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    Although in her pictures Annabelle has her faced blurred, we have seen her beauty first-hand, at Maxim Nightclub. Annabelle can really be compared to Naomi Campbell (another black beauty covered in our Best Models to pose for Playboy article).

    By a landslide, the most beautiful black girl in Vienna, Annabelle is a really gorgeous girl, tall and slender, with a beautiful face and a great and elegant body.

    Annabelle has a funny personality with a very good sense of humor but she’s more of a quiet person. Although not obvious at the first glance, Annabelle’s almost as hilarious as her friend, Joy. Joy and Annabelle are friends and work together at Maxim and the pair is recommended to be booked together.

    Annabelle on the stage

    Annabelle, despite the fact that Joy can be seen quite a lot on the stage, unfortunately, has not yet been seen dancing on the stage, which is a pity obviously.