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A Fox keeps her looks always fresh, and while this gal is listed as a brunette, her hair shades still have an orange appeal (it’s rather light brown, but it feels orangy to me), which is quite fascinating. Oh, right. Aidra Fox is one of the most successful teens in porn and this is an independent ascertainment which I got to very easily.

I’ve just seen, firstly, her good looks and appearance and I were simply amazed. Yet still, when I checked her nominations and awards from AVN, XRCO, and other numerous magazines, being amazed got a whole new meaning. The list just goes on and on, but we will get to it shortly.

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Aidra Fox, Aidra Fox. What a promising young girl. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on September 25th, 1995. She’s turning 22 this year, and just hold on a little bit and admire her greatness at the moment. There is no porn company which isn’t associated with her. And they have their reasons.

Aidra Fox naked in bed

If I was them, I’d holler at her 24/7 to star in my movies. She has quite strong European roots, a mixed family of Polish, German and Czech descent. These are the ingredients to create a perfect little porn star. However, this girl is not little at all! She’s above average when it comes to female porn stars (5’7 feet, around 170cm) but still light as a feather (almost 60kg).

Besides having an astonishing body, she has nice tits with nice nipples, very eminent. You won’t be taking your eyes off of them even though they’re small – medium. Making an 180 ’round her, and you’ll see the prestige on this girl and that is – her amazing ass! It’s marvelous. Her trademark. It’s definitely a money maker. God created this girl with his own holy hands, and just look at the outcome! An angel has fallen from the sky!

She made her debut once she turned 18, in 2013. She made it quickly to the big league, filming with the greats such as Lisa Ann, Brandi Love, Manuel Ferrara, Dani Daniels and others. By the end of 2014, she already got her recognition, which was the Twistys Treat in August, and the Pet of the Month by Penthouse elections.

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The same year she began doing anal scenes and a year later she got 2 guys fucking her ass and pussy at the same time a.k.a. double penetration. It was a giant leap for her career, winning her some huge awards.

Her current movie count is at 205 and it’s a neat number for not even 3 years of performing. Imagine how many movies she could make in the next few years! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and enjoy the moment! And don’t forget to check out her awards and nominations that she got for a plethora of her memorable scenes.

Aidra Fox is just the right choice if you want to check out some of the awards and nominations in 2017 the first time. Only a month passed in 2017 and she got 12 nominations! That’s just incredible! Who knows what is this year holding and about to bring to her.

I see a great talent, predisposition, and potential in this girl. Maybe she will be the next best thing in porn? Check out these 9 movies of hers that we reviewed and you be the judge of her performance. I mean we are the ones judging here, but let’s see through our objective eyes and that kind of bull crap y’ know what I’m saying?

9. Sweet Sinner – Threeway Revenge

You just broke up with your girlfriend and you ask yourself, “What now”?. Well, it’s easy, just go the Sweet Sinner way. Aidra Fox started dating her friend’s stepbrother and she’s jealous of her! Even though Marley Brinx is his stepsister, nothing comes in their way to have a great threesome today!

The lucker James Deen gets to fuck his smoking hot step sister, along with his girlfriend Aidra Fox. They celebrated together in the most convenient way because all 3 of them were in the same bed somehow. No one knows that they got into this situation and it’s not even important for the further continuation of the story. Suddenly it all became a steamy, hot threesome!

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8. Bang POV – Long dick that tight asshole

Long dick that tight asshole! This is a new catch-phrase. “Yo, Tom! Did you long dick that tight asshole last night?!” And then Tom replying, “Yeah dude totally! She has Monster Curves!” See? I made a sentence using only Bangbros references. Their porn titles are pretty practical. I’ll start to use them in my everyday life from now on.

Anyways, Aidra is eating breakfast with the bros, and they’re having peanut butter and bread, jam and other spread. I like how they’ve put her collarbone shirt down her tits, the happy couple jumping out, plus they’ve applied some peanut butter to her nipples as well. I can predict how they hardly wait to take it off from her. And also long dick her tight asshole.

Boom! The next scene is her getting slapped in the face with a sloppy, saliva drooling dick and she’s like “Yes, yes, yes, yes!”. This yucky scene shows why Aidra Fox is THE most adored porn performer. Her insanity and wildness might not be underestimated!

The cherry on top was most surely when the guy finished long dicking her, spreading her ass buns to see the gaping hole which he made himself, and they’ve added a P and a V Between the hole to make it look like it’s saying POV, I suppose. That’s a hilarious detail Bangbros! You always seem to have a joke to crack full of humor, besides doing serious shit around here!

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7. Teens Love Huge Cocks – Such A Fox

Aidra Fox is that type of babe who can dress how she likes but still looking like they’re at the top of their game. She has a plain blue shirt and a purple track suit, and the beauty of hers is a stable thing which she carries everywhere she goes. She’s also one of those girls who make a huge degree arc while in doggy style. I mean, it’s normal for a porn star to do it but she bends more than others.

She does have a beautiful ass to show, after all, so she can continue doing it. To tell you the truth, her tits are nice. I for sure am a boob guy, and I find her tits quite satisfying judging by their size. I’d motorboat her either way. No problem at all. But the only thing I can do in reality is to have a quick wank at that’s all. I’m jealous of this Chris dude who’s about to fuck her.

When he showed her his giant dick, she had a huge smile on her face! I want to make this girl happy, you don’t deserve her Chris! Oh no! He’s going in! I’m a goner! He fucked her so hard that her pussy still held the shape of his dick were it gone through. That’s it, I’m not watching this anymore. The terror… Aidra had her brains fucked out!

Aidra Fox fucked hard RealityKings

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6. Naughty Office with Sean Lawless

Everyone knows how the pharmaceutical companies always seem to have male directors, CEOs, executive, and other higher positions at a firm. Ladies are more of a direct salesperson types and Aidra Fox is aware of her position. She at least wants to become the best one there is at her company.

She just knows the way how she’ll get it! And that is by getting into Sean Lawless, her boss’s pants! She noticed how he takes a view and a glance of her sweet and tight ass, so she decides to use it to her advantage. One quick fuck will get her a promotion in every case!

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5. Evil Angel – Enter Her Exit Scene #3

This is one of her career-peak performances from the beginning. She was 19 back then, but her body told a completely different story. Her asshole is the common victim in every scene, and I’m not quite sure but I think that this is her first anal scene. SCENE. Not her first anal, by the way. It appears like it’s just another anal to her, but I think this was her first. Hm, I just can’t remember if it’s really this one.

Nonetheless, you know pretty well who directed these anal scenes. Our one and only, Mike Adriano! He’s back on track, or was back, since it was 2014, and had the hottest, fresh out of the oven girl over to fuck her ass good. He’s a decent beginning of anal quests for any porn star out there who’s willing to shoot anal scenes.

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He’ll take you to the end girls, and you’ll be a top anal queen at any time. Aidra knows what’s she dealing with here, so she gives her best shot and fucks this guy like his dick is the only left on this planet. Straight POV action, hardcore to the max, and we’ve got ourselves quite a treat here!

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4. Nuru Massage – This Should Keep Him Busy Scene #1

Like the old saying goes: “Fuck a porn article without a massage scene review”, we seem always to fulfill every fans requirement, because this quote was made by a wise man, long before porn even existed. Plato or Socrates, or some other dude like those.

Paging Dr. Fox, a client is waiting for his massage at your office! Axel Aces’s friend was feeling down because the guy went to Los Angeles all the way from England alone, leaving him behind because he had to go there fast. In order to make things up a bit between their friendship, Eric orders a house masseuse to Axel’s house to keep him busy while he’s away.

The masseuse, of course, is a fine teen, and this one’s special – it’s Aidra Fox. She was in a mood for a happy ending Nuru massage and it ended up the way she wanted. He got a relaxing massage, and she got a satisfactory, hard dick. Everyone’s happy, and the vacation at the states is already turning out to be great!

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3. Bangbros – Stepdaughter Takes Control

Stepdaughter Aidra Fox lusts for her stepdad’s cock, and she wants it immediately served, cooked and cocked! While her dad was taking a nap in his favorite dad chair, she tied him with ropes so he couldn’t escape her mischief.

She tied him pretty good, got herself naked and started giving him a quick blowjob. Before that, she chuckled while he was still sleeping because he won’t know what will hit him!

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Soon they’re 69ing in the chair position, I don’t know how’s that even physically possible but it looked awesome! She untied him for their best so he can deepthroat her deep and throatful. Then they got down to the furry carpet, fucking his stepdaughter doggy-style!

What a family joy we’ve got here! And normally, they aren’t actually biologically related. So, don’t sue anybody.

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2. Sneaky Sex – Get In The Closet

This is something you don’t see often in porn. Aidra Fox’s boyfriend is out doing the groceries, meanwhile, his friend comes to his house looking for him. He spots his girlfriend Aidra on the bed and they burst into conversation. Both of them know the hidden feeling which they have for each other, but they keep it a secret anyways, they don’t want to get in trouble with it.

They always flirt and hit on each other, but nothing more than that, they never got to the next level since Aidra is taken. Her boyfriend stepped through the door, coming to Aidra’s room, while his friend was still talking to her. They had to act fast, but in a panic, so his friend entered the closet until things settle. But things weren’t even close to settling down because her boyfriend, Xander Corvus was about to have sex with her!

Or to fuck her right in the pussy, in short. His friend recorded the entire sensation from the closet, while Aidra Fox’ waved him to hide or go from time to time. Xander didn’t notice anything strange, and his friend recorded the entire fuck, right to the end, when he jizzed all over her face! This scene is awesome! It hasn’t got anything infidel in it, even tough it tends to be that way. My top pick of all Aidra Fox’s movies!

Aidra Fox Sneaky Sex scene RealityKings

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1. Evil Angel – Top Notch Anal, Scene #2

After the Enter her Exit scene, Mike Adriano is ready for a round two with Aidra Fox! She’s more mature now, plus her ass and titties must have got bigger than before! They had a blast, and this scene is even sloppier, disgusting, sexy, sticky icky icky and more hardcore! While she’s sucking him off, saliva bubbles were popping and sticking to his big dick, and it’s awful-ly good!

Mike Adriano always made the best, and the most disgusting scenes at the same time. Her ass is magnificent, and Mike even got her a chance to try eating his ass too! She then knew how he felt while he was down eating hers.

Mike keeps shoving things into girl’s asses, and this time he put a white gummy bear or something like that, so she can “dump” it out. Later he grabs a thingamajig to open her asshole wide, to show her ass mucous membranes! This is so yucky! However, still awesome, though!

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