Slim Brunette Silvia Saige In 8 Popular Videos

Silvia Saige top reality kings brunette porn star

Remember the times when you were younger and saw those Playboy magazines or any kind of adult material? And you see those beautiful ladies posing for the new issue of Hugh Hefner’s sex dungeons, and your pa was like “My boy, look at that womanhood over there. It’s every man’s dream”.

When you get older, you realize that it isn’t all about women and their sexy bodies, oh, how little you just knew back then. After you pass that stadium, you become your pa, reliving his words because you finally understand what was he saying to you. But back then, it was a whole new, unreachable world.

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Silvia Saige BangBros porn star

Something that you hardly achieve in life. To get those girls, to hold them in your hands, etc, until you’re mature enough. The reason why I’m telling you this is because Silvia Saige gives me those flashbacks when I was younger. I saw her pictures on Naughty America, and some more porn sites, or even on Google search, and most of her pictures bring up the sexuality from before.

When a woman’s attributes were expressing completely through intimacy. Today’s porn is like, take off your set of clothes and just show the audience what you’re made of, show them your body with no shame.

Silvia is different. Not that she has no completely nude pictures, that wasn’t my point at all but she knows what real intimacy is. She’s a brown haired beauty with a well-defined face and her eyes just catch and stun you instantly every time you look at them. Like those Playboy girls did back when you were younger.

Once they took a high-quality picture of her with an old-fashioned tank top and denim shorts so thin that they’re almost stuck in her fine ass. And the essential part is that she shows only one boob like she’s shy about them. It’s like your first love with a girl.

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Your very first relationship when you start bonding to each other and so does that shyness fall off gradually. Then as the comfort level rises, so does the exposure to your loved one. That’s what Silvia Saige transfers to my eyes and heart. And my eyes never lie.

What’s a better fuck than a really emotional one? Sex with no strings attached is just nothing. Every guy that fucks Silvia is making love, not having hardcore sex. I mean it is hardcore sex, but to paraphrase it, hardcore love making!

Every porn star comes with a different, unique story and personality! I just can’t always heartlessly tell you how good of a fuck they are. Sometimes we need to bring back the good old times in porn! Not that today’s porn is bad, it just lost its soul. Silvia is the one regaining it!

Now let’s write something about her appearance and biography. She has a great body, a nice woman-like shape, crossing her legs with golden-middle thighs, and protruding her round, enhanced tits. Her collar bones and breasts are perfect, they push up her boobs even more!

Silvia Saige is uploading pictures to her Instagram pretty frequently and you might find a few sexy ones as well, go ahead and check them out

She has a decent height (5’7 = 170cm) and a slim weight. Long-run gone to finish, she’s born on March 5th, 1984 in Las Vegas, Nevada! She comes from the city of casinos, gambling, and hookers but despite that, she exerts something completely different.

About achievements in her porn career, not much is known, meaning that she probably doesn’t even have any for now. It’s nothing unrealistic here, she’s just a newcomer. Her debut was only 2 years ago, in 2015, and it hasn’t yet passed the 2-year mark.

After all, many porn stars won their awards after spending 5+ years in the business! She doesn’t exceed this route, but there’s nothing to worry about. I bet by 2020, she’d be a top notch, grade A porn star and I’ll look up to her and tell her, “Do you remember me now that you’ve reached the top?”

The response would probably be something like “Who the hell are you? Call security, get this guy off my back!” or something polite like that, but it’s only a way of expressing love!

In conclusion, Silvia Saige is a still an underground porn star and her revelation is about to begin! And I’ll get you ready for it, I’ve extracted 8 of her finest porn movies so you can enjoy the short summary and plot of them while you wank! Number 1:

8. My Girl Loves Anal with Axel Aces

This video is another evidence that Silvia is the type of girl that you can easily fall in love with. This is the very first video in her porn career, filmed on September 11th, 2015, so it’s been a year and a half since she did her first anal. And she wanted to share that festal experience with her man, surprising him for his birthday!

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He’s been a great man to her, but she never officially showed him gratitude so now’s the perfect time to do so. And every man on Earth would reach for the sky because of that music in his ears. “Let’s do anal”. Then it turns out he’s the receiving side! Well, that’d be a nightmare. Just kidding, she gifts her bum to her man and lets him do anything to her gap, while she’s all sexy with them black feathery sex clothes!

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This scene priors to my thinking of Silvia in general. I always seem to primarily think about Naughty America‘s scenes which she only starred in 2, but I’m looking forward to more as far as I’m concerned. They always give a chance to a porn star and when they do, they praise them to heavens, making them popular and famous. It’s true.

Naughty America is the elevator in one’s porn life.

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7. Moms Teach Sex – Taking Turns

32-year-old stepmom Silvia Saige is having a quality time with her stepdaughter, Aria Alexander since they’re alone in the house with no one to bother them. For the moment, that is. Silvia was lounging on the sofa, talking on her phone when she sensed something was moving behind her.

She spotted Alex behind the glass slide doors who’s a friend of her daughter and his intentions were devilish! He wanted to spy on her daughter who’s sunbathing by the pool, right on the pool chair and took out his giant, black cock. He immediately started stroking it while watching this sexy young girl!

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Silvia then comes from behind to scare him and when he turned around, she grabbed his cock and continued where he started! Telling him: “I’ll show you how it’s done in this house” because spying is cowardice! Then, all of them are off to the living room, having a steamy hot threesome!

This is a pure fun house! She taught him a lesson not to spy people and to confront them with his giant cock instead! It will get him going places!

Silvia Saige Moms Teach Sex Threesome

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6. Evil Angel – Anal Fiends, Scene #4

It’s broad daylight and there’s no need of filming this natural beauty with artificial lights, the sun will show us the real Silvia! This is Evil Angel’s, or specifically, Kevin Moore’s best anal movie series directed ever because it’s a plain cult loyal to the anal canal!

She shows around a tour of her body and then our fellow Xander Corvus sticks, almost, both of his hands in both of her down holes, simultaneously sliding them up and down, inserting and ejecting his long fingers in her bum and vagina, spreading them more and more with each thrust. When she finally got ready for it, or Xander at least thinks she was ready for his thick cock, he reveals his powerful gun and starts annihilating her sweet ass!

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This movie should be called “Ass Annihilation”. Her sexy fishnet outfit, put down and lifting her tits is barely attached to her because she’s getting demolished! And when she’s in the missionary position, it’s like suicide! She’s jumping on that hard cock by her own will and it probably hurts her so much that she likes it! Dirty slut!

And I thought she was an angel! Well, she is. An evil, devious one.

Silvia Saige BangBros Anal Scene

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5. Moms Bang Teens – Bad Kitty

Xander Corvus always had a tough time with multiple chicks because he just can’t grow another dick and satisfy them both at the same time! He was getting a blowjob from his girlfriend Elena Koshka, stepdaughter of Silvia Saige who’s doing yoga in the living room.

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Xander suddenly felt thirsty while his girlfriend gave him the blowjob so he paused her and went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. He went back to the bedroom but Elena’s mom was all he could think about. He gave her another excuse in order to visit her mom again, and it wasn’t long after Saige dropped on her knees after yoga, sucking Xander’s dick! Then, duty called.

Elena wanted him to drill her pussy, so he jumped right to work! Silvia couldn’t help herself so she interfered and joined them after! It was a family fuck for Xander the lucker and he can now blast his volcano straight to Elena’s naive face!

Silvia Saige top Reality Kings Porn Star

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4. Devils Film – My Husband Brought Home His Mistress

Lustful Zoe Parker and Silvia Saige team up to seduce a strong man, Marcus London and one of them is an extra because he’s one wishful person! I like when they put the video introduction of these girls blurry like it’s a vivid memory of them, slow motion and so sexy!

Then some inserts from the pounding part are included where both the blonde and the brunette fuck his brains out! He went totally numb while fucking these girls and that’s what Devils Film wanted! Those are their classic, evil and hardcore scenes! And in these scenes, nipples, pussy and dick are the main roles. The cast is just controlling them!

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That’s why we love this porn studio. Especially this exclusive film, My Husband Brought Home His Mistress, and it has dozens of sequels! This is the number 10 issue and I just can’t say that any of them is worse or better than the other.

By always bringing new people, they refresh the content and it seems like it’s a whole other story but with the same mold. They just hit you right in your instincts, unleashing the devil side of you and that’s why you adore these films! This is my top 3 scene of all in her career.

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3. Moms Teach Sex – This Is Awkward

Silvia was collecting dirty clothes around the house, walking around with a container in her hand and was on the phone with her husband trying to get to her stepdaughter Dillion Harper‘s room, and oh boy, what she saw was rather surprising! Dillion was masturbating in her bra and undies while having such an orgasmic face like she was about to climax.

She was so stimulated that she also aroused her poor stepmom who had to give it a go to her own pussy. After a while, a sudden cum blast happened from the closet door! Dillion was terrified, but Silvia went to investigate the case. It was Ryan Driller! That meddling guy!

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She gets him out of the closet, they both sit out with partially scared Dillion and after some comfort talk, Ryan and Silvia showed the inexperienced girl how to maximally please herself in an outstanding threesome! Oh boy, you need to see how she was pleased afterward… I suggest you should watch it, another top 3 scene in my opinion even tough it’s hard to separate these 8 scenes and rank them.

Silvia Saige Nubiles Porn morning threesome

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2. Nuru Massage – Mommy Fantasy

On the phone: “Nuru Massage hotline, what are your desires?”. “Oh yeah, uh, I want a special treatment this time, the name’s Ryan Driller and uh… I want the best masseuse you have to fit the best role of my mom”. It was probably a dialogue like that to get to this point.

They had the perfect masseuse to send out to this Oedipus guy and it was Silvia Saige who could cope with this problem. When he walked through the door, she had quite a concerned face on because this guy was real! He talked to her like she was his real mom and they’ve discussed why he needs this kind of massage. She takes him then to take a bath together. She was wearing a crystal white bathrobe which is easy to drop down and also sexy, so they’ve taken a shower together.

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For him, it was just like the good old times when he was a kid! He rubbed her juicy boobs like it’s his mom’s and after some moisturizing, there’s always a neat massage next. They’ve lied on an inflatable beach bed and she was gliding on his back and as he turned facing her, she was gliding on his testicles!

Until she clutched his cock and put it in the right place! That’s when the sex started and it was an incredible experience for this infant, Ryan! Such a strange guy he is.

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1. MILF Hunter – Sling Slang

Reality Kings always had the most positive intros of them all because Silvia was all smiles and giggles. The MILF Hunters were headed for the beach to enjoy the horizon and she was wearing a trendy bikini. It had two strings attached as a cover for her giant tits, showing 90% of them, or covering 10%, which are here nipples.

And on her ass, it was kinda like a rug or cloth. It was a hot, sunny day, beautiful for taking pictures and filming this posing beauty. Both sides hardly waited to get back home for a sex session and once they came, she showed her body and it was a natural fuck in a white-themed house with a pool!

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A typical modern environment in an expensive house and it was perfect to fuck this prestigious broad there! She really sucked that cock like the slut she is, gobbling his balls! The strong guy fucked her so much that eventually, he lifted her, holding her feet on his hips and started pounding her pussy hard!

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I hope you’re proud Silvia, you sold your kindness for an outstanding porn performance! I just hope it gets to your head that you’re more than that!!! But man, I can’t teach her moral if all the sudden urges cause me to jerk off like I’m insane! She is so hot!

Silvia Saige naughty Reality Kings porn star

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