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Glam, Gracie, and glam as a term sometimes can’t be explained with obvious reasons. To be more specific, there are people in this world, celebrities, which aren’t that special in any aspect, however, contain something which attracts the crowd’s admiration towards them. For instance, let’s take Gracie Glam, since her stage last name reminded me of this topic.

A pretty girl with brown hair and leaf green eyes, with body characteristics of the average Joette. Her tits are smallish and her ass leans towards being categorized as a bubble butt, but barely. Her height and weight are average as well. And you just question yourself, why are you in love with this porn star? Just wait until you see our selection of Gracie Glam sex videos!

Gracie Glam Reality Kings Top Porn Star

Is it that she’s young, born on September 30, 1990, age 27? Is it her dwelling place of North Carolina, the capital city Raleigh? Some people are just born to be attractive, even tough there aren’t any materialistic things to prove it. When I take a good look at Gracie and rate her overall appearance, she’d be a 8! Now, don’t take my words out of context, this babe is worth of gold, and she is appreciated by many people in porn!

Gracie has so many followers on her Twitter right now and she also keeps it updated with her latest videos and pictures, go ahead and check it out

Not that I don’t appreciate her, I just want to elaborate my feelings of her. I’ve tracked her Twitter account for a while and to be honest, I’ve crossed the line of a stalker. She’s a really interesting person and always seems to post something worth looking at, so you should definitely check her Twitter profile out!

In the beginning of her life career, she went to 14 different colleges in Florida and Atlanta along with doing work as a promoter. After a while, she posed nude for Score Magazine and that was the initiative which got her to the porn industry.

Check out the PornCodex profile of Gracie Glam for a nice list of her porn scenes

She moved out to Los Angeles where she attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She had a lot of things on her plate to care off so she dropped out, giving up the academic life and completely focusing on her porn career, luckily for us!

Gracie Glam was the Best New Starlet back in 2011 and AVN interviewed her right after the event, you can check out the interview here

Gracie was listed on the famous CNBC list “The Dirty Dozen – Porn’s Most Popular Stars” in 2013. In 2014 she became completely independent in terms of modeling, where she handled her own bookings after she left her representative company.

To this day, she performed in 375 porn movies and directed only one. We hope to see larger numbers in the future, she has yet more to show to us. Let’s comb her humble, but non-underestimated awards list:

2011 – AVN: Best New Starlet and Best New Group Sex Scene won

2014 – AVN: Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene won

This was our quick introduction to Gracie Glam and I think we’ve pointed out all of the valuable information. Even if I didn’t, there’s nothing you can do about it, hahaha!

Just kidding, we’ll right every wrong we did by not briefing you prior to this next top 10 list we gathered of her best artwork! If today’s modern art of a thrown paint bucket at a blank wall is considered art, then porn stars have to be artists, to be fair! Nonetheless:

10. Evil Angel – Starstruck

Let’s talk about the cast! Angelina Valentine, Gracie Glam and THE Manuel Ferrara made the threesome of the ages! Starstruck was filmed back in 2011 when Manuel looked like an 18-year-old boy, which is quite deceiving because that cock thickness is not your regular boy’s. I bet he was born with that size of his cock. I barely find that someone has similar dimensions like he does.

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Well, that’s why he’s Manuel Ferrara. His charisma attracts nice girls, and this time he’s no director on his own, instead he’s completely focused on performing here! Gracie and Angelina are the perfect fit for his hanging buddy, and he’s not afraid to use it wisely! The girls, of course, follow up his tremendous acting with their craziness! They even pull out a fleshlight and put it on his big, hard cock!

It must’ve tickled him because it has to be nothing for him since he fucked countless pussies! Oops, seems like Manuel Ferrara stole the show again, guys! But at least it still turned out to be a great one among Gracie Glam sex videos!

[website text=’The List Of Her Videos on EvilAngel’ link=’http://www.iyalc.com/evilangel/go.php?pr=8&su=2&si=128&ad=268764&pa=pornstar&ar=10372&buffer=’]

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9. PAWG – Big Booty White Girl Fucked Outdoors

Bangbros seem to give some sort of a boost to any girl they film because this huge booty doesn’t look like one that Gracie really owns! I bow to them because they’ll make any girl a true star! Gracie’s ass fills my entire laptop screen, so I’ve backed up with my chair a little so that I can get a better view of it. I mean, they come so much close to her ass that I could see the atomic particles!

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Or is her ass just really that big? After a nice show-around with Gracie with posing, pole-grabbing, and ass spreading, she’s finally ready for the dick! Bring it on, BangBros! And it all started like a normal day.

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This is one of the Gracie Glam sex videos where she comes fully dressed. She is being asked polite questions, showing her sophisticated beauty, and a glance is caught every now and then towards her black and white striped mini skirt! It was concealing a large monster inside, the Apple Bottom! Until the bros took it off and surprised us with this sight for sore eyes!

Gracie Glam BangBros outdoors fuck

[website text=’You Can Find The Full Video on PAWG’ link=’http://www.pawg.com/home?prg=pps&aid=articleheaven’]

8. Hustler – Southern Belles

Babes from South America show their gratefulness at any given time. Our gal Gracie had a date with her new man Mr. Bradley! The Texas accent was like their mother tongue, so a good job was done from their side. Unfortunately, Mr. Bradley was late for his date with this chick, however, he’s an exemplary fella who’s got much class, so he brought her flowers to apologize for his lateness.

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He must be a crafty guy as well because all those good guys know what’s coming when they play their role of good boys! Gracie was thrilled and she was thankful, but there’s no real thank you with a deed behind it! They’ve kissed and she quickly kneels before his dick and starts doing what she does best, initiating with an amazing blowjob!

This cowboy has been awarded quite an angel who becomes a devil only at a right time – for him! By the way, I like his red velvet squared shirt. No wonder he’s a charmer! A true gem among all the Gracie Glam sex videos!

[website text=’Gracie Glam in Southern Belles Full Movie’ link=’http://secure.hustler.com/gallery/MzAwMjA4NS4xLjkuOS4wLjE1MzE1Mi4wLjAuMA’]

[website text=’More Porn With Gracie Glam on Hustler’ link=’http://secure.hustler.com/gallery/MzAwMjA4NS4xLjkuOS4wLjE1MDk2Ni4wLjAuMA’]

7. Monster Curves – Flexi Gracie

Of course, what would be a porn studio without wordplay? I think that humor is the responsible for half the effect besides the actual sex because of those puns that kind of stay in our sub-conscious. They’re more catchy, therefore easier to remember. Anyways, Gracie hit the gym at Reality Kings‘ and in return, they’ve hit her back but from behind.

She’s doing some aerobics with those light weight dumbells, standing on the gym mat. She’s dressed quite sporty, a short black top with a box/thong hybrid and medium socks, all in the Ying Yang colors. Her hair looks nice even when she ties it into a ponytail. She is in a spacious room and I’m more and more convinced that this is a private session… Something fishy’s going on… Oh yeah, Gracie Glam sex videos are crazy.

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Hats off for this girl! She’s a good girl who doesn’t even suspect what will happen next… Oh yeah, she does, this is porn, again. Now I’ve realized that she’s quite a teaser with that ass, talking dirty to the camera until they’ve just had enough and send out their guy to finally deal with her! The guy just stuck his tongue out and waited while Gracie jumped up and down with her enormous booty!

These babes are not only sporty but busty as well! Visit Big Tits In Sports now and see it yourself

It’s so juicy and bouncy, you’d wish to take a bite of it! Very soon it was a 69 already, and yeah… That’s the whole story. Afterward, things got hot, and I won’t tell you anything more! If you’re curious about the rest, plus want to see it visually, check the link below. This one of Gracie Glam’s sex videos is my favorite!

Monster Curves massive ass in HD

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6. Devils Film – This Isn’t The Bachelor The XXX Parody

This is a controversial satiric parody of those lousy dating websites combined with mocking the marriage position in the community. However, it really shows what’s behind those dating programs, which everyone’s aware of but still, it remains subtle. That’s why we love Devils Films. If none of which hasn’t got the guts to reveal the truth, they’ll do it, plus the mixture with porn is just like a cherry on top!

Bill Bailey in this parody is the bachelor and he’s using the referred website and via the program, he meets 4 women that will participate in a game of his where the prize is – Bill himself! He’s the host of the show where he tries out these fine women, citing: Gracie, Kortney, Ashley, and Kelly.

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The parody is divided in 4 different scenes, where the first scene is, of course, taken by our girl Gracie! This bachelor will prove his manhood to a goddess of a sort, so he’d be better be at his best! Gracie’s guaranteed top pick, let the rest align as they please.

By the hearthstone, things get quite passionate between these two and I think that the young bach proved himself. Did you know that Johnny Castle is also in this repertoire, but he’s just the middle man. Too bad, he’d be a great best man of all potential 4 wives of Bill’s. That picky bastard. If I were him, I’d choose all 4!

[website text=’Her Official Profile on DevilsFilm’ link=’http://www.iyalc.com/devilsfilm/go.php?pr=8&su=2&si=105&ad=268764&pa=pornstar&ar=10372&buffer=’]

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5. I Have A Wife with Chad White

Chad and Gracie have a great connection between them, even tough he’s ONLY her photographer, plus he just recently became loyal to her needs. He even does some extra working time just to please his lady friend. He can fix her images with photo tools on her fancy computer, he can make her photogenic even if she’s having a bad day, he’s just an everywhere guy!

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You know, he’s good at many things. While they were sitting in front of the computers, she showed him more intimate pictures of herself that need fixing. I’d rather say it was just a hook on which he got fished! He just wanted to taste his cock, so he gave it to her for a quick oral for starters! Photograph this Chad, you amazing man you!

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4. Vivid – Capri Anderson’s My Little Black Book

Capri finds a little black book which can grant her every wish, all she has to do is write it down there! She knows what she wants best, and that’s her neighbor Tom – who happens to be Johnny Sins. Granting wishes is one thing, but ensuring your wishes is completely another comprehension. She needs to keep good ol’ Johnny if she wishes it to be a long-term relationship!

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She’s totally blinded by love, and the thing standing between them is Johnny’s wife! She just can’t seem to have him, and that’s when this little black book comes in! This is just the tip of the iceberg which I reviewed, the movie has a lot more to offer and a lot more plot twists! There’s plenty, and it keeps getting better and better the more you watch! I recommend this one, as well!

[website text=’The Full Movie Is Available Here’ link=’http://secure.vivid.com/gallery/MjAzMDU3LjEuMS4xLjAuNDY0Ni4wLjAuMA’]

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3. Fantasy Massage – Moms Magic Massage, Scene #1

It’s a special day for every mom across the globe – it’s Mother’s Day! Abella Danger is a sweet daughter who is planning a huge gift for her, so she rings her friend Gracie, the masseuse, to give her an advice. Obviously, she wanted her to lend her mom for a massage session at her parlor and it was a great idea! Stepmom RayVeness accepts being surprised with pleasure and tomorrow – it’s D-Day.

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Ray was one happy mother then, however she couldn’t wait any longer, proceeding to the massage table to receive the service. That’s when her stepdaughter Abella and her friend Gracie came out, Abella staying behind and watching Gracie touch her mother’s body sensually.

When it was nice and moist, Abella stepped up her game and it was show time! Girl on girl on girl commencing! Fantasy Massage has the most passionate lesbian scenes of them all, and they didn’t pass onto this, either!

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2. Pure 18 – A Beautiful Thing

Pure 18 my ass! Gracie really was 18 back then??? Hm, this seems odd… Well, she wanted to “get into shape” with her personal trainer which she hired, however, I don’t know if she has eyes but the girl is in a perfect shape already! She’s probably one of those ripped people who visit the gym to show off their muscular body, a bunch of posers!

Anyways, her trainer and she power walked down a dusty cliff where no one was around, and she caught the perfect time to show him her progress downstairs – her ass! He poked her to confirm the solidness, on which she told him to grab it with his entire hand! The guy grabbed the booty like he’s a hungry homeless guy who finally got a piece of bread on his plate!

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Since no one was around, Gracie wanted more from her trainer, it’s what he’s paid for! And she really got all from him, right in the middle of nowhere! The suck started there, and boom! The scene is relocated at his crib, where they continued their adventure! Nice transition, Reality Kings. I expected more outdoor action, meh. Still beats most of the Gracie Glam sex videos out there.

Reality Kings Pure 18 PAWG dick ride

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1. Sweet Sinner – The Stepmother 4

Gracie hit jackpot with this stepfamily since they’re nymphos just like she is! This isn’t the whole part of the movie actually, it’s only scene #3 with Nina Hartley and Christian XXX. She hooks up with them for a threesome and she’s also running late today! She knows what a delayed girl gets and it arouses her even more – and that is – spanking!

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Christian spanks that ass real good, while she and Nina are making out and with every slap, the sexual tension moves to a higher level! That’s when Christian starts riding two horses at the same time! In scene 3, the rigged “incest” is excluded, and as for the rest, there’s plenty!

However, that scene is way better than the rest, although the cast is more popular (Julia Ann, James Deen), but never judge a book by its cover! The absolute winner when it comes to Gracie Glam sex videos!

[website text=’The Official Profile of Gracie Glam’ link=’http://www.iyalc.com/sweetsinner/go.php?pr=8&su=2&si=157&ad=268764&pa=actor&ar=18216&buffer=’]

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