Top Ten Sexiest Scenes from Game of Thrones 6th-4th place

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6th: Margaery’s attempt to seduce Renly Baratheon

[formatp]On her attempt in being “The Queen”, Margaery Tyrell marries her brother’s lover, being well aware of his sexual orientation. With her status she is perfect for marriage, especially for a young, handsome king. Of course, she fails on her wedding night when she asks if she needs to call her brother along but she makes a good go out of it. What can a girl do more than revealing her perfect body and all her curves and dirty talk? Offer to give a blowjob? Oh wait, she did that too.[/formatp]

Missing spark

On their wedding night, Margaery undresses revealing her slim body, small but perky boobs and starts touching her king with the hope that her beautiful body and naughty look will change her husbands’ mind. Unfortunately for both of them, Renly doesn’t feel the spark and fails to have a boner.

Margaery and Renly BaratheonWhile she offers to adjust this issue, he declines feeling a bit embarrassed of the whole situation. Although Margaery’s body is one who many would not refuse, Renly has different preferences. While naked, Margaery understands the situation and promises to keep it a secret, we could say a family secret, sacrificing for the love of being a queen.

First time strip

Margaery Tyrell is an important character along the seasons and a hot one too. She showed her naked body a couple of times along the seasons but the first time Margaery stripped off her clothes was a delight to watch. He could only imagine what was going on Gethin Anthony’s mind at the time. Along with her grandmother, she conceives tactical plans that ensures her profile as future queen and she is willing to do anything to keep it that way. Even marrying a gay king that is in love with her brother.

5th: Daenerys Targaryan and Khal Drogo

[formatp]Although it didn’t start as promising, Danenys’s honeymoon with Khal Drogo were the sweet and sexiest episodes from Game of Thrones. Being basically sold by her cruel brother to what seemed a barbarian for an army, Daenerys taught she was in for her doom. Neither her wedding was any brighter.[/formatp]

She first saw Khal from a distance as he examined the wife he bought. He offers her a horse and at their wedding ceremony, among other gifts, she receives three dragon eggs. Other than that, she was surrounded by men and women that had sex in the open air and deadly fights as wedding traditions.

Wedding night

Game of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryan, Khal DrogoOn their wedding night, Khal isn’t rough in the beginning. He gently touches her and slowly attempts to remove her clothes but when she tries to cover herself he turns into an aggressive man who wants to undress her as quickly as he can even if that means he has to pull her hands down. They don’t share a common language and that makes it even harder. After getting tired of being treated like a sex slave, Daenerys’s handmaid offers some lessons on how to win Khal Drogo’s respect and have sex like a true Khaleesi.

True Khaleesi lesson

One night Khal Drogo comes back into his tent and, as he is used to, tries to have sex with his wife as he usually does but this time Khaleesi refuses. The Dothraki leader doesn’t understand why and doesn’t accepts it and tries again to force things but Daenerys tells him that she wants to look in his eyes this time they have sex. [outgoing2 link=”” text=”Game of Thrones porn parody” align=”right”]

With a bit of a preparation from Doreah, Drogo is left a bit confuse but accepts her move of standing on top of him. As she pursues to have sex with him he enjoys it and is eager for more, making this the first moment they nurture feelings for each other.

The scene might surprise Daenerys clothed and Khal Drogo naked but the passion they share is over the top and makes the scene very intense. On top of that, this is the first time Daenerys turns into Khaleesi, taking control over her life and over Khal.

She learns how to be respected and how to gain respect and the importance of sex and how to obtain pleasure out of it. This is the moment of birth to the Daenerys we have come to love and admire over the seasons.

4th: Doreah teaches Daenerys how to please the Khal

[formatp]Daenerys had an impressive transformation since season one where we met her as this scared and abused little sister of the last Targaryan. Since she married Khal Drogo she truly became Khaleesi the queen of the Dothraki people. But she wasn’t always this fearless queen. It took the touch of her handmaid, Doreah, for Khaleesi to rise and learn the power of sex.[/formatp]

Doreah, a woman who is experienced with pleasuring men, sees that Daenerys has trouble with Khal Drogo, therefore she teaches Daenerys how to become Khaleesi. The Khal is used to have sex with women that are slaves and the queen of dragons is getting tired of being treated like that. While he is satisfied after every sex match, she is left with a bitter taste and that is where Doreah comes in help.

Sexual advices

The beauties, Doreah and Daenerys The scene is lacking of male involvement but it intense and pretty sexual. Doreah hops upon Daenerys and forces her to look into her eyes while she moves lascivious in a sexy way. The girls are clothed but we can easily admire Doreah’s perfect abdomen curling upon Daenerys’s intimate parts. She tells her that in order for Khal to fall in love with her she must keep eye contact.

While Doreah comes closer to Daenerys’s face and touches her hand, she starts telling her a story about a woman who became renowned for her sexual performances. The sexual and spiritual advices come in handy for Daenerys especially when Doreah reminds Khaleesi that the reason that Khal Drogo chose her is that he was attracted by the fact that she was different so in order for her to impress him and be seen as an equal she has to take control in their bed.

One of what seemed as a brutal scene turns into the most adorable couple sex scene and an arranged marriage that turns out for the best. After Daenerys learned the Dothraki language, she received the most respect and admiration from Khal Drogo and soon they turn out to be a beautiful power couple.

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