Black Angelika

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    Black Angelika is one of the most popular names in the porn industry. Her smoldering brown eyes and petite figure beautifully complements her slim yet toned body. Besides a porn star, she is also an open minded escort that allows her clients to photograph or film her for personal use.

    Reviews from all around the world recommend her because of her friendly personality and because she always gives 100% in all that she is doing.

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    In 2009 she won the Hot d’Or for Best European Starlet for her performance in “Pirates 2” and in 2010 she won two awards for Best European Actress at the Erotixxx Awards and for Best Actress Venus Berlin but she was nominated for many awards over the years.

    no 1 romanian pornstar black angelikaContrary to the popular opinion, Angelika is Romanian and not Hungarian. She is one of the best ranked on Freeones with over 400 movies she is internationally recommended, being also an escort.

    The reviews are highly recommending her and if you have seen any of her films you would understand why. Top Adult Film Companies like “21 Sextury”, “Brazzers” and “Private” have worked with this gorgeous lady and thanks to them she is now one of the best porn stars of all times.

    Best features

    Her 34DD bust size contributes to her overall look of a seductress. Her sweet yet disobedient eyes will get your attention until you see her boobs. A pair of juicy and perfectly rounded tits that could make you cum just by manhandling them, not to mention if you drown your face into those big tits. And yet that is not her best feature.

    Being a European porn actress is not easy if you want to get noticed at some point. That is why Angelika is so damn good at blowjobs. Her amazing skills of licking and gobbling all the way to the balls makes the whole scene look like a hot freak show. And it always seems that she’s more comfortable when there are two dicks around like she’s accepting it as a challenge or threat.

    Not to mention her perfect ass which would be a shame not to fuck or her pussy that almost opens up at every dick appearance. Angelika’s body makes it an invitation for men to come and over the years she has raised many expectations and cocks worldwide.