Pizza Delivery Boy wanted to have Sex with Christiana Cinn


If that was your penis thinking about giving a third of your month’s salary for an hour’s worth of sexual intercourse with Christiana Cinn, would you sacrifice your week’s food for it? Well, it is that you work at a pizza bar, however, Christiana isn’t a cheap whore! Before we continue talking about the inconvenience Christiana had found herself in, a little about her physique and stuff.


Christiana Cinn was born on August 23rd, 1989, San Diego, California. The stunning looks that she inherited are thanks to her Italian ancestry and that beauty is unrepeatable! Prior to her porn acting, she was Playboy’s Cyber Girl until she stooped into porn in 2013, making her a fresh addition to the industry. That was a move to increase her popularity and fame, for what she ‘blames’ her agent that was responsible for her revelation.

She encourages pornstars to find proper managers who would represent her in the best possible light, and that’s sweet of her. Concretely about her, there’s no source talking about it, except that she’s artistic, likes dancing, photography, paintings and all that casual stuff that girls are prone to like.

Standing at 163cm, weighing 50kg to distinct her extra thickness and exposing her 32C where ever she can, Christianna eventually won the Penthouse Pet of the Month award in January 2016 and that’s probably her biggest accomplishment! The feminism-oriented girl loves to express her sexuality at public services, and that’s all that I can remember reading sources, so let’s move onto the core of this article!

It was a warm day of 1 of 4 possible seasons on this planet Earth when something irregular happened to Christiana. Sleeping over at a hotel in Milwaukee, state of Wisconsin, Christiana had an appetite for Italian cuisine the American way, so she ordered a pizza from a famous American company we all heard about.

Her presence was greeted without her knowing it because she received a text message from a delivery boy’s private number who straight up asked for sex and wanted to pay for it. I mean, who on Earth uses SMS anymore, what a normie. The enthusiastic guy offered a certain amount of dough for that, and I’m not talking about the ingredients necessary for the pizza, but $200 for A SEX!

Immediately after the so-called cyber harassment, even though the guy was pretty kind and straight-forward, she proclaimed it as an act of sexual assault. She pointed out the definite American pizza parlor as perpetrators of harm and displeasure of their customers. Christiana informed the social media so that we yield our support to her restless soul because she surely didn’t deserve that kind of treatment, even though she gets more cock than a rooster farm.

Of course, she declined the delivery boy and anonymously exposed him and the parlor, even though they got to further investigate the cause and didn’t find any clues or evidence that it was their employee. So, at the end of the day, our attention seeking Christiana got the attention she needed, made a farce about it while no one did actually give a fuck.

But this funny incident doesn’t change the fact that she has plenty of award-winning quality porn videos. Sex Top Lists will expose 6 of Christiana’s best porn scenes that are living proof that if she actually got the offer for sex, especially the one seemingly ripped off from a classic porno, she’d accept the card she’s been dealt.

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6. Twistys – Our Play Date

Now that we got this nonsense fake news out of the way, we can finally enjoy seeing this slut having her mouth shut with a huge dick because she’s talking to much shit that she’s asking for a plunge to unjam the debris found down her deep throat. The dismay is already forgotten, and thanks to Twistys sexy ass scene, we won’t waver our asses over false assumptions, but to be joyful when real hardcore sex is going on up in here!

This IS the proof I just talked about because Christiana is an Oscar-winning actress that pretends and simulates everything like a soccer player extorting fouls from the ref. How could you trust a self-crease eater, that wipes her pussy off from her bodily fluids then reinvests it back in her mouth? Whore’s mouth!

Since Christiana doesn’t need a playdate for her oncoming scenes, well, if this article was made in the flowing year 2015. This is a solo masturbation scene, where she softly touches her tender pussy that’s shaved and bald as a freedom eagle of the US, the aesthetics here is essential, the heels and the ass worship Twisty’s rituals and pays respect to.

Not a very bright scene, but it did the trick, Christiana Cinn is a bigger promiscuity than the imaginary pizza boy who just wanted to recoil his salamy into her stuffed pussy! You can’t blame a person for his efforts to pave his roads of life!


5. Sweetheart Video – Sorority Sisters Practice Anal Sex

What’s this, second time consecutively and Christiana still didn’t get dick-sick? Did I arrange the list on purpose like this? This walking Italian spy of a girl really distorted my common sense, because her feminism routes are nowhere near to normal because lesbianism is an oppositional party to her philosophy and ideology!

The two sorority sisters from the same dorm room, Christiana Cinn and Ember Snow, team up to encounter the rude and crude world of the porn industry, by watching some of their evil schemes plotted to invade a normal human’s mind by confusing his knowledge of the good and the bad! They fell for the trick and started watching porn on their comfy king size bed together, and figured why don’t they try at home something that they’ve seen on the internets!

Porn is just an extensive guide on how to properly have hardcore sex and that helped me, personally, and that’s why I want to enlighten you as well, to spread the word. Now, I don’t know how, why or when did this lesbian couple buy a glass butt-plug and how it is that these things are so easier to get than they actually represent it.

They instantaneously pull out that toy and start to insert it into one another’s asshole, reciprocally returning the favor, alternating and shit, until all the fun and games turn into a massive pussy fiesta between two people and it just went brutally! They eventually revealed the concealed sexual weaponry, and I’m shocked that their pussies and bungholes are alive to this date after this.


4. Brazzers – The Conversion

Is she kinda of currency now? The crypto market is envious of her, they want her guts to sponsor their products! Anyway, I see that most of you haven’t wondered why I induced training Brazzers into an article, since decades pass without their godlike intervention in one of my articles, just like Hustler.

I won’t attract any malice to my articles, so superstitiously reattract what I just said. Brazzers did the unthinkable, unforeseeable – they joined forces with Sex Top Lists against the heretic Christiana, and read further to see why. Nevertheless, she thought she’d be doing a girl-on-girl scene just like always, and her control freak girlfriend approved of it.

Unfortunately for her, there were last-minute amendments from the director who stated that she’s getting dick for today, which totally paralyzed her wack girlfriend. She is sexy, but she a freak! Anyways, they somehow managed to come to mutual terms, and Christiana was about to experience dick after a long time coming!

Her girlfriend watched the gore occur on the sofa where the camera was aiming at, and together with the director, they enjoyed the view of her sucking Erik Everhard’s dick! The GF couldn’t bare to see her lover beheaded, so she went to the car until they finished where they left off! Christiana got dominated by dick and that definitely restored her faith back to a man’s monopolizing race!


3. Naughty America – I Have a Wife with Chad White

It looks like Christiana has the hots for the thots! Just kidding, she’s a lawyer that’s got the fetish for legal and criminal cases, however, she recently got dropped and couldn’t find a suitable case for her likings, so she tried to take advantage of her inner-demamogue and her social capital skills obviously sinful, in order to get the case files from her boss!

However, she’s got no time to talk it through with her stubborn boss, so she goes by her house to steal the documents or at least take a peep so that she knows how to infiltrate the confidental. Inconvienince was yet to become. Her boss’s husband Chad White was at home, and yes, her boss is a woman you male pig you!

She played in smoothly and started talking to Chad like it’s nothing, like she’s just on duty, and during the conversation, Christiana noted that Chad is completely negated and neglected in the marital relationship she’s in with his wife, and poor Christiana feel for the typical male trap and felt sorry for his dryspell dick that didn’t get any pussy while her wife is nonstop at work.

Good thing that Christiana was already dressed like a true slut she is, like she already knew what’s going to happen, so she dismantled her attire to reveal her sleek lingerie, to boast around with it in front of Chad’s eyes, until Chad took a shot at her pussy which immediately caged her and they were bound to finish up that hardcore sex before returning to their everyday life/work! This will surely lift up the boss about the case files!


2. Nubiles-Porn – The Big Game

Seems like a improtant sports event is entering the lives of our everyday heroes, and Teacher Fucks Teens series is picturing the behind the scenes of a successful college sports team. Christiana Cinn walked upstairs to check if Tiffany Watson is ready to make a move to the big game she and Rion King will be having later that day.

Tiffany was almost completely naked, texting her boyfriend or taking snaps for the chat or whatever is that girls these days do, she hosed herself as she was surprised to see Christiana worried about her. Christiana thought it was a great moment for a boob-comparison so that they measure up the cheerleading uniforms they would later attend their bodies to.

The main actor Rion King is the star player of the team I guess, I won’t forcefully obtain the fact like water that he’s a cheerleader as well, so move along. It took the girls to long to climb down, so he went up to check up on them now! He found these two beauties rubbing each other’s soft big tits and Christiana gestured him the ‘come here!’ with the finger, so he jumped in the situation like squall weather!

A threesome was born right after, as these girls finally got the dick they needed to relax before the maneuvers they’ll be dealing with publicly on this major sports event, and there was lots of 69’ing, ass to Rion’s mouth while the other girl is jumping on his dick – situations and all. The setup was crazy and wait ’till you see Rion unloading his warm jizz all over Christiana’s face and Tiffany’s round butt!


1. Evil Angel – Christiana Lubed, Reamed, Creamed

I absolutely didn’t do this on purpose, because it seems that I constantly categorize Evil Angel as an undisputed winner of each article! It’s just how the stars aligned, believe me! Nevertheless, Mick Blue pictures with Mick Blue in charge teams up with Maestro Claudio on a mission to tame the beast named Christiana Cinn, some address to her as a ‘slutty whore’, some wicked porn guides STL acronyms.

Nevertheless, the trailer greets you with her ass covered in questionable liquid that it’s too dense and thick that it must have come from a slick dick from a guy identified as Rick. Maybe for the previous scene, this isn’t. The doll here had her roundabouts covered in some strange Nuru oils I think, that totally reminds of semen.

Reminiscence of Mick Blue doesn’t lead me to a character with long hair because this Conan-Viking type of a guy doesn’t even smell like him. Maybe he rocked the hair for this scene exclusively last year, and how come I wasn’t informed of it, he looks like Braveheart and Thor’s godlike creation.

The prophecy’s child Mick Blue plays tag team with his co-director Maestro Claudio, who shot a quite charming scene where Christiana turned to full-thot and the comely Harlot played the role of piggyback riding perfectly, as she rode kilometers of cock on the highway with Mick Blue, who eventually got his hand-crafted juice all over her previously sperm-poured-on nice ass!

I don’t even want to know what mixture is that! Christiana is mental for sure! But this scene is so awful and magnificent at the same time that you just cannot draw your eyes from it, as it’s a sight for the sore eyeballs you got there!


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