6Toplist Skinniest Sexworking Girls in Vienna

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    For all of you out there that dreamt of having sex with the skinniest girls in Vienna and didn’t know where to find them, here’s our 6Toplist Skinniest Sexworking Girls in Vienna.

    In a diverse pay sex scenery like Vienna, there is always something available for every taste. There are people who totally have this fetish, of being attracted to skinny girls. As well as there are men who are attracted to fat girls, older or more mature women.

    1. Jessica from Maxim

    • From Slovakia
    • Very pretty
    • Friendly and polite
    • Perfect English and good German
    • Lots of tattoos and many piercings
    • Great service

    Jessica from Maxim

    She’s a charming person, with a great sense of humor. Always friendly and polite with her clients, similar to a next door neighbor girl.

    She’s also known to be the girl with the best service in Maxim. In addition, her English is absolutely perfect as well as her German, which is quite good.

    A large number of tattoos cover her body, as well as piercings (even in her intimate spots).

    All in all, because she’s by far the skinniest girl in Maxim and that her service is great overall, she made it to the number one on the 6Toplist Skinniest Sexworking Girls in Vienna.

    2. Elena in Goldentime

    • From Romania
    • No photos of her available since GT are not publishing them anymore due to legal reasons
    • Black hair and a pretty face.
    • Good English, OK German
    • Good service

    She is known to always sit across the bar of GT, at the stage couches. She has a Cleopatra kind of hairstyle, but with longer hair.

    She’s known for her good service and nice attitude. Her age is between 23 and 24 years old. Her grasp of the English language is pretty good and besides her native language, Romanian, she also knows German decently.

    3. Skinny Mandy

    • She advertises in Erotikforum
    • Very self-confident and opinionated. She made a lot of snarky return comments addressed to the users who were attacking her on EF regarding her weight or health.
    • Speaks German
    • 200€ for an hour
    • 350€ for AO (she carries tests with her so that the client can be tested immediately)

    Some of the people in the EF made a point of her being so skinny that she must be sick. As usual, some of the users there were without taste, making a topic out of her health. Regardless of it being true or not, her health is not the topic here.

    Skinny girl stretching

    4. Betty from the Studio Katharinengasse

    • From Hungary
    • The studio in which she works is known for AO Service, but usually not a good service.
    • All in all, skinny enough to be on our list

    At the moment, we do not have a lot of feedback about Betty and this studio where she works in. All we know is that in this studio, AO service is 50€ Extra. Generally, the girls that work here don’t like to please their clients and the only way they make money is through their AO service.

    Betty from Studio Katharinengasse