6Toplist Best Peepshows

Here’s our 6Toplist of Best Peepshows in Vienna.

But what is a Peepshow?

For those of you out there that still don’t know what a Peepshow is, it’s basically a place where you go and enjoy the ladies undress, dance or masturbate while listening to music. Inside the Peepshow, there is a stage surrounded by viewing cabins. The only way to see on the stage is through these viewing cabins and by paying a few Euros.

There is, of course, the possibility of having sex with these girls in most Peepshows in solo cabins.

In this article, you can find more details on what a Peepshow is, and how it would be like to spend more time with a specific girl there.

The best Peepshows

1. Peepshow Burggasse

Location: Castle Street 112, A-1070 Vienna

Visit the official site of  Peepshow Burggasse by clicking here!

  • Cheaper and transparent prices
  • New girls regularly
  • Everything is computerized, therefore a “What you see is what you get” feeling for clients
  • Beds in the solo cabins
  • A review feedback system that works pretty well
  • A decent and up to date website
Peepshow Burggasse Wien

2. Peep Erotic

Peep Erotic, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 31 1160

  • High prices
  • No good new girls
  • Is the same as it was years ago, hasn’t improved much in the years.

3. Peepshow Raaberbahngasse

Peepshow Raaberbahngasse, Raaberbahn Gasse 20, 1100 Viena

  • High prices
  • Not enough pretty girls
  • Same problem as Peep Erotic, hasn’t improved since their time of glory.

4. Peep ML Revue

Peep ML Revue, Mariahilfergürtel 23-27, 1150 Vienna, Austria

  • Only to watch and masturbate
  • Unlike other Peepshows, windows cannot be removed therefore you cannot have sex with the girls.

5. Peep 69

Peep 69

  • Had 3 places in their chains: Davidgasse, Gürtel and Nordwestbahnstrasse.
  • All their places are closed now
  • Nothing really special about them, all 3 of them were very shabby

All in all, the Peepshow business doesn’t seem to do well in today’s pay sex scene in Vienna. Apart from our number 1 on the list, Peepshow Burggasse, everyone else seems to struggle to attract new girls, therefore new clients.

However, if you have the curiosity to find out more about Peepshows in person, be sure to check them out accordingly to our list.

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