Sexiest Game of Thrones Characters 6th-4th place

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6th: Missandei

[formatp]Nathalie can finally be seen naked in season four, episode eight. The scene starts with the leader of the Unsullied who fancies Missandei bathing in the river. And although, Grey Worm was castrated as a child and still falls in love with Missandei. As he reaches the surface of the water he witnesses a nude Missandei doing her laundry.[/formatp]

He doesn’t hide his look, continuing to spy on Nathalie’s boobs as she washes her clothes. She surprises his glare but doesn’t feel ashamed or bothered and stands up out of the water for him to see her naked body. We are provided with a shot of Missandei naked and her ass is shown too. The scene is lovely in a way, being the first sign that the two have feelings for each other.

Beautiful translator

beautiful translator

Missandei is the character of Nathalie Emmanuel, a former star of the soap opera series “Hollyoaks” and “Misfits” where she starred as “Sasha Valentine”. Fans may recognize her from her early career and might feel ecstatic that she plays the beautiful translator of Khaleesi in Game of Thrones. She was bought by Daenerys when she took the Unsullied and freed them. She served as Daenerys’s translator because of her knowledge of 19 languages.

The lovely scene

The British actress talked about this experience where she had to appear naked on screen, saying that she only worried about her mother’s reaction but after watching it a few times she realized it’s actually a lovely scene. The moment when Missandei revealed her naked body was the moment fans realized that underneath that beautiful face there is a hot body to go with.

Nathalie showed her ass in an episode from “Misfits” but the pivotal moment in her career came with Game of Thrones. We’ve waited for this moment since season three when she joined the series. The beautiful brunette can be seen in the recently released movie “Fast & Furious 7”.

5th: Ellaria Sand

[formatp]We come across Ellaria Sand in the fourth season and the British actress impersonates the lover of Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne. They appear as an unconventional and very sexual couple. Ellaria is also a bastard from House Uller, therefor her name of “Sand” which is a surname used in Dorne for the noble bastards, the same as “Snow” is for North.[/formatp]

Promising role

The Luther actress has a promising role in season five, as we’ve seen so far, apparently starting a war in the name of her beloved former prince and for the wrath she has for the Lannisters. Ellaria takes pride in her bastard name, stading up to Cersei when she tries to insult her.Indira Varma, Game of Thrones

Can’t say I’ve ever met a Sand before”, Cersei tries to mock her but Ellaria has her words with her, telling her “We are everywhere in Dorne. I have ten thousand brothers and sisters.” It is not news flash that the fans usually rooting for the bastard team since day one of the series, therefor we have many reasons to like the brunette beauty.

Weird couple

Ellaria and Prince Oberyn appear as a weird couple since the first day they arrive in King’s Landing. Ellaria is always in a sexual yet relaxed mood, taking the first trip in Lord Baelish’s brothel. While Ellaria lays on the bed, Prince Oberyn studies three whores and asks for his lovers’ opinion on which one she might like. Ellaria has no shame in showing her bisexual side, even asking for one that is not timid.[outgoing link=”” text=”Top Ten Sexiest Scenes from GOT” align=”right”]

After king Joffrey’s death, the couple visits the brothel once again and two women service them. Ellaria, in her eccentric sexuality, kisses Olyvar but he excuses himself on being gay, saying that he simply didn’t developed his taste for women. While Oberyn gets a bit angry, Ellaria appeases him and states that she is an “acquired taste”.

Spoiler alert

The British actress, Indira Varma may seem familiar than other faces from Game of Thrones, due to the fact that she played some influential roles in movies such as “Rome”, “Torchwood” and the series “Luther” alongside actor Idris Elba. For the next season she is set to be an important character, as we’ve seen from the few episodes.

Spoiler alert! She wants to start a war against the Lannisters given the fact they killed her beloved Prince and comes with a determined and punishing attitude to serve justice for her lover.

4th: Doreah

[formatp]The actress and model Roxanne McKee played the role of Doreah, a former prostitute who became the hot servant of Daenerys. The Targaryan queen was given two female servants in order to teach her the Dothraki language and their living but Doreah felt the need to accustom Daenarys to the way a Dothraki queen makes love.[/formatp]

Mckee’s role

Roxanne Mckee has had other roles in movies like “Lip Service” and the series “EastEnders: E20”. Her most representative role as “Louise Summers” was from the soap opera “Hollyoaks” for which she won an award for “Sexiest Female Character” at the Brit Soap Awards.

Roxanne McKee, DoreahHer sexiness was easy to notice in Game of Thrones also, even though she isn’t playing anymore. The show did leave us with Roxanne Mckee’s boobs exposed for which we are grateful, not to mention a series of steamy scenes. For example there is the one in which she teaches Khaleesi how to make love like a queen and we are delighted with a scene where Doreah touches Daenarys and sits on top of her moving in a way that would make many blush.

World of pleasure

She tells the mother of dragons: “The Dothraki take slaves like a hound takes a bitch. Are you a slave Khaleesi?” With a determined and sexy attitude she lures Daenarys into the world of pleasure. She also appears in scene where she entertains Daenarys’ brother and bathes with him leaving us with the view of her naked perfect body.

A former bedslave from the “pleasure house” of Lys was bought by Viserys Targaryan for his own pleasure but she is given as a wedding gift for Daenerys as a handmaid. Because of her past, Doreah knows a thing or two about sexual pleasure and teaches her queen how to gain the respect of her warlord husband through sensual arts. Doreah definitely has a presence that is impossible not to notice. Her slim body and piercing eyes could convince anyone that she can be either an angel or a naughty servant.

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