Best Athletes in Playboy

Hard work and dedication are what can properly define these women. Through sheer willpower and constant training, they achieved some of their dreams.

Only time will tell if they have done everything that they planned so far.

However, apart from their achievements and trophies, they did one more thing. One thing that pleased a lot of men out there. They posed for Playboy, leaving their shame aside.

These ladies gave everything they got and it resulted in spectacular photo shoots. Their athletic bodies matched with Playboy’s eye for art, these truly are some photos to be remembered.

While there are women out there that resort to surgeries in order to look good, these ladies worked their whole life to perfect their body, in whatever way they wanted to.

So, in this aspect, here are the Best Athletes that posed for Playboy.

Amanda Beard

Cover Model: 07.2007

Pictorials: 07.2007

Amanda Beard is an American Gold-medalist swimmer. Born in 1981, she once held the world record for 200 meters breaststroke.

In the 2007, the July issue of Playboy she posed nude under the title of “The World’s Sexiest Athlete”

List of Amanda Beard’s best times in long-courses

100m breaststroke: 1:07:42 2003 Word Aquatics Championships200m breaststroke: 2:22:24 2004 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials200m individual medley: 2:11:70 2004 Summer Olympics

Gabrielle Reece

Cover Model: 01.2001

Pictorials: 01.2001

Gabrielle is a blonde, American volleyball player. She was born in 1970 and went from professional volleyball player to sports announcer, fashion model and even actress. She appeared in Playboy Magazine in January, 2001 and looked amazing on the cover page.

Gabrielle has a very tall and imposing stature, her height being 1.88 meters and she has a sexy athletic body.

Katarina Witt

Cover Model: 12.1998

Pictorials: 12.1998

Katarina is a German figure skater. She was born in 1965 and by now she’s retired from the world of figure skating.

Throughout her career, she won several different titles such as two Olympic gold medals, four time World Champ and ended in second place two times.

  • There is a huge article about Katarina’s life and career available on Wikipedia that you should definitely check out

She posed for Playboy in 1998, when she was 33 years old. Her pictures were widely acclaimed by the media and Playboy’s readers.

List of Katarina Witt’s best achievements

1st place in 1983-1984 The Winter Olympics1st place in 1987-1988 The Winter Olympics2nd place in 1981-1982 World Figure Skating Championships
1st place in 1983-1984 World Figure Skating Championships1st place in 1984-1985 World Figure Skating Championships2nd place in 1985-1986 World Figure Skating Championships
1st place in 1986-1987 World Figure Skating Championships1st place in 1987-1988 World Figure Skating Championships

Ashley Harkleroad

Cover Model: 08.2008

Pictorials: 08.2008

Ashley, born in 1985, is an American tennis player. She retired from the sport’s scene and reached a ranking of 39 by the year of 2003.

While recovering from an ovarian cyst surgery, Ashley took the decision to appear in Playboy in the year of 2008. She stated that this decision of hers was partially inspired by the fact that Amanda Beard did the same thing 1 year back.

By posing for Playboy in 2008, she became the first US professional tennis player to ever pose naked for Playboy.

Maria Kanellis

Cover Model: 04.2008

Pictorials: 04.2008

Maria was born in 1982. She’s an American singer, actress, model and professional wrestler. She has done it all in her life, and still has lots of years ahead of her. Whatever her other careers were, she’s best known for her time with WWE, World Wrestling Entertaining under the ring name, Maria.

List of Maria Kanellis’ Awards and Championships in Wrestling

Slammy Award In 2009 for Diva of the YearFEW Women’s Championship In Feb 25, 2012FEW Women’s Championship In July 28, 2012

One of Maria’s matches versus Angelina Love:

List of Movies and TV appearances with Maria Kanellis

Outback Jack2004 as HerselfFamily Feud2007 as HerselfProject Runway2008 as Herself
Sunset Tan2008 as HerselfAttack of the Show2009 as HerselfCelebrity Apprentice2010 as Herself
Cubed2010 as HerselfMagic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed2010 as HerselfSwallow: the Series2011 as Herself
Mother Hen2012 as KellyArmy of the Damned2013 as TerryA Bet’s a Bet2014 as Hot Mess

Amy Acuff


Cover Model: 09.2004

Pictorials: 09.2004

Amy Acuff, born in 1975, is an American athlete. She specialized in high jumps and competed in 5 consecutive Olympic Games starting with 1996 as a member of the USA team.

The Olympics in 2004 was marked with several female Olympians to pose nude. One of them was Amy Acuff, posing for Playboy’s edition “The Women of the Olympics”.

Amy Acuff’s best achievements

3rd place: 1.88m 1994World Junior Championships1st place: 1.98m 1997World University Games2nd place: 1.96m 2001IAAF Grand Prix Final
4th place: 1.99m 2004Olympic Games3rd place: 1.94m 2006IAAF World Cup

Kiana Tom

Cover Model: 05.2002

Pictorials: 05.2002

Kiana Tom, born in 1965, is an American fitness expert who came to be author and TV host for her own show Kiana’s Flex Appeal.

She also starred in the 1999 movie Universal Soldier: The Return, alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme.

When she posed for Playboy, in 2002, it was the perfect time for her. She felt that her body was ready for this, that’s why she didn’t do it sooner. She waited until she knew she was in perfect condition for such a task.

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