Sydney Leathers from Naughty America

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    Sydney Leathers Naughty America pornstarBy mentioning Sydney Leathers it’s likely that the name would sound familiar to you at first. Especially if you’re from the USA and follow the streams of media and events. You’re not wrong by her popularity, because Sydney Leathers is the chick that had affairs with Anthony Weiner (read more about him HERE), the politician.

    She had a scandal with some sexts that have been leaked back then, and since it became a popular trend, she decided to use that to her advantage and become a professional porn star, and Naughty America was the right decision! Sydney is a good player.

    She previously had some relations with porn, but the scandal was a complete turn. However, we aren’t here to stick our noses in her private business, we’re here for the porn star part of Sydney.

    As for her looks, no wonder she had some media issues and was constantly under fire by them. This gorgeous brunette has a pretty face, blue eyes, and the little mole above her lips just adds to her beauty. Her body is curvy like what most guys love for a figure. Big fake tits and a big ass are the main attributes of hers.

    She has a tattoo spread all over her back to her left arm and piercings every here and there. She was born on September 23, 1989, in Indiana, US. Considering her popularity, she hasn’t even reached her full potential as a porn star. And since she won’t be any younger, she can at least become one of the best MILFs there are in a couple of years.

    8. Sydney Leathers & Bruce Venture in My Friend’s Hot Girl

    Sydney Leathers & Bruce Venture starred in My Friend’s Hot Girl, which was published on March 23, 2016. Sydney is helping her boyfriend’s friend, Bruce Venture, and being a little offended by her boyfriend that’s neglecting her, she decides to find solace in Bruce Venture’s thick cock.

    She then proceeds to fuck him like she hasn’t been fucking for years, starving for the dick. Her boyfriend was watching like a cuckold and being jealous, just to show him. Not bad Sydney, not bad.Sydney Leathers and Bruce Venture

    7. Sydney Leathers & Ryan Mclane in Dirty Wives Club

    Sydney Leathers & Ryan Mclane in Dirty Wives Club was posted on February 1st, 2016. Since Syndey’s husband has lost his job, pressure has laid on Sydney Leathers to take her job to a next level, while her husband is unemployed. She is aware of what it takes to get a promotion fast and uses her sexy body as a money maker.

    Her boss loves the extra hours that she spends with him, and every effort will pay off for her. Not that she doesn’t enjoy that work, it’s both work and pleasure at the same time.

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    6. Sydney Leathers & Johnny Castle in American Daydreams

    Ah, the good ol’ Johnny Castle. Long time no see! Sydney Leathers is experiencing a writer’s block, which means that she doesn’t have any more inspiration to write, lacks original ideas, etc. She decides to rest a little bit and watches some porn to relax her mind.

    She then takes a nap after she watches some porn of Johnny Castle and daydreams about him. In her dreams, Johnny rides her pussy like a Harley Davidson. Who wouldn’t daydream Johnny Castle? For a male porn star, he is pretty famous. Sydney Leathers & Johnny Castle in American Daydreams was posted on January 12, 2016.

    Sydney Leathers blowjob

    5. Sydney Leathers & Chad White in I Have a Wife

    Sydney is dealing with some real estate business, like the businesswoman she really is. Chad White, her old high school friend is interested in her house that she’s selling. Chad has grown to be a handsome guy, and Sydney immediately wanted a taste of his cock, just to see if he’s grown at the right place.

    Chad is happily married, but that doesn’t matter to Sydney because she always gets what she wants, and she gets that dick very deep inside of her. Serves her right, that high hat. She thinks that she can have everything, just because of her looks. Fortunately, she can. Sydney Leathers & Chad White in I Have a Wife was posted on September 21, 2015.

    Sydney Leathers in doggie style

    4. Sydney Leathers & Ryan Driller in Tonights Girlfriend

    Sydney Leathers is next on Ryan Driller’s pussy menu! If you don’t know, Ryan Driller is a businessman that doesn’t keep place because of his serious work, and since he lacks the time for a real girlfriend, he calls some sweet porn stars for the night, so he can empty himself.

    He barely gets in touch with Sydney, because she was the girl that he dreamed of fucking. When she finally came by, he momentarily let her know that he loves phone sex, so they had that roleplay a bit, while Sydney was changing in the next room.

    Since phone sex is just a warm up to real sex, Ryan impatiently went into her room and fucked her like he never fucked a girl before. Sydney Leathers & Ryan Driller in Tonights Girlfriend was published on the 1st of August, 2015.

    Sydney Leathers and Ryan Driller

    3. Sydney Leathers & Brad Knight in Naughty Office

    In this scene, you can see that emancipation has won and the victory of it is shown in a proper way. Here’s why: Brad Knight is an employee of Sydney’s (she’s the boss, yeah!!) and he’s looking for a promotion. He talks with his boss, Sydney about it, and they’ve come to a point where, in order for him to have his promotion, he needs to fuck Sydney as hard as he can.

    He’s more than willing to do that. And that’s the great part of emancipation, where finally Sydney can boss a guy, while they both are in a win-win situation. Everyone gets what they want. Sydney Leathers & Brad Knight in Naughty Office was published on Jun 17, 2015.

    Sydney Leathers big tits

    2. Sydney Leathers & Brick Danger in My Wife’s Hot Friend

    Sydney, in this scene had a beautiful, dark-skinned tan. But the scene is one of her older ones. She comes by her friend’s husband, Brick Danger, to tell him that she’s been the one Brick’s sending dick pics to, and promised him that she’ll keep her mouth shut if Brick gives her his dick.

    Wow, that rhymes. Normally, it’s a dream come true for the guy, and this is when the fun starts. Sydney Leathers & Brick Danger in My Wife’s Hot Friend was published on September 30, 2014.

    Sydney Leathers new Naughty America scene

    1. Sydney Leathers & Tyler Nixon in My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend

    Sydney is at her boyfriend’s place ( an older boyfriend), chilling, when suddenly her boyfriend’s son comes by to her, saying that he saw her online dating profile, threatening that he’ll show it to his dad. She keeps on denying that it’s her’s, but the son keeps putting her under pressure to the point where she finally confessed it.

    He promised her that he’ll keep silent if she fucks him. Sydney then did what she had to do, not wanting to lose her boyfriend, plus, she’ll get an extra, younger cock. Sydney Leathers & Tyler Nixon in My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend was posted on September 4th, 2014.

    Sydney Leathers dad's hot girlfriend