6Toplist of Best Sex Nightclubs in Wien

Brothel Wien Maxim

Introduction – what is a sex nightclub?

While in most parts of the world the word Nightclub usually indicates a bar or dance club kind of location in the German speaking countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland a Nightclub usually means brothel or, if you will, Erotic Gentlemen Club.

You can find a massive amount of different Sex Nightclubs in Vienna, but quality, of course, varies immensely. In the old days of the Vienna sex scene, Nightclubs were the most common form of brothels. The huge variety of different sex systems

that you have now was only a distant dream back then.

The 6toplist of best Erotic Nightclubs in Wien

1. Brothel and Stripclub Maxim Wien

Nightclub Maxim Wien – this club is for nightclubs what Klaus is for Vampire Diaries. The ORIGINAL Vienna Erotic Nightclub – the one that set the bar more than 5 decades ago for all other Nightclubs that came afterwards or are yet to come.

Of course the number 1 spot is almost always debattable to some degree but taking into account the history of the club, the change of location a decade ago, the fact that it still is an honest family business and is absolutely 100% pimp and violence free gave us no choice than put it on top of this very competitive list.

Great girls, music and no entry fee. All in one place, Nightclub Maxim Wien.

Maxim has gone through ups and downs and was almost dead a few years ago. But as it happens so very often after a generation turns, new blood makes for new ideas and and an impressive comeback. In our opinion right now Maxim is undisputed! Maxim has a bunch of great girls (check them out HERE), topless dancing, no entry fee or restrictive dress code.

A great DJ who also is a fantastic singer who also appears on TV for the national Austrian television a few times per year. And Maxim is right in the centre and the only place that combines gogo dancing and sex in one 7 days a week! The reasonable prices allow you to take a look that will not set you back by much.

Go ahead and visit the Maxim Official site by clicking here!

Brothel and Stripclub Maxim Wien

2. Babylon Wien

Babylon – this one has been the leader in Erotic nightclub Entertainment for well over 15 years. Babylon has a stellar reputation worldwide and is the most expensive place in Vienna for a single punt. With an entry fee of 150€ Babylon is really only for the wealthy and super chic elite of business people. 1 hour in the room with one oft he fantastic Babylon girls sets you back another 500€.

Babylon, the place to go for the wealthy and elite.

There was a time when Babylon was the absolute only place to go for the elite but quite a few scandals have shifted this exclusive place into a darker light. If you do some googling you will find a few articles of STDs and human trafficing which make the Babylon experience more than questionable.

Seeing that it is still the only Nightclub at the moment with 30+ girls every night saved it at spot number 2 but in our opinion quality is not only on the exterieur but also how the sexworking ladies are treated by the organisation. We have reason to believe that not all rules inside Babylon are of good nature or with the best interest of the girls at heart.

Take a tour on Babylon’s website and check out the girls there, you won’t be disappointed. Click here to visit the site!

Babylon Nightclub in Wien

3. Blue Velvet Wien

Blue Velvet – this erotic Nightclub is a smallish version of Maxim as it seems and they run the same systen as Maxim does on a much smaller scale. Blue Velvet is small, is an inside tip because their website will not reveal much but has nice girls every once in a while in a pretty environment. It is a nice little bar with style.

Click here to check out Maxim’s review about Blue Velvet Wien

Of course they do not have great girls as Maxim does and no singing DJ either but the atmosphere puts in the TOP 3, even if not by much distance to the following 3 bars. Blue Velvet is in the centre of Wien as well and easy to access from most 4 and 5 stars hotels in the centre.


Blue Velvet is for sale. The managing team and the waitresses have left the club for Bar Schönbrunn, so Blue Velvet is running out of power.

4. Pigalle Nightclub

Pigalle Nightclub – the number 4 in our 6toplist of Best Erotic Nightclubs is the first one that is not located in the centre of Wien. Close enough, it is in the 2nd district and the absolute leader in that area. The system is once again very close to what Maxim offers although 2 classed below.

The girls are nice, though, even if sometimes not too many of them. The boss is fair and makes for a kind of family atmosphere. The interieur is old fashioned style but that is typical and just what  most locals are looking for.

For the international taste it may not be the ideal place but if you happen to stay in a hotel in that are and don’t feel like driving into the center you can check this one out for sure.

5. Facebook page of Manhattan Bar, Wien

Manhattan Bar – this one was closed for some time, probably in order to fullfill the requirements oft he new Prostitution law of 2011 which obligated all bars and brothels of any kind to apply structural changes in order to obtain full approvement of the Vienna police – the so called brothel license.

Well, they managed to get it just fine and in the process redecorated this tiny bar into a nice little place with 5-8 girls, most of which are of the transylvanian descend…

Go ahead and visit the Facebook page of Manhattan Bar!

Manhattan is located on the Vienna Gürtel and – at the moment – the only place there that we would like to recommend. They belong to a group of other bars spread across Vienna and have a big amount of girls that are moved between the places. You can find the one or the other gem there but in general those are not the sophisticated or super hot girls that you can find in the top listed bars. The prices are a bit cheaper too, given that they are further away from the centre.

6. Natasha’s Gentlemen Club

Natasha’s Gentlemen Club – this one is as decentral as it gets, located in the 22nd district. But it is a nice place, with an interesting interior and run by an Austrian family which in our opinon makes it a decent place which you should check out if you stay in the area. But it is really far away from everything in an industrial area.

Check out Natasha’s Club now at Sexbarvienna!

The place is cheap, the staff nice, the girls better than average and the rooms real nice. So that pushed it into the list, although only if you are going by car or stay somewhere close.

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