Top Tips on How to Make Her Squirt

There are many men who enjoy seeing their partner squirt. This is the female equivalent of cumming and it is not a taboo or something that shouldn’t be discussed. Just like when men cum, some women also ejaculate a substance when they reach the peak of their orgasm. The emphasis is on some. Not every woman is able to squirt, but almost every one of them will enjoy the techniques that you will learn here.

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So, the question remains; how to make her squirt?

7. Before you start making her squirt

Even though making her squirt is the ultimate goal, do not make it a chore. This will make you try too hard and she might even notice this and feel bad if she is not able to squirt. In order for some women to squirt, they need to be completely comfortable and open with you. This is not something that you want to try on a one-night-stand and hope for her to squirt. Of course, there are many types of girls, so who knows.

The other thing that you, as well as she, need to understand is that there is nothing wrong if she is not able to squirt. She shouldn’t feel bad and you certainly shouldn’t be mad at her. This is about pleasing your girl and ultimately making her squirt.

6. Basics of making her squirt

So, now that you have the right mindset and the right partner, it’s time to learn what is exactly happening inside a woman’s body when she’s squirting and what you need to do to make her squirt.

So, the main body part that you will be focusing on is the g-spot. G-spot stimulation is one of the best methods of making a girl squirt and it works for a lot of women. We will talk about exactly what you need to do later in the article. First, let’s see what squirting actually is.

When squirting through g-spot stimulation happens, a woman’s bladder starts to fill up with a clear and diluted fluid. There have been many studies that focused on determining if this fluid is urine or not and the studies differ depending on individual women, as well as the technique that was used to make her squirt.

Of course, you must have assumed this in the first place and if you have a problem with it, this article really isn’t for you. Now that we have learned what squirting is, it’s time to look at the best ways on how to make her squirt!

5. Set the mood!

[formatp]Setting the mood might be one of the most important aspects of making a girl squirt. Women’s libido doesn’t work like men’s do. If we are horny, we get a boner and we are ready for action. Women are different. They need to build their libido up, slowly getting hornier and hornier. The longer the foreplay, the more enjoyable the main course will be; remember this when you want to make her squirt.[/formatp]

As each individual girl has different likes and things that turn them on, you need to learn what your girl likes. Of course, there are obvious erogenous zones that you can try out, like the neck, breasts, ass, inner thighs or even the back. Making out is also a great way to turn a girl on. The most important thing that you want to learn is that you want to go slow. Don’t grab her tits and immediately go for her pussy. Learn to build up her appetite and almost make her beg you to insert (in this case) a finger inside of her.

4. Approach her vagina

Again, do not go in immediately. Slowly approach her vagina and gently caress her outer labia, clitoris, and vaginal entrance. You might even want to start licking and kissing her. Play around with her pussy and build up the anticipation even more. Continue doing this until you feel she’s ready. Do not rush it, but don’t overdo it either. Read the signs that she’s giving you; her moans, body language and overall mood.

3. Inserting a finger; Here’s Johnny!

Depending on the girl, you will want to slowly insert one or two fingers into her vagina. If necessary, you can spit on your fingers or use a lubricant as well. The first thing that you will want to look for is her g-spot. A woman’s g-spot is located on the upper wall of the vaginal canal, only a few inches in. The best way to find the g-spot is to rub up against the roof of the vaginal canal and look for a part that has a different texture to it.

The g-spot has a rougher texture and you should be able to locate it after a while. Of course, if this is the first time you are doing this, there’s a high chance of you not being very good at it. Do not be discouraged, as next time you are surely going to be better. Once you have found the g-spot, the next step is to start stimulating it. Here’s how you do that.

2. Stimulating the g-spot

Now that you have located the button to make her squirt, you will want to put some pressure on it and start stimulating it. The fingers that are used for these methods are the ring and the middle finger. You want to bend these two fingers and extend the rest. If you are familiar with how Spider-Man shoots out webs, you should be able to mimic that. Go ahead and insert both fingers and start the g-spot stimulation. There are many methods that you can use.

The most commonly used technique is the come hither method. With your palm facing upwards, start a motion with your ring and middle finger as if you are telling someone to come to you. The main goal that you want to accomplish here is to rub the g-spot with the tips and top parts of your fingers. Pull your fingers all the way through the g-spot and rinse and repeat.

The other method that you can use is very similar, but rather than pulling your fingers towards your palm, you want to repeatedly push the g-spot, following a rhythm. This is simply a pushing motion that you can repeat until you feel like it.

Another method is using the same fingers, pushing up against the g-spot and rotating your hand clockwise and then counter-clockwise. You can repeat this and even move your fingers in a horizontal manner.

There is a myriad of different techniques that you can use when it comes to g-spot stimulation. The main thing that you want to focus on is actually stimulating the g-spot. The method that you use isn’t important as long as you stimulate her g-spot effectively.

Some women are only able to squirt when their clitoris is also stimulated, so don’t forget about it either. You can go in a bit deeper with your fingers and use your palm to rub her clitoris. You can also use your tongue or even your other hand. A vibrator or a sex toy is also a great option for this.

1. The climax

After a while, you will feel as if there is less room in her vaginal canal. The reason for this is that there is actually less room in there. Her bladder and the area around her g-spot will swell up and the liquid will start to take up space. You can clearly feel it and this is a great sign! This is when you want to start increasing the intensity, up until the point where you can see that she is still enjoying it. Never overdo it!

After this, she will have an orgasm or even squirt for you. Even if she doesn’t squirt, she will need to release the fluids somehow and most of the time this means a toilet break. Either way, you have made her happy!

Things to remember when making her squirt

Most girls can take it pretty rough when it comes to g-spot stimulation, but you want to start out slowly and build up the speed and intensity as you progress. To make a girl squirt, you will want to do the above-mentioned techniques pretty fast and in a rough manner. Always watch the girl’s reaction or even ask her how she likes it the most. Still, this is all about her enjoying the act.

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When it comes to making her squirt, there are a lot of things that you physically need to do. This means that your hands might get tired, especially if that particular girl needs a longer time to squirt. Either muscle up a bit or keep changing the hands that you are using. This might take away from the pleasure for a moment, but it is far better in the long run.

It also goes without saying that you should trim your fingernails before trying any of the techniques for making her squirt. You do not want to scratch her vaginal wall or damage it in any other way.


Making her squirt is not an easy task and you will have to practice it for a while before you can effectively make her squirt. As I have said before, not every girl is able to squirt and do not expect from them to squirt for you on command. Be patient and she will enjoy everything that you’re doing to her. In the end, this is the main goal that we are trying to accomplish; pleasing our women.

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