The Best 6 Teen Pornstars of 2017


A vowen hidden in the text of articles currently kept in record had ultimately came afloat! A common reader, fan, porn enthusiast or whatever your etiquette is, will enter Sex Top and be overthrown by numerous articles about top quality porn stars of the industry! Can a porn star be low anyways? Get it, Be-low?

Before the promise gets diminished, leaving traces behind, we’re gonna form a top list of all the Teen Porn Stars we had ever reviewed! There will be no confusion when I say for each one in a single article that each of them is the best because this article will undisputedly rank the best from the best!

The thing about Teen porn category that it’s full of competition, and it makes a perfect market, where everyone has rights and is able to climb the ladder and reach the peak of the porn star mountain!

Above all, Teens are especially the ones with the most potential, where we can speculate about the future of an individual, her current standings if we just have to rank her with a “heavy heart”! Believe me, I struggled to place one above the other, neglecting the other along the way, but it just has to be done! For science purposes!

One day, critics and the general public will admire my work, which no man could’ve ever done because a MAN doesn’t have a personality of ruins because this is more than just basic numbering! This is war, this is life! What do you think, was it easy to rank the strongest empire in the middle age? First Rome, then Byzantine, Ottoman Turks, etc.

It’s about who’s reigning over who! And with this, my fellow citizens of Sex Top domain, I proudly present you, the long expected top list of porn stars! So far, you witnessed a single porn star’s artwork through the scenes, now we’re gonna combine them all, standing to its rightful name of the performer. Hope you’re happy now!

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6. Jenna Foxx

Oh, Jenna, why did you have to be so curvy and packed! Do you know that she’s Canadian? Yep, she was born in Quebec, on February 9th, 1996. Jenna a.k.a. Ebony turned 21 and she’s readier than ever!

Primetime hasn’t yet even released a scent of its own, but still, she’s as famous as a Teen can be! Standing at 170cm, she has a sturdy height. Following up her sky-directed dimensions, proportionally to her sleek figure, she’s got disproportional weight! Would you believe it that Jenna weighs only 50kgs?

I don’t want to sound rude, but those 34D slammers solely have 10kgs in total! Plus the looks of the ass don’t carry around like a feather, but who am I to judge, I am not a physicist, I have no frame of reference to eye out someone’s specs!

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I especially adore her hot school girl videos, and this may sound like a cliche since she’s a teen, but it’s something about her tan skin that makes me feel more aroused than the usual white girl trashy style!

After that, there COME the facials, where she’s the best receiver I guarantee that, getting splashed on her face, titties, where ever the shot ends up, and if the lucky guy is lucky just enough, his recproductive DNA may end up inside her pussy!

This girl is the last, and to say that she isn’t the least would be a lie, but this had to be done. Big titties, big ass, curvy and thick, but only number six!

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5. Ashley Adams

As a relief, there are arguable facts which can prove the existence of marginal differences between porn stars. People with common sense would obviously say that there are differences between people by the default, but since we’re talking about matter of tastes, there’s no disputes there!

However, facts are the only vivid evidence, and I can say that Ashley performed in more scenes than Jenna, so there you have it. That’s why she’s placed on five! Shall we abstract the preferences of a person and talk about Ashley in general. Okay? Okay.

Ashley was born in Tampa, Florida, in August 7th, 1996. She’s slightly younger, but that’s compensated with the additional D to her bra cup size!

Yep, Ashley’s got them 34 double D’s and she’s not afraid to use it against you! A selfless, arrogant, and a mischevious attitude-wise girl, will do whatever it takes to make a guy cum like it’s the first time he’s doing it!

She’s 167cm tall and weighs 55kgs, so the thickness is an absolute advantage in terms of modern-day standards, what men expect from women, or at least from their porn stars!

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4. Sydney Cole

If we’re talking about beauty, most surely Sydney will be in that domain and in question. Skipping the mention of her name is impossible, of all the porn stars, I can rest assure you that’s she is the prettiest!

Hurried fuck is never the case with this girl, because she always gives you the best she’s got! Renouncing a guy’s pleasure meter isn’t this girl’s cup of tea!

She’s also a born Floridian, Tampa exclusive! I wonder if the Teen porn stars from Tampa ever knew each other before going pro. Like, was it a consensus that the best looking ’95, ’96 girls straightly launch to the porn industry?

Maybe it isn’t projected to be that way, but surely the girls have role models! Ahem, Sydney Cole. Well, she’s got them Perky tits, but they’re small, 32B. Her butt’s got the round notion to it and that’s the escape route of her unfortune to have Small Tits.

But everything else is settled with this girl, she’s small, 157cm is pretty light which makes her flexible on scenes, where she can deepthroat, pummel through her windpipe(s) without much pain!

She handles cock at the most extremes, still looking smoking hot while doing it at any frame you choose from the scene!

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3. Gianna Nicole

Did someone lie about this babe’s age? 1995? Please, who are you kidding? Astrological sign of Pisces, born on March, explains her mentality, attitude and divides herself from the rest. She’s slutty as fuck! And which girl wouldn’t be, with a 34C size, apple booty, fans that support her actions as wind to push her forward!

Am I obliged to say that a girl is from Tampa, Florida anymore? Because even this model right here is. She’s 168cm tall, has an intimidating stare and presence overall, so she’s dangerous to watch if you had trouble lately! Stop asking for more, because Gianna’s middle name is Trouble!

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Just look at the cootie on that bootie! It seems like spread dough when guys keep tingling her nice ass! So juicy and tasty, m-hm! She had great combos with Julia Ann, with Preston Parker, with the Bangbros, she always makes an excellent teammate!

And, when we acquire her real birthdate in the future, consent to it, we’re gonna determine this number 3, especially for Gianna Nicole!

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2. Nicole Bexley

Wow, fellas, I must be a paid external factor to advertise Florida’s potential of crafting porn stars! It’s not my fault that the best Teen girls are from the warm coasts of Florida! The ocean inspires them to be the best at their thing!

Nicole is the youngest of them all, being born on July 21st, 1997. I’d say that she’s a caucasian/negroid race mixture because she has the golden balance between both arrogant and attractive!

She’s got a nicely shaped body, a figure some girls would die to get, 34D’s, petite size of 157cm, a bubble ass that mature guys go nuts for, and lots of other stuff which make other people envy her or want her!

Every porn studio wanted a piece of that 18-year-old pussy, and the Bangbros was the among the first ones to get it! It’d be sad if those tits were wasted on some low-budget shit we wouldn’t even watch! Black guys with a BBC hardly waited (ambiguously hard) to put their wooden seals on that pussy, making it their own territory!

Even Dildoes developed a sense because Nicole’s pussy is the best chamber to conceal oneself, the warmth, the drench-ness, the everything – all is perfect!

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1. Kimmy Granger

I’d make a surprise for you about who’s first and the best, but these titles are too revealing! Kimmy Granger, ladies and gentlemen! You may ask why, but here are the answers, one-by-one.

She’s born on May 17th in San Diego, 1995. California girls are unforgetable! She’s got a blubber pussy awaiting to get pounded viciously! She’s been at Nubiles, Hustler, Mofos, Reality Kings, New Sensations and other well-known porn companies!

Actors and directors were fighting who would get this babe to perform for them or with them, until they decided to put Sydney Cole in the picture, one more great from this list, and who else but Nubiles’ “Grounded” scene.

She’s 155cm tall and weighs 45kgs, probably the least of all. Petite and 32A go like bread and butter, and that’s the case with Kimmy. Petite is a just unsurpassed category that everone always loved and will always love.

IMDB took the time to carefully introduce us to this sex magnet! Click here to visit Kimmy’s IMDB page

There’s more to each of the girls on the provided links below, so give it a try, maybe you’d gather some counter arguments for my list, so let’s compare after you finish forming yours! That’s for homework, kids!

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