Joseline Kelly’s Top 8 Videos of All-Time


Broads from Atlanta, like an ancient tribe used to describe females that are from East Coast, Georgia, or was it just some guy artist, is just a common phrase without any really graceful word, where only by mentioning Atlanta you know that they’re the top shelf stars!

Joseline Kelly falls in that group, and believe it or not, she was born on May 22nd… 1997! Before turning 20 this year, she must’ve been the most beautiful teen babe in the industry! The standard for porn stars’ beauty, sexuality or even skills/performance is raising the roof with each year passing by! I’m an optimist in this case because modern day young adults are getting better and better overall!

It may be delusional for some coevals of Joseline’s, don’t take her intangible personality and looks for granted, because she snatched the top league all by herself! She oughts to be an incentive to people better yet, jealousy wouldn’t get you too far my lads!

If you grasp a detailed gaze upon this girl, you’d never tell she’s a porn star, in fact, you’d probably jump to a conclusion that she hadn’t even had a boyfriend before! Nothing ’till marriage!

A rarity to find another girl like this these days, if she could reproduce herself a bunch of times, the demand for porn industry would incline to almost 90 degrees with a positive coefficient! The standard may be better, but there are fewer girls by quantity! Heads up, keep this in mind and try to change the game, in order to acquire fame!

Okay, enough divine appraisal for this single girl, but to say single and conceive it ambiguously, that’s an overstatement!

Joseline posts all kinds of sexy pictures on Instagram, click on the link and check it out

They say that looks can be deceiving

Joseline Kelly, first of all, is a brunette. Underline that and put a huge shiny star on it. The facial beauty that this girl contains is simply unassailable! From her forehead to her jawlines, I can’t spot an unevenness on that smooth superficies of hers! Weak-eyed people, put on glasses because you’re looking at a girl of your dreams!

And that’s not all, like the tele-shop commercial convinces us! Lower down that view and you will be having series of brain strokes! She’s got wide hips like a go-go dancer, has the explosiveness of a stripper, body build as a Victoria Secret model, and the list and analogy goes on and on…

Joseline Kelly is quite active on Twitter as well, go ahead and join the crowd of her followers

Is 32D’s enough for your satisfaction? I think it’s more than that! Although her juicy tits don’t seem like that big, it’s the official bra cup size in the registry. The circumference of her tits isn’t large, but some dimensions reach exceed uses which aren’t visible, but it’s true. Like parking your car on what seems to be a flat plato, with no handbrake and your car is descending slowly like it’s being pushed by invisible forces!

Like my new methodology of comparing things? You haven’t seen most of it… Joseline Kelly’s fine, curvy ass is also a unique feature of hers!

For homework guys, first of all, read the reviews and visit these 8 bestest links I’ll respectively provide below, and the other part is to find a relevant flaw on Joseline Kelly. You’ve got my contact, good luck in your research! Here’s your piece of the cake:

8. Reality Junkies – Naughty New Neighbor

Couples Seeking Teens… we meet again… I would say for the second time, but I’d be lying, because I was a naughty little reviewer and did the sequels in a counter-chronological order, so please spare my negligible life for I have sinned… Plus, I call this a review, but the general definition of the term doesn’t quite coincide with what I do. The key definiens is “critical” and if this is critical, then I was a classmate of Joselines! I’d wish!

Toni Ribas and Jaclyn Taylor are an exemplary neighborhood acquaintances which are glad to greet and welcome their new neighbors. They head over to their property to ply them with apple pie, a common American instrument to show respect to people!

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Unfortunately, the residence wasn’t at home except for their teen daughter Joseline Kelly. She opened the door to them and let them in, and Toni has immediately seen what the parents have been dealing with!

The denudative figure of hers was appealing to both sides of the concerned couple, and it seems that Joseline is displaying mutual interest here! Joseline befriends them with her sluttery acts by offering them a free lap dance! Within the subsequent scene, Joseline is sucking Toni’s cock and Jacyln is proud of her because she’s treating her man right!

The dirty little teen mistress expounded prowess by intrepidly fucking another woman’s husband better than she does, hence with the concerned watching and admiring! Jaclyn will also get part of it, to form a perfect threesome! Every rattletrap should get her sexual life refreshed with youthful and prolific innovations! Slobber on that, bitch!

7. Naughty America – My Sister’s Hot Friend with Tyler Steel

Tyler Steel has been sticking his nose in other people’s businesses, and it’s totally wrongful to rummage through your sister’s stuff! Well, he did detect an intruding gadget in the bathroom that got his mind disgusted and contaminated with harmful images! He found a butt-plug and he’s highly concerned for his sister’s health.

He hastily went to his sister’s bedroom seeking for reasonable answers, however, she wasn’t there, as a replacement, he got Joseline Kelly, her friend who awaited her arrival back to her home as well. Joseline spotted what the delivery boy held in his hands, and she took all the blame! Tyler’s supposition was disregarded because it seems that the anal sweeper belongs to Joseline!

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As a reward for finding her concealed weapon, Tyler will get a fuck in return to keep his mouth shut! Additionally, she wants to try it out again since it’s been a long time that she hasn’t used it! This time she’s got someone to keep her company while cleaning the grout from her anal canal! Maybe a real life dildo a.k.a. dick will keep it clean because it contains liquids which would whip up feces! Boy am I yucky! “Critical”, indeed!

6. Team Skeet – Innocent Joseline

Teah, right! Just because she went to class early to establish a better position to pay attention to class and study before the gathering, doesn’t mean that she has good intentions! The presence of the school jock who beat her arrival time explains it, because the guy was innocent, not her! He was just sitting there polishing his deserving medals!

She was the one trying to confront and seduce him, however, she was shy of it. She grabbed some guts to approach him. Joseline asked him if he wants to partner up and go to the school dance with her, on which he rejected almost automatically, the prick!

Joseline was quite offended and felt unwanted and neglected, so she wanted to show what he’ll be missing out by uncovering her nice tits! The jock quickly figured how much an idiot he is, and thanks to him, she’s not a vengeuful person, instead, she let him squeeze on those D’s while she reciprocally squeezes his D as well, cramming it into her oral segment so that a floss isn’t necessary!

I like how she titled his dick with an MVP medal over it, sucking it afterwards like it contained the secrets of the rulers from the shadows!


5. Bangbros – Pounding A Hot Brunnete In The Library

Bangbros always knew how to raise appeals of the public, and since we’re talking about public, how neat it is to have hardcore sex in a communal library. Yes, I used an alternate word so that I don’t repeat myself over again.

Anyways, Tony Rubino and Joseline Kelly want to strike out the bucket-list with a tough one this day! Coitus is mandatory when you’re feeling it, and they’re definitely feeling it now, however, there’s a dude concetrating upon a book he’s reading, and they certainly don’t want to disturb him!

Toni pulls up a chair so that Joseline sits comfortably among the book aisles while he slurps up and absorbs all the pussy juices and the stenches as well, creating effective lubricant for his enormous dick to penetrate there!

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All that she needs to do is keep extremely quiet, however that’s a hard task to do when you’ve got a shaft stuck up deep inside your pussy!! They somehow managed to get away with it, Toni even dropped a load instead of some rhymes on paper, however, everything in life can be considered educational!!

4. Twistys – Healing Hands

I’m not trying to sound very wrong, but is there another person besides your mother that knows what’s best for you?! Take this as an idol, where Joseline and her step mom Veronica Avluv are spending there quality time together!

Prior to it, Joseline was dragging a box across the floor, probably filled with clothes or furniture equipment, on which her mother’s reaction was careless. Veronica told her not to scratch the floor while she was busting her spine with that burden of a cardboard box!

It seems that she pulled a muscle, and now she needs some attentions! That’s when the motherly instinct kicks in, offering her daughter a rub on the affected part! She started her private massage lesson and it just couldn’t stay on that level!

The girls started touching each other on their erogenous zones and they continued on having Sapphic contact through bodily fluids! Joseline wanted some size to be transferred from her mom’s tits to hers, but that not the world spins, babe! You just get to sucky those huge titties! What’s behind the door afterward I’m not sure, be sure to check out their mischief on that sofa!


3. Reality Kings – Deep Stroke

Ah, Cum Fiesta, of course! She was a nubile back then… 1 year ago approximately, and she’s knocking on their glass door to join the gang, and Reality Kings should watch their mouth and try not to throw stones and all! Resenting is not an option, you have to treat this girl like she’s the boss ’round here!

To make matters worse, that’s how the convo went, she came in with her sweet light dress revealing the pageantry of her, and the Reality King impolitely asked who told her to come here, on which she replied one of her girlfriends, indicating them with her finger, rudely.

Enough about pornstars Wiki articles, here’s something about the Reality Kings you should know. Find the Wikipedia article here

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It seems that her girl told her about the so-called “password” at Reality Kings Cum Fiesta specifically, and that is to show her perky tits to the camera, flashing it more than the camera could ever do!

The cameraman/performer was amazed, and in you go girl! She demonstrated us what we desire and that’s her titties and her nice round, squishy ass! I have to give a separated mention to her cock-stroking skills! If a girl knows to tug it well, it becomes pure art!


2. Devil’s Film – OMG I Fucked My Daughters BFF

Do acronyms make a title more attractive and prone to draw attention to people more? Is it because of capital letter’s font or is it to the nicely put up acronym to create a unique word? You learn much more from these porn studios than just how to please yourself!

This is a thing of beauty! You’re a accountable, yet responsible dad, and you let yourself have it by fucking your daughter’s best friend! How you end up in a situation like this, is shady and foggy for my point-black conclusion, but all I seen was Joseline asking for mercy on her knees!

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She grasped Ryan Ryder’s legs like she begged him to spare her life, but instead, she gets to suck him balls deep and do the same with her pussy. Well, not to suck with it, because that would be weird, right?!

She Ryded that cock like a horse bareback and she received the grand prize at the end! No more BFF, well that’s consequential to the point I was trying to reach, but I tend to say that she got sprayed all over! Nice white paintjob you have there, Joseline!

1. Evil Angel – Schoolgirl Joseline’s Anal Education

Girls this days are getting more greedy and they’re less pleased with what you give them! You need a team of Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio to strive for her climax, but still she looks like she isn’t there just yet!

Her pussy bloomed like a sunflower in April, and she’s 1997! That pink stuff will get more and more dessiminated like disinformation of the mass media! Haha, deSEMENited is more like it!

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That slut isn’t even satisfied with both of her bottom holes plugged, and were talking about toys, dildoes, Mick Blue’s legendary cock and Maestro Claudio’s professional assistance! Along with the effective standards that are ascending, there’s a lot more requirements set that follows up! Everything has it’s ups and downs! Just like when Joseline slides Mick’s pole!

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