Eva Lovia from Naughty America

Eva Lovia's new scene in Naughty America
Eva Lovia showing her skills in new Naughty America scene

Now this is definitely an interesting porn star! You don’t see girls like Eva Lovia in Naughty America that much. You’ll comprehend what I’m writing about later. She’s a hot brunette, with hazel-colored eyes, medium sized ass, and tits.

But that’s not the topic now because she’s a special one. Other than a porn star, Eva Lovia is a successful business woman. You know probably think: “Oh, no wonder, with the body like that, it all goes together.” Not in Eva’s case.

She owns a restaurant and participates in multiple ventures. She started adult modeling in 2010, but that didn’t end up well because she hadn’t had her requirements acquired. As she brings ambition to her regular career, she brings fire to her porn career and also joins Naughty America as one of the hottest chicks.

She dropped some criticism about modern porn movies, that they’re nothing like real sex, what people actually really want, and she straightens that wrong by adding passion and erotica to her sex scenes. Eva Lovia is born on May 29, 1989, in LA. Her ethnicity is mixed, but you can clearly see that her beauty leans towards Latina. Stockings and sexy costumes fit great on her athletic body. She has piercings and tattoos, that add up to her sex appeal.

Eva Lovia & Xander Corvus in Tonight’s Girlfriend

In this scene Eva isn’t primarily the main star here, which is odd, considering her character. Xander Corvus is always on the move, so time isn’t on his side when it comes to having a true girlfriend. He proceeds to call girls as a one night stand at his hotel, which is his temporary spot because he’s a rolling stone.

One night he wanted to have some fun with Eva and invited her over to his room. Eva, like always, did a great job being a girlfriend for the evening. Tonight’s Girlfriend was published on August 14, 2015.

Eva Lovia & Johnny Castle in My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend

This is a cliche porn scene, where Johnny Castle drops by his dad’s place because his cable is broken, and what do you know, he has a smoking hot girlfriend, Eva Lovia, that’s willing to host him.

The act develops more and more in a sexual way, and in no time, you’ll see her with a cock in her mouth. She does the 69 position pretty well. Poor Johnny. He just wanted to watch some TV. I feel sorry for him. My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend is from February 27, 2015.

Eva Lovia & Xander Corvus in Dirty Wives Club

Eva and Xander would make a great tag team, but this time Eva is the commander. She’s a swinger wife, looking for a hot stud to join her and her husband for some swingin’. But after the consumption, you always need to try out the merchandise. Eva and Xander then make some passionate love on the bed by themselves, like a warm-up for a big game. Dirty Wives Club was released on February 6th, 2015.

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