The 6 Most Popular Scenes of Dillion Carter

Another talk about being underrated! Your career can easily become a very sad story when you don’t get your deserved recognition which I was writing about recently. It’s the same case for this fallen star, Dillion Carter. However, if you’re a true porn fan, none shall be underrated and every porn star should be respected! Especially this beauty right here.

Check out the PornCodex profile of Dillion Carter where you can also check out her porn scenes

Dillion’s hair is dyed brown and it’s long, silky and gorgeous! A pair of ti… gray eyes adorns her pretty face, which is highly detailed – you know when a girl just has a face given by God himself. She isn’t that small despite her belonging to the petite category, she stands at 5’6 (167cm) and weighs like a feather 121 lbs (55kg).

Most of her weight is probably concentrated in her tits because she has a pair of really big boobs! Spit on my face and call me a bit** if I’m wrong. Plus, her bubbly bubble bottom… Wow, I feel sadder and sadder as I dug deeper in her… bio. And then you say that everyone gets what he/she deserved.

Dillion deserves at least more roles in porn movies. Maybe she has a busy life or whatever so she isn’t able to dedicate herself as a porn actress. I mean, she’s 23! 23 years young! Born on November 15, 1993, in the sunny Miami, Florida, USA, she is a big star in our eyes coming from a big city, and all that comes with our big disappointment.

If you want to keep a track of her somehow, you can always go down to Twitter and follow her @DillionCarter

She posts various things there, porn related, of course, and news, updates, pictures, models and other. Watch this content below closely and memorize it, because you won’t be getting any more information about her. She started in 2013, and she’s still active in the porn industry.

Let’s have our fingers crossed that the future will bring us significant changes, so through a year we can watch the most searched for pornstar, Dillion Carter! But without further ado, hop on back to our video train, destination: Dillion Carter’s 6 best videos of her “miserable” career!

Miserable by the number, but it’s something completely different when you look at the quality! And don’t forget: Quality over quantity! It has been some time since I thought you a porn lesson, eh?

6. Naughty America – My Sister’s Hot Friend with Richie Black

Did you know that Richie Black is white? Strange, huh? Anyways, white Black is visiting his sister, wanting to explain to her that he has to find a place to stay until some problems get resolved.

Once he got to the house and knocked, his sister’s friend got to the door. Seems like his sister is away, and Dillion approves. She lets him in for a bit, why not. Richie then confesses to his sister’s friend that he’s into some trouble and needs a bed to sleep at night and a roof over his head.

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Since he has opened up for Dillion, she thought it’s her time to open up to him, and she literally opens up… her legs. Her generosity gave him his sister’s and her place as a temporary residence, but under one circumstance: She has to spread his legs to him, and the rest is up to him.

What could a white Black do in a tough situation like this? He needs to play by the house rules if he wants to survive the opportunity which he got himself into. I feel sorry for him. Fucking Dillion Carter, it’s horrible! That ingrate…

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5. Big Naturals – Naughty Naturals

This scene is like a deja vu to me. Unfortunately, not because I was in a similar situation like this, but Dillion really reminds me of one “acquaintance” of mine. Trust me. If I’d show you her picture, you’d probably think the same, and I’d probably go to jail because of photo leakage online. A win-win, wouldn’t we say?

Reality Kings always cheer me up with some shallow porn scenario that’s just the best the way it is. Dillion with her beautiful girlfriend Karlee Grey teams up to take on Chris Strokes’ beast coming straight from his pants!

The atmosphere is phlegmatic, a calming water in the pool with poolside sexy girls that just want to show off their skills to us, the audience in a hot threesome! They start off with their primary attribute: their enormous and juicy titties!

Then some lesbian kissing and playing, until Chris comes to ruin the girl party with his tool hammer! The girls seem delighted that he came and that he CAME! They jump on his cock like it’s the only one left in the world while Chris helplessly tries to get some air of all the thrusting and drilling his cock inside 2 pussies!

These are the moments when you wish to have another dick, am I right? This is equivocal.

Dillion Carter Threesome

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4. Stepmom Videos – Cum Around The Back You Little Pervert

Dillion has her boyfriend over and finally, there comes the chance when he can meet her step mom. When all the formal talk was over, Dillion had to go in, probably to do some girl stuff or something so she orders Peter to go around the house and wait.

However, naughty and curious never go along so he was peeping through the windows the entire time. Stepmom Rachel watched him while he was up to mischief, so she got all hot and horny!

He scares him from behind, asking him what’s he doing. He pulled him by his ear to her room like every mother does to a naughty child. Thankfully, this one wasn’t hers, so the actual reason why she brought him in was to suck his cock! Soon after they were 69-ing in peace, Dillion came in to spot this unbelievable act.

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Rachel played it cool, so she turns the tables and it all looked like a lesson for Dillion on how to suck a cock properly. Dillion bought the cheap story, so Rachel slowly showed her the secrets of cock-stroking, dick sucking and later, dick riding!

All that in a notorious trio: Peter, Dillion, and Rachel! There’s nothing better than fucking your girlfriend and her hot mom. You’ve basically passed life!

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3. Monster Curves – Dick For Dillion

Dillion is captured by a small group of redneck mannered guys from Reality Kings. The house will immediately remind you of those famous American farm/houses they have usually in Texas, those which can be seen in movies, or pictures or who-knows-what.

The front porch is the meeting place of Dillion and her partner Tyler Steel, the guy with a funny lifestyle, that talks weird, like a hillbilly. He wants to check up on Dillion’s sweet body, and she’s more than willing to be accepted in Tyler’s dark chamber a.k.a his pants, not his cottage.

They start off outside, Tyler checks upon Dillon’s nipples as they were some kind of radio switches, and because they couldn’t restrain themselves. But for their neighbor’s sake, they went inside to continue their fun.

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Tyler grabs his disco clubbing glasses to look sharp, while Dillion’s only mission was to undress and show her marvelous body. That’s when he jumps in, and the camera starts rolling intensively! She put his crazy ass’s dick down her throat, escalating to her tits, and then down again directly into her wet pussy! What a wonderful weather we’re having for hardcore sex!

Monster Curves from Reality Kings always had a difficult pick when it comes to girls because it’s rare to find a chick like Dillion Carter who matches their criteria. That’s why you should enjoy this video, completely!

Dillion Carter RealityKings Video

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2. Naughty America – Naughty Bookworms with Johnny Castle

Dillion Carter has the sophisticated smart look which wasn’t mentioned in the general description, but I always put some easter eggs in this section as a surprise, plus, why would I reveal everything at the beginning without having fun?

You have to search for things that you desire, seek them and you will find them for sure! Just like Dillion wanted trouble here, so trouble is what she’ll get! She was misbehaving in school wearing clothes that aren’t appropriate for the school’s dress code and there’s always a place for scum like that – straight to detention she is off!

While being bored there to death, her teacher Mr. Castle wants to check on her how the detention and learning from mistakes is going. He notices that it isn’t quite effective, since, yeah, she’s in an office more than in a detention room!

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She has a nice table around her all alone in a cozy space. Mr. Castle thinks she needs “The special kind of punishment” and that includes his evil red light saber. All rights reserved, or maybe not. It’s something all the extremely bad girls get. And fortunately for Dillion, that was exactly the thing she wanted. She’s hungry for her teacher’s cock!

This is the first of only 3 videos with Dillion on Naughty America. At least all 3 of the videos kick ass due to Dillion’s brilliant performance!

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1. Big Tits, Round Asses – A Sexy Ride With Big Natural Tits

We shouldn’t turn our heads from these porn titles because we can learn a thing or two from them. And that is – simplicity is the key and the titles are usually misleading.

Dillion is up for a ride on the heavy four-wheeler, and she has her tits up in the air, making a knot on her cool and trendy shirt, just below her huge tits and you don’t have a clue how low is that than the usual. She’s riding the bike pretty fast, but these huge sets of wheels are nothing compared to the huge balls she deals with on a daily basis!

After a long trip, it’s time to clean your ride – Dillion Carter! Dillion’s ride is the yellow motorbike, and Bruno Dicken’s ride is Dillion. It’s a chain of drivers and vehicles, on which Bruno is on top! Like he’s on top of Dillion. She starts the cleaning, and quickly after aiming the house at the bike, she redirects it straight at her bouncy melons!

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Bruno got all hyped and horny, so he couldn’t wait longer to bang this crazy chick! He fucks her while she leans toward his wheels, like any guy’s dream is to do, and once they finally figured out that it’s uncomfortable to do it there anymore, they let out the synthetic blanket that looks like a stretcher, so that Bruno can continue to pound this smoking hot girl’s huge ass!

Dillion is also available on Instagram where she uploads pictures of herself regularly

When it COMES to an end, Bruno lets out the volcanic eruption, and I noticed that every time Dillion has a blast to the face, she’s the funniest then. Always cracks some jokes and makes the jizzer laugh. What a wonderful person Dillon Carter is. Told you, she’s underrated. The case, yet again, dismissed.

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