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Naughty America's black haired pornstar
Peta Jensen nice big boobs

Let’s check Peta Jensen out; she has quite a porn resume, despite the fact that she started her porn career when she was 23. It’s normal for a chick this good-looking to be successful in the porn business, no matter how much experience does she have or how many years did she spend in it.

She’s a brunette with stepped hair, a recognizable face with green eyes. Her body is gorgeous, athletic and has such smooth skin. Her tits are huge, but unfortunately fake, however, for those studs who like tits no matter what, it’s splendid!

Her best tattoo is placed on her lower back, where her perfectly narrow hips are. Other tattoos are neat, as well. Peta Jensen was born in Florida, like usual, Florida is a factory of great porn stars. Born on December 24, 1990, she’s classified as a Co-ed age group. Her ass is pretty much normal, but still pretty good.

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Peta said that she got married a while ago with a guy for 4 months, and as soon as she got divorced, she started screwing with guys and she estimated that she fucked around 80 guys in total back then. It’s actually quite a sport to her. And then, when the time has come to join Naughty America, she was obviously very experienced and eager to have mind-blowing sex with many pornstars. That’s the reason why we reviewed 9 of her movies, coming right up.

Peta Jensen & Ryan Driller in Naughty America

I got to hand it to you, I haven’t seen such a great quality video in a long time. It’s mostly because it’s one of the newest (published on October 14, 2016) and it’s available in the new VR Naughty America’s exclusive mode. You have an explanation in one of their articles of what that exactly is.

Long story short, it’s the tipping point of the next generation. So, yeah, the plot. Peta Jensen is on the beach, posing, sunbathing, and other normal things that you do at the beach. Your normal reaction while looking at this girl at the beach would be not to look down.

Peta Jensen big boobs pornstar

Fortunately for you, she notices that you were checking her out, and asks you to put some sun lotion on her sexy body. After all that rubbing and sea-dipping is complete, she goes over to your place all horny to clear things out. You are Ryan Driller from their brand new VR scene. And you do what your last name asks you to do to Peta.

Peta Jensen & Johnny Castle in Naughty Office

Johnny Castle is in every single Naughty Office. That know-it-all. This video was published on the 5th of September, 2016, and it’s Labour Day in the scene! Peta and Johnny are locked in the office on this holiday.

Johnny used a transparent dildo as a paperweight, not knowing that it is a dildo, and as soon as Peta noticed it, a great idea crossed her mind, just to waste some time spent stuck in the office with Johnny. They both had a lot of fun, and everything was on the clock in their new scene, Naughty Office.

Peta Jensen & Johnny Castle in My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend

Peta and Johnny are at it again. Published on May 26, 2016, My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend is, yes, you guessed it, Peta Jensen! Peta Jensen goes to her friend’s house for a sleepover, nothing out of the usual. However, her friend’s got a hot husband, Johnny, who Peta always wanted to fuck.

She grabbed the opportunity while her friend was out of the house, wearing only lingerie, she made Johnny horny and at the end fucked him on a big, comfy bed. Check it out now in their hot scene, My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend.

Peta Jensen & Johnny Castle in My Wife’s Hot Friend

This duo is inseparable. Like they’re married. Peta is always starving for Johnny’s cock. She’s probably used to his long tool. Peta Jensen injures her ankle and since she knows that her friend’s husband Johnny is an expert for broken bones, she calls him to drop by for help.

At the end, Johnny concluded that she hasn’t broken her bone, however, Peta did treat his pretty well, just so it wouldn’t look like Johnny came to her place for no reason. But he did came, nevertheless. My Wife’s Hot Friend was posted on January 22, 2016.

Hot pornstar Peta Jensen

Peta Jensen & Johnny Castle in Tonight’s Girlfriend

Johnny in his series, Tonight’s Girlfriend, is up for some Peta Jensen, to relax a bit from all the work he’s done for the day. He liked the way Peta dances, so he figured why not call her at his hotel room, to be his private dancer.

She didn’t disappoint him because like he says, she fucks just like she dances. A one night stand that you will never forget, Johnny. Peta Jensen is a phenomenon to remember. The title of the movie is Tonight’s Girlfriend and it was published on August 24, 2015.

Amazing Naughty America pornstar Peta Jensen

Peta Jensen & Marco Ducati in Housewife 1 on 1

Peta Jensen plays the good girl in this scene. She’s Marco Ducati‘s housewife, planning to go to a brunch with her friends, but before going, she wants to make her husband satisfied and happy. So a lot of ball sucking and pleasing is happening here, just between the four walls of her house, with her hubby. Housewife 1 on 1 was published on April 23, 2015.

Peta Jensen & Clover in My Sister’s Hot Friend

Clover is a male porn star, just to be clear at first. Peta Jensen is at her friend’s place, getting dressed after a hot shower, and while she’s away, her brother sneaks up and lurks her. She caught him right in the act, but she didn’t have anything against him peeping. Instead, she’ll keep silent to her friend, in return for fucking with the bro. My Sister’s Hot Friend was posted on February 25, 2015.

New Peta Jensen movie from Naughty America

Peta Jensen & Johnny Castle in Naughty Office

This is the first scene if the Peta Jensen and Johnny Castle Naughty Office saga. It was posted on January 30, 2015, and the plot remains the same, only now Johnny is the boss around. His employee, Peta Jensen is arguing with her boyfriend out loud, and Johnny overhears the brawl.

He then has a talk with her and lets her know that he is there for her while the times are tough if she needs a shoulder to cry on. But all Peta really needs is some hard cock at the moment, which Johnny is in fact, always there to give it to her, gladly. Their new scene, Naughty Office will show you all the fun they had.

Peta Jensen performance in Naughty America

Peta Jensen & Mark Ashley in I Have a Wife

Peta Jensen has a brand new neighbor, and she goes by his house to introduce herself and her friendly neighborhood. But the real reason Peta came up, is because she spotted her new neighbor sunbathing naked and wanted Mark to know that he has a great cock size.

The planets have lined up and a perfect situation was destined. His wife was absent and they decided to play a game of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine”. Everyone knows where that game leads at the end. And so it did. A full fucking episode. I Have a Wife was posted on November 4, 2014.

Peta Jensen knows best in Naughty America

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