6Toplist of Girls we lost and wish to have back

6Toplist of Girls we lost and wish to have backThis 6Toplist will most likely bring out nostalgic feelings for most of our readers out there.

It’s about the girls that left a smile on our face after each paysex session. The girls with whom we connected the most. The same girls that left us wishing that they would one day return.

This 6Toplist of Girls we lost and wish to have back will make you remember all the great girls that left Vienna and let you know what the chances of them to return are.

1. Janette

  • Left Vienna 5-6 years ago
  • Natural beauty from Romania
  • Very clean, polite girl
  • Started working in an apartment in Lindengasse in the 7th district, as far as we know
  • Service always impeccable
  • Moderate prices

Janette had dark hair, nice and perfect natural breasts (not huge but big for her slender figure).

In her beginnings she claimed to be Italian because Romanian girls still had a problem with working sometimes. She started in 2003 or 2004 when she probably was 18 or 19 years old.

She was smart and pretty. She practically had it all: looks, brains, body and character. Also, her prices were moderate. It was possible to have a conversation with her.

And her service was impeccable: Girlfriend experience; never impatient or trying to push the guy to finish.

After she and her group had to lose the apartment in Lindengasse, the whole group that worked there moved to a house in the 23rd district in Mellergasse. The group now officially advertise under http://www.simplytop.at/.

Janette was with this group for years. Later, she could be found in Gurkgasse in the 14th district, which was close to Linzerstrasse and Hütteldorferstrasse. In this studio, she even had a sauna cabin available.


After Gurkgasse she could be found at Dingelstedtgasse 1150 wien, a shabby house but ok apartment (which she kept nice and cozy). In here, as well as in other places she had something like a side-kick girlfriend named Mona. She seems to still be working and can be found in Laufhaus Floridusgasse.

Last stop for her in Austria was Laufhaus Floridusgasse. Last we know, she moved to Switzerland to work there.

The only photo we have of Janette http://gewerbecenter-carol-jones.ch/uploads/pics/jones-jeanette-juli-2011.jpg is a few years old and doesn’t do her much justice.

2. Adina

Out of all the jewels that were lost from Vienna’s paysex scene, Adina is the only one we still have hope to return at some point. She is still making movies, making a name for herself.

She worked only in Maxim.

The Maxim management makes it a point that they are in direct contact with her should she ever feel like returning, so don’t keep your hopes too low about her return. In fact, we expect she will return eventually.

In Maxim there are a few more lost jewels like Roxy and Vera but due to her many fans and the fact that she is a porn starlet she must clearly be in the 6Toplist of Girls we lost and wish to have back.

Adina from Maxim

3. Asian Girl Sandra

  • Had a very short career, in Vienna at least
  • She was spotted in Club Doreen many years ago
  • Was the most beautiful Asian girl in Vienna at that time
  • Perfect German, no accent at all, grammar and style impeccable
  • Magnificent body (almost non-Asian)

With a dark brown hair, round firm butt and small tits (not super small) Sandra mesmerized her clients at Club Doreen. She also had a big tattoo on her back reaching her ass.

If we remember correctly, she is originally from Malaysia, her parents anyway.

She had a perfectly gentle and polite personality. Her career as a sexworker was a short one. Her prices
were a bit steep back then but Studio Doreen generally is one of the more expensive studios in Vienna. We hope and assume that she managed to get out and has no reason to come back.

Sadly, there are no pics available for Sandra, but she looks very similar to this girl who also worked in Club Doreen at first and then for a short period of time in Maxim. Sunny is her name and she also is like a lost jewel because she stopped working and cannot be booked in Vienna anymore. Head over to http://maxim-wien.com/all-girls/sunny and see more pictures of Sunny.

Sunny Asian from Maxim

4. Peepshow Girl Kim

  • She is from Slovakia
  • Her nickname was “Busenkim”
  • Unbelievable firm and perfect tits (natural tits)
  • Had an angel face
  • Perfect figure, similar to Anita Blonde (for pictures check below)
  • Extremely polite and clean girl

She was much too good for a Peepshow. But, back when she started working (somewhere in 1992), the best girls in Vienna worked in Peepshows.

She was first spotted in a place called Tutti Frutti in Linz which doesn’t exist anymore and is now called “Sexodrome” (a terrible joint and totally not worth going there). Tutti Frutti on the other hand was great back then as everybody reports. Only handjobs and blowjobs were possible back then but still the place was great.

Later on, she worked parallel in Linz PS Göthestraße and in Vienna in the PSs Raaberbahngasse Melzergasse and PS Burggasse (but before the new very good owner took over). She also worked in 69 PS group.

She probably stopped working in 2005 or 2006, we are unsure about this. However, we are sure that she made a fortune by then.

Now, she might still be work independently. Also, by now she must be 41 years old.

Kim resembles Anita Blonde quite a lot so here are some pictures of Anita Blonde:

Anita Blonde

5. Peepshow Girl Kerstin

  • Authentic Austrian girl
  • Had an incredible body
  • Very slim with massive tits (bigger than even Kim)
  • Red long hair
  • Great sense of humor
  • Very service orientated (even gave a discount for returning clients
  • Also famous for appearing in an Austrian movie

Kerstin was special for a few things. She was one of the few Austrian girls that were special.

Her body was amazing. She was a tall woman with long red hair. Her tits were huge and came in a good contrast with her slim figure.

Apart from her body, she had an amazing sense of humor. She really was funny woman. No wonder she had a short appearance in the Austrian comedy “Hinterholz8”.

6. Alexandra from Maxim and GT

Alexandra is one of the most beautiful girls ever to work in Vienna. She’s extremely beautiful and has a splendid body as well. A pair of beautiful tits and a great ass that is not too big and not too small either. The only thing not in place about her was her hair. Her hair was often a mess. It was hard to keep her curly hair in line.

Her last work place here was in FKK Saunaclub Goldentime. Prior to this, she used to work in Maxim-Wien. So she worked in two of the most prestigious places in all of Vienna.

No more words needed to describe her. Her photos speak for herself:

Alexandra Collage

There are, of course, other girls that we lost and wish to have back some day, girls that are like lost jewels for the paysex scene in Vienna. Only time will tell if we will ever have them back here, in Vienna.

For this article, we gathered a lot of info we have from Erotikforum and its very helpful users.

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