Cuban Hottie Luna Star in 9 Popular Scenes

¡Hola!¿Cómo estás? I’m fine thanks. You know what else is fine. This fox right here: Luna Star, people. Let me introduce you to the Cuban babe who already blew the minds of many of her followers. It’s so much better when we have porn stars all around the world, and this one comes straight from Latin America. The diversity is always key for a great porn fan’s life.

You know, when you keep watching blonde MILFs over and over again, they start to bore you and you ask for something different. With this bubble booty Latina, you can go with the stream of the porn river and enjoy the full ride, not sticking to a certain category for ages.

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And Luna will head you to the Stars. Let’s think that through now, every porn star with the word “Star” in their name hasn’t yet disappointed us, not at all. Enough of roundabouts, Luna time! Ay, ay, ay!

Luna Star was born on May 25th, 1989 in the Cuban capital, Havana. She’s a petite bomb (5’4 or about 162 cm), with long brown/black hair (depending on her mood, believe me, it changes a lot!), and a body with the following details: She did a boob job, making her tits be huge, and of course, fake.

Luna Star gave an interview to Mens Mag Daily and answered a lot of questions about herself and her career, click on the link and enjoy reading

Relative to her body, she has long legs, so you will usually find her picture shots in nice high heels, because of the aesthetics, to bring out her sexy limbs. Like any other dark-toned Latina, a fine ass doesn’t seem ever to lack with these girls. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starting to fall in love with this girl. She looks like she’d be a good girlfriend and wife. Hm, seems suspicioso… Will see about her loyalty later.

There’s nothing much to find about her porn career, but all that I know is that she sticks around 5 years for now, in the business. In 2012 she made her porn debut, and she filmed for a great number of great studios like Hustler, Brazzers, Naughty America and some other well-known companies. Oh yeah, she has a Twitter page so you can follow her every move online if you find yourself trapped in her love cage.

Check out Luna Star on Twitter where you can follow her latest posts

On her Twitter profile, she appears blonde and it looks kind of strange after you get used to the brunette version of her. But no worries, love is love, and it’s all about what’s inside. And dicks are what get inside her! I’m starting to get horny seeing her peripherally with my eye, staring back at me sexy as fuck. Ahem, let’s see the videos:

9. 8th Street Latinas – Lusting Luna

This Cuban chick knows how to make things hard! And I think it’s pretty normal to lose to a sexy Latina. She just knows what to do with a hard, long and stiff cock. It’s like eating a bagel, but better. In this scene, she tangos with a stud that meets her requirements very much. I hate it when a beauty goddess ends up with an ugly creep, it just doesn’t feel right. Mick Blue is the real pick! And he’s even wearing blue! What a cavalier!

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My personal opinion on this video is simply WOW! First, Luna walks in front of the camera from the kitchen in the back, and tells you “I know everything you like.”. With only these 5 words, she wins your heart, and your other “parts”. 95% of the guys are already goners here, and if sticks and stones break your bones, and words don’t, then her ass will make your jaw drop.

She then walks back with the camera glaring at her booty, while she slowly puts it up on her hips, showing the crack which every guy gets addicted to! And we’re not talking about drugs here, you junkies! Luna Star melts me completely. Only if I had one day with her… One day… I can’t endure to the end of the clip. The trailer got me already. Imagine if I watched the full content!

8th Steet Latinas was made because of Luna Star. I believe it. It wouldn’t be what it is now without her. Too bad they don’t have that many scenes with her, those ignorant people!

Beautiful Latina Luna Star

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8. We Live Together – Thrust and Lust

Luna Star brings her new friend Valentina Nappi, the exchange student, as her new roommate. Valentina obviously comes from Italy, from this quite unknown land to the Americans. Being a good friend and roommate, Luna wants to guide her around the city and to seize the opportunity to take pictures of city sights.

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However, Luna is more interested in something else, in fact, it doesn’t even have to do anything with the city. It has to do with her very newcomer, Valentina. She starts to take selfies with her, like any other girl today, in front of the camera smiling together. And there are rarely some hot ones too! Once Luna saw that Valentina is getting comfortable with the shootings, she grabbed a hold of her tits and blushed.

That’s when Valentina knew it’s time to lift her shirt too, and here you go – 4 big melons on one picture. I can hardly even separate these 2 girls because they seem like sisters! I think that it’s Luna’s ass which is amazing in this lesbian scene! I mean it’s always like that, but now with these shorts on… Man, oh, man. Plus with Valentina as her support, we’ve got ourselves a real show, guys!

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I like how they took a selfie where one holds the phone, while the other girl is mooning with her huge ass. This is even humorous. Nothing better than a porn which makes you laugh hard, with and without the laugh!

Lesbian Scene with Luna Star

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7. Big Tit Cream Pie – Luna Star Loves Creampies

You know what bangs are? Take a fifth on that question, I’ll explain it to you, it’s simple. It’s the curvy endings on your hair, right where they are touching your forehead. If you don’t have it, you should see Luna Star for expert consultation. You can maybe learn more than a thing or two from her.

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Bangbros keeps it real and starts wit a short introduction before their porn stars start drilling some holes! Those holes need special care and a creampie as well for Luna to make it memorable for her! Welcome to Bangbros, chica!

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6. Bang POV – POV of A Sexy Latina

POV is the jackpot with Luna Star. When you see her from the 1st person perspective, you, quotation: “just wish that she was your girlfriend or wife”. I wonder where did I get all this wisdom from. It must be from some very smart guy.

OK, this is stupid, I won’t do it again. Anyways, Luna Star is looking for your attention while you’re in bed watching some girls doing hoola-hoops and other stuff that makes you horny (everything, duh), and she’s a bit jealous because you won’t pay attention to her! She then reveals her ultimate weapon.

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Her giant tits! And even if that ain’t enough for you, she’ll grab your dick firmly, making sure that you are under her control. Then you get to fuck the sexiest girl around on your white-blue bed from heaven.  Classic Bangbros, never seem to stop amazing me!

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5. My Friend’s Hot Girl with Kyle Mason

By the time you’ll be reading this, it probably would be a long lost video with Luna Star. Today, when history is in the making, the video is the newest one, from December 21, 2016. I had to bring that out because it’s a new era for her, suddenly transforming into a blonde chick.

Haha, you got to see this. Who could’ve told that a blonde hair can fit so well on a tanned Latina! A  good-looking body spiced up with an outstanding hairstyle.

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So, Kyle is heading back home, and once he got back, he heard the shower. Her girl roommate Luna Star is in and he’s not afraid to check her out while he can. Her boyfriend is out, so who knows what could the destined alignment of the planets bring as blessing and fortune.

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Plus, Kyle has a big cock. It’s even written on Naughty America if you don’t trust me. See it for yourself, you’ll be even checking out the new style of this crazy girl.

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4. Latin Adultery with Ryan McLane

It’s a good day when we review the good ol’ Naughty America‘s videos and movies. She yet again has her bangs on, and the only thing left without a bang is Ryan. Don’t worry, Luna will soon change his status to – Big Bang! And the time is just right!

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He’s coming to Luna’s place for the personal training lessons, meanwhile, her husband is away, and everyone is thinking what she is thinking! It’s sex lesson day! The best exercise! The prophecy is fulfilled! He IS coming to Luna’s place! Literally, and equivocally!

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3. Hustler – Luna Star in All New Hot Showers

I like the new showers, how about you? I mean they are great and all, but I like them more when there is a girl in it. I didn’t even know that you could have so much fun in the shower alone. You can sing and scrub and do all sorts of things, but Luna Star has finally opened my eyes all the way up! Her dildo lent her a helping hand, and that was a huge dildo for sure. And when I say she did, she destroyed her pussy with it. Her mouth didn’t get any less, luckily.

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I finally get it! This is nothing else than a shower testing and review video! It sells the best, don’t you think? Who wouldn’t buy a shower after watching Luna Star moaning from the first to the last second in it? In fact, I already ordered mine. But, to be honest with you guys, just stick to the video. I think it’s just cheap enough to entertain you. I’ll get Luna Star all to myself, and won’t leave a single bit of her!

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2. All Girl Massage – Well oiled Friends: Part One

This All Girl Massage thing is starting to get a swing of popularity! It’s one of the types of porn which is currently trending well. But when I come to think of it, it is pretty awesome! I like seeing two great girlfriends in action. They start with a relaxing, tempering and peaceful massage, and since it’s full contact, you expect it not to end like that! So, as it turns out, a fuck fiesta happens, only that it’s dickless!

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It can be a good thing. When two soft pussies touch each other in a hot lesbian video, this planet becomes a better place. Slightly. They can count from 0 to 69 real quick! Oh, the girly joy! Even the lights and cameras of AGM are such terrific, it’s even better quality than my own eyes can produce! Yhivi – the clientele, Luna – the masseuse. All you need to know about the scene, everything more than this information is just spoiling it. Must watch!

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1. Evil Angel – Lex’d

Let’s see what Evil Angel has for us now, those wankers! Uh-oh! Interracial alert! Close down your gaping holes! Fuck, we lost Luna Star! Welcome again, Lexington Steele. Oh, he is such a muscular and tall guy. He has a fine sword there in his pants just for the ladies. But that ain’t no sword, Luna. You’re just about to get Lex’d with his branch!

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But like I told you before, this is the kind of a guy that meets Luna’s requirements. Maybe even a bit too much, but the more, the better. Luna is blonde again, so I failed my promise from before about watching blonde MILFs (sad face). But, but, this is an exception! Luna Star is the chosen one! No one can be like her!

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She is simply the mixture of the greatest combinations that have ever existed in porn! I just can’t describe with words how smoking hot she is. Watch! This! Immediately! Get your best popcorn and enjoy your… I mean, Luna’s ride!

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