduct their work very carefully.

A lot of sex workers have reported being abused and raped by violent individuals or even police officers. This kind of violence and sexual abuse goes unchecked in a lot of places.

12. Most Sex Workers Are Complete Nymphomaniacs

If sex workers were nymphomaniacs, Brothels would have even more visitors because girls would want to have sex for free. If they would really want to have sex every minute, selling it wouldn’t be the first thing they choose.

Sex workers have to make sure that they are hickey, STD, and injury free at all times. They also have to prove it with the right health certificates. That’s a lot to go through for having sexy time.

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