Top 10 Sexiest Music Videos of All Time 6th-4th place

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    6th: N.E.R.D. – Lapdance

    Whether you like N.E.R.D. or not, you have to appreciate when a video is done so outrageously hot. It’s sexy, it’s dirty and it’s catchy. It’s pretty obvious from the title that this is a raunchy song but the video that the self-proclaimed “dirty dogs” have come up with is beyond what you would have expected. The “Not Suitable For Work” labelled single features girls that are not restrained to reveal it all. Released from the album “In Searching For…”, the song also features rapper Lee Harvey.

    The uncensored video

    The video is a peak of a lot of hot moments and of Pharrell constantly repeating “I dare a motherfucker to come in my face”. The action takes place on the classic leather couch of a strip club, where hot girls grind on the band boys. The uncensored version is the one that interests us the most and it includes a series of boobs and mostly naked girls that grab on each other’s asses, boobs and nipples.

    The girls featured in the video have a lot of girl action but the attention is on one in particular, the one who sings the chorus. Oh and on the two girls that kiss each other while their hair is blown, obviously.The boys ride their bikes like a gang of “dirty dogs” around the block. Other than that there are a lot of peaks of beautiful and sexy girls that show their bodies and touch each other.pharrell in lapdance


    Trent Reznor did a remix after “Lapdance” but it’s censored, the uncensored version being really hard to get. The song is on the album “Spin This”. It made it to No.36 on “Hot Rap Tracks” and No. 85 on the “Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs” chart.

    The band has several singles that turned out hits, some that you may count as sexy songs, like “She Wants to Move” but their sexiest video that got everybody’s attention and also our attention was the uncensored version of “Lapdance”.

    Long before Pharrell started making pop hits for movies like “Despicable Me 2”, he was into strip clubs and “Lapdanceis a teaser for what goes down in there. Obviously, that if you are the singer of a funk/rock/alternative band. I mean, girls biting each other’s nipples and Pharell grabbing random pairs of boobs? The video itself is very hot and includes a lot of nude scenes that might get you hot and bothered really quickly.

    5th: Benny Benassi feat. The Biz – Satisfaction

    If you didn’t know there were made Playboy versions after this video, like it wasn’t hot enough. As if a couple of curvaceous Victoria’s Secret looking models doing some type of Home Depot commercial with big, heavy power tools that wiggle all the girls’ goodies wasn’t enough. Benny Benassi is an Italian DJ, reaching his top moment as a DJ and producer when he released “Satisfaction” in 2002.

    The clubs were banging with the tunes of this ridiculously good song. But it’s not because of how well the song sounded that made us include it on our list. It’s because of its lyrics and video.

    Absolute hit

    Although many people found it offensive and sexist, banning the original video and replacing it with an animated one, most of the population taught it was great, even used it in some movies, commercials and TV shows.

    hot girl from satisfaction music videoThe video was an absolute hit because many videos made afterwards followed the “Satisfaction” model. The hit reached No. 2 in the UK Single charts just because Beyoncé released her “Crazy in Love” single and honestly it wasn’t any way around it.

    With over 200,000 records sold, Benny released his debut album “Hypnotica” for which he won the European Border Breakers Award. He received great consideration from famous DJ’s like Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez and Darren Emerson.

    Saucy video

    But enough about Benny, let’s discuss the saucy video that gave another standard to sexiness in 2002. The scantily dressed women were the first thing that wowed the viewers. The next thing was the girls started working rhythmically on the base. The girls handle the tools in a very erotic way and their facial expression works in that way too.

    Although they obviously didn’t know how to operate them well, they sure seem to work them as if it was no tomorrow. Apparently sex can sell power tools too. Given an information about each and every one of the tools on the screen, the video also appeared as educational or informational and not only sexy. The oily ladies are one by one introduced to the scene, everyone operating and presenting a different power tool.

    Maybe if the video was with the same girls who would just act out as sexy with no items whatsoever, it would have not been so controversial in the final result. It’s quite fascinating to watch these girls trying to tame large powerful machines. And by that I mean their boobs and asses giggling up and down to the power of the power tools.


    This wasn’t the first time Benny Benassi had success with his music. In 2001, “I Feel So Fine” charted really well in Italy as well in UK. But nothing was as big as “Satisfaction”, although the DJ had collaborated with Chris Brown for the release of the single “Beautiful People” and with Madonna for the song “Celebration”. You can say what you want but nothing compares to a bunch of hot girls bouncing, slapping, pounding and smashing. “Satisfactionhas it all.

    4th: Nelly- Tip Drill

    Let’s take a trip back to 2000 when one of the most misogynist or the hottest song of all times. We didn’t place the song higher in our list because when Nelly and St. Lunatics came out with the video of “Tip Drill” it created quite a controversy. The song was very bad received and created a few feuds between the hip-hop artist and some people. Although we can’t deny the video is clearly objectifying women, the song is also very explicit sexually. And catchy too.

    Tip Drill

    tip drill music video sceneWondering what a “tip drill” is? The name comes from the basketball move in which players’ line up to the free throw line and tip it off to the backboard repeatedly, one by one. In other words it stands for running a train on a woman.

    Think about a group of men with the first one in line hitting it, the next one follows him right up until everyone had their turn. It doesn’t mean a girl with an ugly face but a nice booty, as you might think from the lyrics “It must be your ass, ‘cause it aint your face”.

    While plenty women would shake their asses in bikinis, touching each other in bath tubs, Nelly and St. Lunatics would throw hundreds of dollars on their bodies and asses. There are so many outrageous yet dirty scenes from which you cannot take your eyes away. The women in the video look as juicy as it gets but their dancing moves makes your head bounce up for six minutes.

    Of course the best scene of them all is the one at the end of the song in which Nelly crosses over a woman’s butt cheeks a credit card and afterwards the woman starts shaking her ass. Which states that every woman can be bought if you set the price high enough.

    Negative criticism

    Nelly faced a lot of negative criticism but the most important was the incident with Spelman College. A couple of student were very unhappy with “Tip Drill” and with objectifying the African-American women.

    “ Tip Drill set the standards for every guy’s bachelor party ”

    Nelly had a bone marrow drive to the campus in order to save his sister from leukemia but the college cancelled the drive and later on Nelly’s sister died but not necessarily because of the cancellation. Nelly saw nothing wrong with the video, explaining that as long as he is an artist he will not feel sorry, as the video would be a work of art.

    It lacks of taste and it’s the sexiest compilation of beautiful women dancing we have ever seen. So why does it sound so good? All in all it’s only a party and as Nelly said when questioned about the video: “I didn’t do anything illegal. I put it on a show that was for adults at an adult time, and maybe some people took it the wrong way.

    Best party ever

    Yes, it is obnoxious, yes it is very demeaning towards women but it’s the best party ever in which everyone would want to participate. “Tip Drill” set the standards for every guy’s bachelor party. At least the standards of what he might hope to happen.

    Keep in mind that if your best man arranges this kind of party for you he is one true friend. Imagine to have it all: large jerseys, cards swiping through asses and beautiful women around you dancing in their bikinis. For what is worth “Tip Drill” raised the bar really high for the average party and the credit card move made out of this video one of the greatest in hip-hop.