The Top 7 Videos Starring Lana Rhoades


Wait, wait, wait, wait. HOLD THE PHONE! You mean to tell me that this girl is 1996 generation? Troublesome ’96? How could I possibly believe this? There’s not a single indicator to point out that she isn’t a MILF goddess who was idle in the industry for 15 years!

Fellow Samaritans would’ve back me up on this one! Lana was a born Chicagoan (looked it up, it’s a true demonym), on the certificate it says September 6th, 1996. Her family had a profound Czechoslovakian descent, which she, of course, inherited.

Maybe those Slavic genes have a great influence on… deceiving people into thinking that you’re younger! I’m still shocked, the girl is a beaut! The period between her birth and career isn’t clear enough, so we are going to skip it in order not to raise some false info. It’s determined that she was a waitress prior to porn. That’s all we got!

Take two minutes of your life to summarize what you retained from this article on Lana’s IMDB profile!

Her starting year is 2016 when she made a debut for Web FTV Girls. In a short notice, she already shined and blinded our eyes with it, becoming a Penthouse Pet of the Month in August the same year.

Now you know that this girl is promising, resting your case on my words. When you look upon her picture, and back to here, everything makes sense. Until this day, she performed in more than 120 movies.

Be on the alert, check if this next description is matching Lana’s picture(s)/appearance, so that you call me a liar or a manipulator! First of all, Lana is a great example to see how much testosterone level you induce.

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Having a large perspective of her as a whole, there are so many things to spot first, which just poke your eyes that it’s hard not to notice! Now, it all settles to your individual tendencies and aspiration, so figure this as a test.

Lana has huge, aqua blue almost grey eyes, and people who saw that first probably seek for an emotional relationship with a partner. Spotting her oddly long hair, makes you the person that pays attention to details, the aesthetic type.

The official profile of Lana Rhoades and full bio available on AVN, click here to check it out

And there’s us, who noticed her rocking 34D knockers! The biggest tits in a while, all naturals, and with that being said, it makes us horny bastards that just want to drench our dicks in soft pussies – the indifferent ones!

She seems taller than measurements say, standing at 5’3, 160 cm, you’d never thought that she’s that short! Of the 52kgs she weighs in total, 15 is concentrated in her tits, underline that.

Overall, this babe has no flaw that we know of, and since we are qualified to talk about aesthetics, she’s a synonym for that! But, that’s only halfway. These 7 fine breadcrumbs will lead us one-by-one to the revelation of the real truth. That’s what Sex Top is well-known for. Enjoy the metaphor!

7. Bangbros – Lana Rhodes Works Hard For The Cum

Wow, her eyes can be so intimidating! Bangbros are flaunting with the camera, transporting it to catch all the good angles, just to have this angel on tape! They consent to us that she’s got a beautiful face matching her astonishing body, and I think that it can easily be a consensus.

Lana’s a science and only prestigious people like the Bangbros are able to study on it. Yeah, this video is more an exploration video than an adult movie. Bangbros are filming the sacred lands of Lana’s and filming her ways when she’s exposed to certain surrounding circumstances.

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She’s got to suck dick for her life in order to survive the wilderness, even if it means a dark-toned one! Lana was dressed so casually, no fancy attire, however, she looked magnificent! That nonchalance in her tits that are hanging is so relaxing to see, especially when she frees them from restrictions!

While sucking dick – that’s when she really looked creepy, staring into your soul, rent-free! Then comes along more stripping, and I don’t have a clue how did those tight jeans contain such an ass! She barely took it off! I like the POV doggy-style camera position, that ass couldn’t be any better than this! A must-watch!!!

6. Reality Kings – Stealing Her Phone

This is the most stereotypical video of 2017 that I’ve seen. So-called, 2017 in a nutshell. The, “what are your intentions with my daughter?”. Implying on those bastards that hit N run when being challenged by the daily life of a responsible adult!

Jessy Jones is in a hot-sauce like that, his mom started dating with another guy, they recently got married and his stepdad is already warning him about his sexy daughter. He’s aware of her good looks and how could she be appealing for bad guys, and Jessy’s tension is felt in the air.

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Stepdad notified him that just because he’s in a relationship with his mom, and that he’s in no family relation with his stepdaughter, that it doesn’t mean he can provide evil deeds across her. Jessy, of course, is disobedient. That’s what decorates his personality.

Lana was taking sexy pictures on her bed, probably for her bf, and Jessy spied with his little eye all the time, and when she left her phone unattended, he jumped like a jackal to see it! He pops his dick out and starts jacking off! Lana came back and was shocked to see her brother like that, however, she felt too horny to leave him behind!

She jumped also like a hungrier jackal, and devoured on his dick! She Rhode that cock like a last trip to the wild west! Jessy was caught, and he’s off to boarding school as punishment!


5. Twistys – Wrong Bed Head

Casey Calvert thought she funneled to a bed where her girlfriend McGee lies. It seems dark to say “lies”, like a writing on a gravestone. Damn this business can be so black chronicle-related.

Anyways, Casey starts a casual convo with the person who’s supposed to be McGee, however, it was Lana Rhoades, and how on Earth was that possible, plus how can be this of a grand mixup, we’ll never know.

Casey Calvert has an intriguing Twitter profile, check out her posts and follow her for regular updates

Lana felt surprised for a moment there until she realized it’s her friend’s girlfriend! She immediately admits to her that McGee was talking much about her, how she treats her nice and so on. They’ve got into a nice sweet talk until they manifested some lesbian love! It happened so spontaneously, so girly if you ask me!

I watched them scissor, finger, molest each other, and it seems such an excruciating pain being conducted, however, girls can sometimes be confusing, because these two babes enjoyed their pussies getting together and sharing stenches and liquids and all that a pussy produces!


4. Naughty America – I Have A Wife with Charles Dera

Most of the honest men in this world think that those who cheat lead a happier, more fulfilling life than they do. Well, maybe it is on a first try, but over time it gets trickier and trickier. Eventually, you lose yourself in it. I’m talking through Charles’ experience with it.

He’s a seemingly happy married guy, but he always has a room for his eternal mistress Lana Rhoades. Guilty conscience keeps pulling him away from her, mentioning every time when he finishes with her that it’s their last, however, he strafes back at her. Both of them already know.

One time, his wife busted him while doing the laundry, finding some fresh panties circling around the dirty clothes! Charles barely got away with it, however, leaving suspicion from his wife’s part. But her part’s not relevant! He’s going to Lana’s house to see what’s the meaning of this, and to end it once and for all! He lied through his teeth to keep his head intact of his body!

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Lana loudly laughs when he showed up with that story, and after some minutes his cock ended up deep down her throat! Charles fucked her brains out, so, same thing tomorrow evening?

3. Evil Angel – Stretching Her Sweet Pussy

Everyone wants to be like Mike: Mike Tyson, Mike Jordan, Mike Jackson, Mike Adriano. There’s no mistake when naming your son Mike, he’ll shoot for the starts any means necessary!

Mike’s got a true sweetheart today, she’s willing to have her ass orally cleaned out by Mike’s well-trained tongue! Plus, her nipples do need some fluid to get them going, cut-glass sharp! But that’s only the introduction to Mike Adriano’s production! Gradually, it becomes more and more gruesome as we speak!

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He oils up his dick with external oils, mixed with ,his truly, oils and Lana’s pussy oils, and in combination with that, you get some passionate hardcore sex where the frequency is measured in GHz, natural numbers! I love how he repeats the motion with his dick just like with his tongue, so he’s a very consistent guy and that’s for an appraisal! No doubt, the GOAT of today’s industry! Must-watch!

2. Fantasy Massage – BFF Share A Massage

When did FaceSitting became better than scissoring? Why is Adria Rae crying? I can’t live with this! So many life questions being brought that aren’t supposed to be answered! Anyways, Scarlett Sage, Adria Rae and our Lana are in action. But before we move on, let’s try to bust the encryption code which Adria’s using.

The whining voice is extraordinary in terms of irritation, but using my low-level understanding of girls’ points and cases us guys always get wrong, I think that her (now) ex-boyfriend bought her a ticket for a spa day together, however, they’re not together anymore! Poor Scarlett has to take the bullet and try to console her, so she went to the parlor with her.

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Lana introduced them there with her techniques of relaxation, and Adria surely is in need of that! They start out smoothly, and if you skip from the first minutes to, let’s say a 17th minute, things escalated infinitely! Lana had her pussy on Adria to keep her mouth shut, while Scarlett was distributing Adria more firepower by the pussy! Call Gauss, we’ve got an unsolvable system here!

1. Sweet Sinner – Sorry Sister Dear

Lana lives in with a step family, her mom and her new stepdad bringing her an unwanted stepsister. Lana always competed with Blair Williams, and they never went along. The fought and argued, seemingly like child’s play.

One time, Lana got a hunk from school, Lucas Frost, and let him peek inside the hidden chamber and that’s her pussy, but first, she needs to open the gates that are her legs! She spread them for him and he penetrated like a robber crashing into a mid-century house in Britain!

Blair’s instagram is also heartbreaking when you see her with other men! Be cautious, here’s the link of her Instagram profile

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They had a BLAST, especially Lucas, but all the ships have sailed and sunk when Blair came in and saw Lucas’ dick in her stepsister’s trunk! They disassembled from the bed, and Blair should get an award for acting! I see the broken dreams of a teen girl, dreams about having a perfect man beside her. All that – gone. If this scene hadn’t got any awards, I’m pissed… I don’t like numbering, but this deserves the number one spot on the list… I’m off to bed now.

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