Pornstar Jennifer White Publishes Her First Book


As books and literature became on average closer to a mass variety of people, their reciprocal approach might as well changed, regarding those same people who aren’t eligible for writing a shivering novel from that certain standpoint.


Take Jennifer White, for example, I never thought she had it in her, but nowadays you can find anyone suitable for ghostwriting to do it for you. While you stir your words orally, the writer writes it down styling it to seem artistic.

Born on February 6th, 1988 in California, Jennifer is still the ingredient of the old-school roster in the porn industry, starting off in 2009 once turned 21. For almost a decade in the industry, she won the Best Newcomer award in 2011, and that is the only title she’d be bringing home, referring to those mentionable ones, not made-up SpankBank awards.

Sorry SpankBank, it’s just not working out between us. Jennifer has a stunning, but kinda odd appearance must be due to her combined ancestry made of Dutch, English, Russian and Ukrainian decent! Spread from west to east Europe, she picked up genes as her family traveled across the old continent!

Before her book writing career, she attended a musical school which she graduated, later going to a cosmetology school, whilst working for tan salons.The 1.57m beauty with 34C tits revealed her true talent just years later. And that is – WRITING!

No, not porn at all, not that she starred in over 430 ADULT MOVIES! After a similar quota of video count, she turned to being an author and publisher, and just about 10 days ago from when this article was written, her ‘My First Time: Jennifer White’s Erotic Fantasies’ a corpus of her wild sex stories from the very beginning, read, from when she was a virgin!

Jennifer stated that she had these stories in a series of flashbacks over the years, and she finally put everything on paper, a plethora of fantasies that she lived off, plus some bits of advice on how she maintained a healthy diet, life overall when the cameras are shut down.

She doesn’t talk about losing her virginity explicitly, but she refers to it as ‘gaining her sexuality’, which aspired her to write in the first place.On the focus of these pages were her adventures with her bestie Rosie and her boyfriend Jimmy, a couple which she looked up to whenever something is needed as sexual education so that Jennifer uses the knowledge on her boyfriend, Ruben!

They even lively demonstrated her how it’s done, the whole situation elaborated and prefined to the details so that you know how Rosie sucked Jimmy’s ‘jack-in-the-box’ while petting it and flattering that it’s a big one! Long story short, this is a twist between a biography and novel, with a pinch of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ sex sits described like you’re watching a porno and reporting every second of it – that’s it.

A video is worth a thousand pictures, so have some, Six Fixed scenes just for you, Sex Top Lists picked out Jennifer White’s best appearances of all time, and albeit our favorites as well!

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6. Team Skeet – Fucking Her Nun Buns

It may not be a myriad of scenes, but take a step forward and glare at each piece like it’s unique. Immeasurable quality of content, and let’s see why! Another blasphemous scene, which is a big plus for the Satanists, where Jennifer satirically is en route to becoming a nun, packing up her suitcase and grabbing her Bible with a tight hug and a holy moan along.

Just as she walked down the stairs, Johnny rushed in with an opened mouth certainly tired of the miles he stomped to inform his friend Jennifer of what she’ll miss during her divine encountering and contacting God. He attempted to negotiate with her like it’s his duty to do so, convincing her the best way he can just so she plants her life here where it’s currently standing.

Effortless or not, it wasn’t enough for a committed God lover. However, she was plotting her final mischief as a sinner, so she might as well take a swing at Johnny’s nice cock for one last time! Johnny was relished and he did comply! They took a seat on the edge of the bed, Jennifer held a glass of water to cool off, but not for long, as she grabbed Johnny’s crotch and the rest was history.

She consents to a good anal buttfuck, like a good Christian she is, taking the mass times velocity to her bunghole directly, and loving every second of it, ’cause they’re last, probably. After a good fuck, Johnny was at his peak and he hadn’t felt fear of unloading to the last drop of his white liquid from his cock, all over Jennifer’s face and tits. That’s how a real nun DOESN’T LOOK LIKE AT ALL!


5. Twistys Hard – Real Estate Romp

Real unjust that we haven’t included Twistys in our articles for such a long time! We ended the streak barely, due to my senile memory of porn networks, which didn’t seem to list Twisty’s even at the subconscious level! It was a blast having Twisty’s strange set of events flowing through our systems again, and here’s why! Let the clickbait introductions raid your common sense!

Without the description is hard to tell what was happening, but let me do it completely arbitrarily, to try and explain what was going on. So, Elena Koshka and her boyfriend were looking for their own place to stay, not as subtenant, but as owners of the very property! Jennifer White was on the job as a real estate agent, and they were cruising around the neighborhood where the house was located so that they inspect each corner of the block!

When they got home, they could resist sitting on the comfy bed, Elena and Jenny, as they started kissing like lovers! The boyfriend failed to watch without interference, so he let himself at it, and it immediately turned into a threesome! The two distributed the dick-sucking evenly, as they took turns on who’s sucking him off and who’s riding his face!

Seems like they got a huge deal coming up, both of the parties because they seem to feel cozy on that extendable couch! They fucked like one, knowing every triggering spots on any relation, whether it was Elena-boyfriend, Elena-Jennifer or Jennifer-boyfriend! These luckers better be thankful for a rock-breaking slut agent like Jennifer White is!


4. Naughty America – I Have A Wife with Charles Dera

Jennifer White is a happily married woman with a kind-hearted husband to dream of! At least she was, until she overheard that her husband is bringing a long-lost guest back home, and that guest is no one less important than Charles Dera, her husband’s college buddy and as it turns out, Jennifer White’s and his mutual lover back at college, when they formed threesomes together as doddles!

Charles is also a married guy now but didn’t stop the unintentional sole appearance of Charles, while her husband was enclosing his segment called the man shrine of the house, and just by accident, Jennifer White wasn’t wearing undies, what a clumsy inconvenience, and all that with the guest staring at her shocked with his jaw dropping to the floor!

She pretended like it’s nothing, intentionally bending while she was tidying his bed and room, where it was unnecessary to do most of the time. Charles enjoyed the view before he plummeted her fat pussy, and just when she finished cleaning that entirely dirty room, it’s like she attracted the entire dirt on herself and so she proceeded to undress in front of Charles Dera.

It was a straight-out-of-the-book mating call, and we aren’t talking about Jennifer’s novels! Her husband was totally unaware of what’s going on behind his back, and let’s keep it that way because Jennifer is busy slobbing Charles thick cock down her throat, deepthroating it and later reminding Charles why did they bang back in the day! She is the biggest slut now then she was ever!


3. Bangbros – Big Booty White Girl Anal Pounded

Bangbros really are incompetent when it comes to naming their porn. I don’t see a clue of ‘Jennifer White’, except only a Big Booty White Girl, that possibly refers to her, by a common noun. Allegedly, Jennifer’s closest people that accompany her weren’t the closest to her physically I guess because she hadn’t had anything in her ass for a while.

Of course, where else would you lead yourself to, except the devil’s lair itself, the Bangbros headquarters! They immediately left whatever it was that they were doing, and centered their concerned frowns to Jennifer White while thinking about the solution of this complex riddle she relayed to them.

There’s nothing much to do then equip her with proper toys and utilities that lubricate those toys, so that she feels like at home regarding the use of those, however, she has to be filmed plugging these robust things in her ass, because from the current standpoint, it looks like she’s in for an anal pounding at the Bangbros, because they won’t leave her behind with just the toys!

After she plunged her butthole in search of precious things, she found nothing, until a Bang bro slid his dick in it, and her ass contents immediately increased in value because that dick is certainly the size of a million bucks! This is one of the clearest, cleanest, smoothing and soothing Anal moments with Jennifer White, the dick glided and slid like a charm, until it busted a nut on our wonderful Jennifer, the jizz-sipping bitch!


2. Nubiles-Porn – Cum Thirsty Stepmom

Ah, it’s always magnificent to watch Nubiles-Porn on such a huge video player, plus the steam is HD, a quality to be envious of! Nevertheless, let’s jump right into the porn plot, because this scenario seems succulent to me, must be because of Jennifer’s sweet ass while she was watering those sack of leaves! Oops, spoiler!

Anyway, she was busy gardening when Hope Harper, her stepdaughter and her fresh boyfriend Logan Pierce arrived home. Logan caught the eye of Medusa, the blood-drinking serpent here because she was all on him and his looks. By the way, Jennifer was handling that garden hoes the way it was meant to be hustled!

Since comely Jennifer was way too obvious with her crude intentions, it was quite insulting to her stepdaughter that she tried to coquette on her boyfriend! Jennifer hasn’t felt any shame ever in her life, as she waited for them to establish coitus, and she grabbed the opportunity as soon it was divulged. When he was eating her girlfriend’s pussy, that was the moment when Jennifer engaged in combat!

Hope was directed to the wall, while her stepmom was deliberately sucking off Logan. She waited for when Hope’s biological clock stricken noon, then she made a move to her approaching from behind and calming the situation, as the two stooped into a threesome with Logan! At the end of the coitus, Logan came inside the wrong girl, and it looks like Jennifer will be having children after all!


1. Evil Angel – Lex’s Up Jennifer’s Ass

Lexington Steele braced the years when Jennifer White was extra thick, in 2016 when she didn’t care about the image, eyes only for the balls and filming hardcore, interracial scenes with the best actors in town! Lex’s sweet fat cock finally picked the white chick of its own size, and he was balls deep inside this slut’s ass and pussy!

They waited not very long for the entrance of Lex as the dominator, while Jennifer was playing the inferior role while strangely administering his cock like it’s normal-sized! However, I tell you, Lex’s in the big league in terms of masculine dimensions, and Jennifer is literally mocking his manhood by easily cramming his dick like it’s no biggie!

Lex was off his primary form I see because his stomach was a bit too lumpy and chubby, but his endurance and consistency were always at their biggest possible peaks! He stoked her to an irresistible level of pleasure and took her to the moon with his giant Excalibur, that ripped every pussy that came along in his studio!

Jennifer put up a good fight, but at the end of the day, she barely contained her desires and lust of getting a sperm-shower from Lex’s giant hose that kept spraying on and on, like it will last for days and Jennifer would’ve eventually drowned in semen, like the brutal, hardcore, and utmost slut she is! Our undisputed champion grabbed the number one spot! Hooray! Case dismissed folks, come back later for more (I’m talking to Lex!!!).


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