The 6 Best Videos of Lily Jordan

The time is finally come!!! All girls born in 1998 are officially legal since January the 1st, 2017, and here we’ve already got a porn star of the generation who’s made an impact on the porn industry. Lily was probably desperately waiting to become an adult (by law) in order to stuff some thick cock down her deep throat!

Her body is 10 years ahead of her real age. Not in visual aspects like her breasts are huge or her ass is curvy, but instead, she is just mature enough to have sex with multiple men at the same time! And that’s a huge step in your life if you’re thinking about becoming a porn star!

Fact that she has one of the naughtiest profile pictures on her Naughty America bio which is taken from one of her porn videos. You can see the guy jizzed all over her mouth, having his dick glued to her face while she’s opening wide for the camera to ensure us how bad of a girl she is! And the girl is only 19!

Born on January 16, 1998, that birth date still keeps her belongings in the Teen category since she wouldn’t fit anywhere else, would she? With a decent height for a teenie of 5’1, Lily can be considered as petite. But I think she’ll extend those bones for a few inches until she finally turns 21, which is allegedly the last year until anyone grows. Damn, biology!

Just as her height, everything else ON her body is also small. Her tits are small, she’s extremely slim, she doesn’t even weigh a 100 pounds, her ass is tight and tiny. And as a rebellion of a girl that she really is, piercings are mandatory, of course! She has one on her tongue, one on her nose, she holed up her ears for earrings, and so on. To tell you the truth, for such a young porn star, she really is beautiful.

She doesn’t have anything special, as viewed from a porn critic’s angle, however, she’s a gorgeous brunette with a pretty face. two brown eyes with sexy eyebrows and her facial constitution are lined perfectly!

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Her career isn’t that long enough for us to stick around it and pull out vital information because there is no any. However, all we know is that she began her career last year since she’s born in the earliest month of the year. Let’s not waste any more time and go right to the top 6 videos she’s performed in so far! Hold onto your balls tight, we’re in for a bumpy ride, hehe!

6. Naughty America – My Sister’s Hot Friend with Chad White

It’d be a shame or a gesture of ungratefulness if we hadn’t put Naughty America first on the list since it’s our first source where we dig out these freshly baked teens! Lily is still a vastly capable youth, she has the talent and ability to play volleyball at a professional level because these are prime years in sports, but the first stadium prime, which is 19-21 years of age.

However, every great athlete needs and is eager to practice until his/her arms and legs fall off – and last until he or she becomes the greatest of the greats! That’s the case for Lily as well, who’s going to her friend’s house to practice her volleyball serve! Unfortunately, when she arrived, there was no sign of her friend. But luckily, her friend’s brother was there to welcome her.

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He was more than eager to help her out since he’s a strong guy that knows his sports! Instead of gripping the ball as a singular, Lily probably misunderstood the difficult instructions, got confused and grabbed his balls as plural. I know, sports sometimes can be rocket science!

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Well, in order not to waste anything, since she already had his balls in her hands, why not go down there and show how she paddles Chad’s baseball bat! The shift between sports is always a good alternative, you got to get to the core if you want to be successful! Chad served his big cock right into Lily’s juice-dripping pussy, and that served her right!

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5. Reality Junkies – Anatomy Tutor

What a bummer, Lily has just found her way out of high school, and now back with the same BS again! She had to take an Anatomy tuition at professor James Deen’s class but in private. She was the only one that showed up for today’s lesson, just like the hardworking student she is!

The prof immediately got to the point by asking her with what she’s been having issues with considering the subject, and now I give you 3 chances to guess what happened afterward. Correct! You won a million… claps of respect from me. The poor girl was mixing up body parts, and so she showed her problems on the cardboard printing behind them where a human body was displayed.

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She pointed at the groins of the body, asking Professor Deen is there supposed to be something there. It seems that it was an asexual human body indeed, so no wonder Lily got it mixed up. She wanted a demonstration of it because there was no Anatomy book near at hand for Deen, he had to take out his own dick for her learning’s sake, hehe.

Lily was fascinated and she immediately acknowledged what’s the use of the big cock hanging in front of her. She started sucking his dick and later on, the professor went in interiorly, for educational purposes, of course. How could he possibly explain to her where her Uterus is if he doesn’t touch it with his long shaft for the sake of the demonstration?!

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4. Evil Angel – Stud Services Three Orgasmic Sluts

Stud of course is – Mick Blue (check out his Twitter HERE). He doesn’t choose the girls by the age, he simply picks several girls of the offered, no matter when their birthday is. He judges girls based on what’s on the outside! And partly in the inside, as well, if you’re capiche-ing what I’m trying to say.

Veteran Mick is having a sex convention under his own direction and demand down at his big ass mansion somewhere in the hills. Except for the landscape, the girls are also gaze-worthy, a tandem of Anikka Albrite, Blair Williams, and Lily Jordan is better than any view, sight-seeing, planet-exploring and mostly anything else in the world, to be sincere!

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Mick’s treatment of a single girl is just like treating 3, each one gets the exact amount of his fat dick. And if he’s feeling like it, some may get drips of hot cum more than the others. That’s what it looks like when I break it up to you about the catch at Mick’s Orgy Palace. All that’s left for you guys is to watch the scene and see each of these hot girls in action!

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3. Reality Kings – Just Winning

We are keen on sports these days, so we will gladly continue on with the trend using Lily. It’s a hot summer day slowly closing in, and an amateur Summer League softball game has just ended where Lily’s team has taken the W! Every win must be treated like it’s last, so the team has popped up the champagne in the locker room!

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It’s a team consisting of girls only (thank Heavens) and they’re getting all wet and foamy cause of the booze! The tingling feeling you get of a soaking shirt is really uncomfortable, so the girls decide to fully undress and start the real celebration! They made a 5-girl circle on the floor, attaching one girl’s mouth to the other girl’s pussy times 5!

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Sex was always the best way to celebrate something good, and besides, it gets the teams spirit up for wins yet to COME! But wait, there’s more! The locker room is an ulterior place full of surprises! They kept sex toys in their lockers for all this time, and now’s the perfect time to use them! Scissoring won’t be the sole pose on this hot lesbian scene because they have a bunch of dildoes, vibrators, and strap-ons to play with!

Who needs real dicks when you can do everything the same as a man, with a strap-on?! Haley Reed, Jaye Summers, Penelope Reed, Summer Day (coincidence, huh?) and Lily Jordan keep on loading each other with dildoes and this is just the beginning! They have an entire season ahead of them! Imagine the hardcore sex they’ll be having after heading to the finals and winning it all?! They’d be growing dicks and fucking, I tell you!

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2. Naughty America – 2 Chicks Same Time with Ryan McLane

Lily Adams and our beloved Lily are having the time of their lives in Las Vegas! Of all the commotion, delirium and craziness, something bad has to happen in order to keep balance in the world. Luckily, nothing severe has happened, it’s just that one of the Lily’s has left their bag in the Taxi which brought them back at their hotel, and she is a quick thinker, so she signaled the taxi to come back whilst it was still close by.

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Driver Ryan happily got back and helped them out, and since he was a sweetheart to them, the Lilies invited him up to their hotel room! And then they say nice guys finish last! Ryan probably doesn’t know that they’re leading him to his doom, but everything for these 2 cute girls!

Once they got in the suite, he found himself as a ham in a ham sandwich, since both of the girls were desperately wanting to try out that long dick! This trio is one heck of a dish, don’t you think?!

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1. Evil Angel – Passionate Lesbian Threesome

It’s already become so odd to see Lily in lesbian scenes. The dick looks so much better in her hands. There is just so much potential in this girl! And above all, how could have Mick Blue resisted not to barge in, pull out his longsword and start swinging?!

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So many questions, so little time to explain them all. Nevertheless, there’s nothing much to say about this scene, it’s a straight forward Sodomy made by the devil himself, Mick Blue, and when you see his face around a scene, it’s definitely a top notch filming production!

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This was probably some kind of a prequel to the “Stud Services Three Orgasmic Sluts” previously reviewed, this being the “Three Orgasmic Sluts” part of the title. The guy is nowhere to be found here. This is a warm-up for him. So don’t say you love the movie if you hadn’t watched the entire saga! Here you go, enjoy every second of these fine bitches!

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