Top 8 Videos of Slim Blonde Tiffany Watson


Bow down and all hail the mighty Tiffany! While we’re at it we could pray for her to become the top shelf porn star, so that only tall people are able to reach it! That doesn’t even make sense figuratively, but we’ll go with the flow! Tiffany will compensate all the deficiency we’ve encountered last days, and mostly it’s experience in porn.

Recently we reviewed quite a young regime of porn stars, and now’s the time for an update. Tiffany Watson isn’t that much older, but she sure does fuck like she’s been in this position before! She was born on September 26th, 1995 in Boise, Idaho. Tiff had a big family being one of 4 daughters of her family.

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She suffered the divorce of her parents, her dad pledging to the Mormon religion, which principles Tiffany hadn’t quite followed. She was more of a vamp, losing her virginity at the of 16. In high school, she was a cheerleader, and she admitted that she had 3 boyfriends from the basketball team she cheered for.

In college, her tendencies were to just to meet boys. Promptly has her stay in college collapsed, so she ended up working in Walmart in Idaho. She was not content, so she reached out for Craig’s list to see a modelling agency she could work for. All of her plans broke and sailed off, so she ended up getting in touch with an agent from Arizona.

They met in Los Angeles where she made a contract with the LA Direct Models Agency, ultimately making a debut in the porn industry in 2015. Quite a story Tiff had in her early periods, prior to what she is now, but you’d say that it’s the type of a life that you see in classical American high school movies with them slutty cheerleaders, and so on.

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A Blonde vixen! Let’s talk about her looks, because that’s the most important part. She’s a short-haired blonde, and judging by her brown shades, I’d say it’s not her natural color, but that doesn’t even matter. Tiff’s got a cute face which you can’t find ugly nor digusting, having the awareness of what she does with it, to be precise, what men do to her face – that is. She’s only 5’2, which is about 147 cm.

She’ll remain petite for the rest of her life possibly, because she already is in her younger adult prime years. I consider those years ranged from 22 to 25. Anyhow, her body is average, not shabby, not athletic, just… ordinary women’s body. It’s satisfying, that’s what’s crucial.

Her tits have a nice, round, shape and were B’s or C’s, however, I seen somewhere that she currently is at 32D. Maybe it’s a speculation, but let’s say that she became a serious porn star just recently. The blue-eyed beauty won a few Spank Bank awards this year, as well as being the Hustler’s Honey of the Month of February, this year 2017 as well.

She’s slowly, but steadily blooming to unfold her true potential, and we’re just witnessing the beginning of it! Mark these words! It’s left to us to follow this rising star, and what a better place serves you guys as a guide that Sex Top Lists! Especially when we make a best of 8 article like this, and now’s all about Tiffany Watson! Bon apetit!

8. Reality Junkies – I Dream Of Anal

Tiffany’s anal canal has been compromised by the Reality Junkies and you’ve got 3 chances the guess who’s the lucky bastard invading her asshole! His name rhymes with sheet! It’s Mr. Pete, correct! Before we move on, shout out to the whole camera crew (probably consisted of a single guy) and Tiffany who captured hilarious photos for the set related to this video. Tiffany is truly photogenic… whore.

Tiffany has struggling with her lustful daydreaming, she can’t get out a dick from her head! Maybe even literally! She’s lounging on the bed, thinking of how would it be super if someone like Mr.Pete, or him specifically, could climb on her bed to play with her little pussy until it’s soaking wet, so that her ass loosen up for a safe entrance!

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These vivid dreams look so real! I guess this is why the studio is called “Reality” Junkies. So reaaaal! Tiff’s good at giving blowjobs, she’s classified as the hardcore deepthroater who’d rather choke on cock trying to catch a breath, than releasing the pressure and doing it the easy way!

Mr. Pete has a hell of a hard cock, Tiffany’s asshole looked like it’s about to crack at any moment with every thrust he gave in! After a properly fuck it was time to drop the gathered load Pete has collected and Tiffany accepted the gift with pleasure! It’s more of a neckless since the white matter was all over her tits!

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7. Bangbros – A+ Pussy

Yet another naughty mister haunting for first class pussy, targeting no more no less than our girl Tiffany Watson. If only we would’ve imagine how a typical day for this girl seems, what does she have to waive in order to get some private space! Nothing! She likes being in the center of attention and when guys center their jizz on her!

It all makes sense now! Conclusion: Tiffany is a big ass whore! And those guys aren’t even spending the time with her just to fuck her, she somehow twists things and their dicks end up in her pussy! The word is in this scene that Tiffany’s the only student failing Mr. Strong’s class and he, a reputable teacher, just cannot let that happen.

Plus, Tiffany’s a sweet girl and he thinks she can do much more. Mr. Strong planned to visit Tiffany’s parents, going to their house in person for a talk about Tiffany’s behavior, but once he rang the doorbell, Tiffany was the one showing up and it seems like there’s no else at home.

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She invites him inside anyways, and he briefly explains her the situation, since he hadn’t much time because Tiffany’s got her charm game on. She always felt the hots for her black teacher, and she finally has the opportunity to taste him! From a few attempts, she succeeded to convince Mr. Strong not to tell on her to parents, especially these next actions which she’ll execute.

Mr. Strong has done the math and figured that he’d be in trouble as well, so he fucked that pussy hard, and later he prayed for this mischief to stay ulterior! Tiffany’s a loyal girl, she won’t snitch on him, neither on herself, instead she’ll maybe call him again for extra tutoring classes at the comfort of her home!
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6. All Girl Massage – Clit Inspection

It would be secretly funny if I’d put the previous review first, then this, because only a Clit Inspection as a premise can lead to a A+ Pussy conclusion, if you know what I mean. However, it’s not Tiffany’s fanny being inspected, she’s the expertise here, running a parlor and having a burdened client over for a relief.

There’s a bit of a riddle with this client. Her name is Stella Cox and she’s experiencing issues with her groin muscles, they seem to be sore. For whatever reason. When she got approved of entering the massage district, she sat on the couch, took off her bra, following up her undies.

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She layed on the bed on her chest, awaiting for masseuse Tiffany to come after she gets the necessary preparations. Tiffany didn’t do no role plays inflicting some serious massage techniques to non-endangered zones of her body, so she started massaging her asscheeks withal having to throw a compliment on how butt is so big!

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Stella felt flattered, however, her ass wasn’t the victimized muscle here. Tiffany suggested her to flip a 180 so that she can easily access her erogenous zones, which were the troublesome parts. Stella flipped over, and once Tiffany saw those knockers being squished because of gravity, she had to help out the physical forces! So juicy!

Although, Stella still wasn’t fully satisfied, nor relieved of pain. Tiffany went in lower and lower, until she said that it’s better for Stella to sit, so that she approaches the vital areas from different angels. At least, that’s what she wanted to do. Within a blink of an eye, Tiffany was down sucking that pussy! Stella waited for this for a long time, so they switched this massage to a two-girl fuck propulsion!


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5. 21 Sextury – No More Waiting

Woah, 21 Sextury appears to be serious on this one! Christians may discover themselves in this one, but please don’t get trigged because of this porn’s scenario! Ryan Ryder and Tiffany Watson are getting married tomorrow. Ryan is a sworn Christian who follows all God’s paths He concepted for him, rather getting lead by the mind of a saint, he tends to respect the rules of the Bible. The main rule is: no sex until marriage! A bit derivated, but it kept it’s essense.

Ryan’s on his knees, thanking God for giving the strength to endure the hesitations, temptations and ultimately SEX-tations! Too late buddy, your girlfriend Tiffany was so horny while she was laying in bed all alone, getting aroused by the fact that her wedding is tomorrow!

She confronted Ryan while he was praying. She was wearing a black dress that went all the way down to her buttcheeks, and she hadn’t had any panties at the time! Ryan saw her pussy and was shocked to see her in that state, but she explained to him the reason. Since Ryan’s a hard-core God interpreter, he doesn’t want anything until tomorrow, so they compromised for a sinless cuddle in the bed.

Tiffany thought about it for a bit, and she figured that everything except for pussy penetration, isn’t considered as sex! You have Ryan’s attention, as he flicks his dick, shoving up her ass and fucking her devilish side out of her, to empower her for tomorrow’s holy day! Anal is God-approved!


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4. Evil Angel – Tiffany’s Squirting Anal Yoga

I haven’t seen this kind of a porn star for a while, who’s is quite prone to anal scenes! It’s a rarity these days, that’s why I’m calling the shots on her, that she’ll one day become a sex/porn icon! Evil Angel knows what’s trending of today’s porn industry, and they saw this coming in 2016! Just like Owen Gray saw himself coming that day!

Nevertheless, this is a straight-forward, hardcore, anal, blowjob, deepthroat, kinky, gagging, pussy-popping, tit-licking, balls-gobbling, vibrating toys, squirting scene! Yes, squirting! It seemed like Tiffany was drugged up on this day, because she was quite obnoxious. And how do you call a scene with an obnoxious girl? An obSCENE!

Yeah, Tiffany is ripe to be under OBservation! Okay, that’ll be enough from me. But it truly is that Tiffany’s brain is misplaced, she was crazier than ever! She took out her favorite toy with a dull end which vibrates, creating a perfect sensation to her pussy area!

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The machine is probably called the PuSquirter 3000, it compelled her pussy to leak out valuable liquids! After some good time with the machine, she felt greedy and needy for the seedy as for semen! She swallowed Owen Grey’s cock, and everybody knows that Owen has one of the thickest and lenghtiest cocks out there.

Tiffany is way to horny to realize this, all what she had on her mind is to get fullfilled with that cock, and she was. Owen gave her the taste of his medicine, shoving his cock up her ass and then when she released enough natural lubricant from her pussy, he fucked her even there! A horny young fella!

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3. Pretty Dirty – Video Chat Revenge: Part Two

Aw, come on! How can we watch this sequel without previous knowlegde of what happened in Part One! Worry not, because this is the better part! The first one is irrelevant, the story’s not to of a complexity so that you can’t create a vision of it by yourself. And honestly, regarding the hardcore sex, this one’s waaaay better, so we’ll review this exclusively! Serves you right!

Pretty Dirty really deposited a vast effort in this one, so I have to give them credit just for than, and then some because this really is a well-written porn scenario! This is more of a visionary director of the movie, these millenials kids know nothing about courtesy and respect!

They just waste their time on their phones, looking on hot chicks and so on. From the first part, we know that Tiffany’s older boyfriend Seth Gamble is on a business trip and they hear from each other every other day. One time, Tiffany called him and he allegedly had to be excused because he got work to do.

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The stupid fuck forgot to turn off his video camera, while he went in the back to reveal his whore which he’s fucking now that he’s long gone! Tiffany cried and cried, and wanted to get revenge! So, part two is about how she gets the next cute guy which came across coincidentally, and Seth had to watch every second of it!

He had to suffer just like his girlfriend did, and by the looks on his face, we can say that he’s pretty mad that his Pretty Dirty girlfriend’s getting fucked better than he could offer!

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2. Naughty America – My Sister’s Hot Friend with Kimber Lee and Jmac

These slideshows are priceless! Tifanny’s got the best face when someone’s playing with her bum-bum! It’s a special day for a special little girl and a huge step forward in her life. Her boyfriend requested, or to be a bit permissive, subliminally implied that he wanted to have anal sex with her.

She didn’t want to refuse, but she wasn’t ready yet! Luckily, Kimber Lee steps in like a true friend, trying to soothe her inner pain about not knowing anything about anal. She tickled her with a pickle of a toy! Out of nowhere, Tiffany’s stepbro Jmac came in while these two lesbos were at it and he had a sight to see!

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Lee somehow managed to improvise and she made something outta nothing! A true sister role model! She used Jmac as a test dummy for Tifanny. He’s even a great subject because legend has it that Jmac is packed with heat in his trousers!!!
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1. Reality Kings – Touching Tiffany

When Tiffany has a cock installed in her mouth – that’s not a rarity. Mankind is care-free then. What else would we expect from Cum Fiesta? The best niche for blowjobs and cum! And fiestas! Tiffany looked like she just got out of bed, with her hair wavy like a shockwave flew across the globe!

Stay tuned for the best parts of it, good thing she still has her hair on! Her body and skin shine like silk, and this is literally Tiffany’s flaunting in a video! She paraded with that curvy ass on the couch, showed us her fine pair and then some! Her willingness prospered in the end, because it’s Cum Fiesta, she probably CAME in for the CAME!

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A bit flirtiness wouldn’t harm anybody, except for her, because at Reality Kings, naughty girls get the most damage, and that’s their own fault for wanting dick so much – Reality Kings just give it to them hard!


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