6Toplist Bars and Clubs with Taxi Scams

It’s a common known fact that in Vienna, as well as in other major cities around the world, sex nightclubs and sex bars pay a commission to the taxi driver for bringing in clients. So far, nothing out of the ordinary when the commission is in the 10€ price range.

However, there are few clubs that go above it, and those who do, do it big.

You can find more details on Taxi Scams as well as other reviews on sex clubs here.

Taxi commission heaven: The 3 highest paying sex bars in Vienna

The following bars are well-known for paying up to 50€ for a client brought in by a taxi driver:

1. Eve Bar

  • 50€ payment to the taxi driver, highest one in Vienna
  • Aggressively pushing for their most expensive Champagne
  • Hardly any online visibility

They’re aggressively pushing for expensive Champagne to recover the money they paid the taxi driver. There might also be cases when you’re not allowed to spend time with the girls alone until you pay for their Champagne.

While usually the internet is your worst nightmare when you’re pulling scams on clients, Eve Bar can’t be affected by bad review because they have no website and almost no online presence.

2. Monaco Bar

  • 30€ per client, the second highest in Vienna
  • Only Champagne as lady drinks

Monaco Bar is a tiny bar in a side street of Mariahilfer Straße which once was the busiest street in Vienna. They have a handful of girls and 3 or 4 rooms, all of which are nothing special.

They took the same route as Eve bar, resorted to clients from taxi drivers and hotels nearby. No real online reputation from them too.

Selling only Champagne for ladies is always a red flag for bars that resort to this type of strategy to attract clients.

Monaco Bar Wien

3. Okay Bar

  • 25€ for a client
  • Prices too high, even for the Gürtel area.

Okay Bar is located on the Gürtel. It’s a small bar but pretty and modern. Most bars in the center of the town are cheaper than Okay is.

Their presence online is better than the other two bars mentioned above. They have a website as well as a Facebook page so they at least try to bring in people through all available channels.

Okay Bar Wien

However, their real game-plan is just as Eve Bar’s and Monaco Bar’s. To lure in as many clients as taxi drivers can bring and to charge high drink prices and higher room prices to help get their money back as quickly as possible.

Where to go then?

What they’re doing is causing troubles for other respectable sex nightclubs. The taxi drivers are sometimes so desperate to get clients to the sex bars mentioned above that they’ll even spread fake stories and lies about legitimate places with a good reputation, like Maxim.

Brothel Maxim Wien

All in all, this is a nasty business, and what Eve Bar, Monaco Bar and Okay Bar are doing is an outrage.

To avoid these scenarios, you should check online reviews on places before going and you should also be more firm about your destinations in taxis.

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