The Best 9 Videos of Bailey Brooke

Who can withstand such a cutie like Bailey is? She still has that innocent, fresh essence emitting from her and us, guys like runaway beasts turn into testosterone sex machines at the minute we see her! She is a blondie with a seductive look, the core of the sharpness is in her hazelnut eyes.

“I want a massive, hard cock” is just written on her forehead. But in order to read it, you’ll need to learn to read between the lines! Who said porn is easy lives in white lies. Oh, are they wrong? There’s so much to see in porn, so much to explore. Bailey Brooke is the treasure hidden underneath all the trash people tell you about porn. Thank heavens I’ve dug this girl up and brought her to broad sunlight!

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Her round tits are just right, not too big, shabby, pointy, or anything. They’re just in the golden middle. Her arms, shoulders and collar bones are well-structured, she is a pleasant gift from God, making her torso from her navel up look like she is a professional athlete. I mean, she even is! Porn is full-contact and sometimes can be a challenging sport.

Ask the female porn stars by yourself if you’re interested. Nevertheless, that’s about her upper body which we conclude is, simply amazing. Downstairs she’s got a nice pussy which really makes you go hard and have a turn or two with her.

Pull an 180 and there’s that gold hidden in the core of gold. Gold squared. Her ass is… It’s just perfect. It’s so round and curvy, so smooth and shiny, you’d be satisfied by landing a slap or two on both of the cheeks.

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When she wears those boxer/thongs it’s like bread and butter. If I ever had a chance to fuck her from the behind, I’d never stop. People will be lifting me from her by crane, that’s how much my dick would be attached to her booty.

The sweet ass she has is followed by two thick thighs and nice, prolonged legs despite the fact she’s only 5’1 tall (155 cm) so she is basically a petite girl with long legs. Well, to be honest, dynamite is always packed in small packages. That’s why it goes BOOM! She’ll rip your brains off your skull.

I once again forgot to point out her birthdate in the beginning. It was on February 8th, 1996. In my defense, it doesn’t matter too much because she’s pretty young, there’s no defying that.

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Bailey’s been around only for a year, debuting in 2016 when she was 20. She could have joined earlier but what shall we do. For this small period of time Bailey has been respected and recognized but she’s still far away from her peak.

A porn star’s career prime isn’t specified by years but only what’s in their head. She is still young enough to realize how to become the best of the best. Maybe she’ll be one day one of the best, if not THE best. I have faith in her! She is so beautiful, cute and has an awesome athletic body as well! She has so much potential and perspective.

Prior to her porn career, she was born and lived in Los Angeles for quite a time.

Of those serious titles, she only has one but she filmed and starred for Naughty America, Reality Kings, Bangbros, and some other big names as well and one day it’ll be Hustler, Brazzers and other, more commonly known porn studio names I imagine.

For one year, you simply can’t achieve much so, unfortunately, there’s nothing special about her awards and nominations because there is still none of them. For now. One day, when we write about Bailey, we’ll use an entire article only for her awards!

We’ve extracted 9 of her best porn videos made, and from first to last, my ratings would go from 7 to 9, objectively. And that’s a good start, so shall we begin, then?

9. Bang POV – Bailey Brooke Surprises Her Man With Sexy Lingerie

It has become a law that every porn star who’s included in the Bangbros army and, of course, in their outstretched kilometer titles is, or quickly becomes a top star. You think it’s a mere coincidence but I have belief in the Bangbros. Their scenes just make the porn industry fresher. They bring in newbies, guileless and so, so, so innocent girls. And they all turn them into naughty nymphos!

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And that’s what gathers this curricular crowd. That’s what process is Bailey Brooke in. She is waiting for her man to come home in their cozy apartment, and surprise him by showing her sexiest lingerie! She’s cocked her lethal weapons and later on, she’ll be cocked herself! When her horny guy comes after doing tough work, he’ll be relieved that finally, he has his private time with his beautiful, blonde princess!

She worships his cock and bounces on it like on a trampoline. That’s how much she loves him! Couples should look up to Bailey! She is young, but don’t let age deceive you! She has outstanding sex knowledge, a sextellectual.

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8. My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend with Alex D.

Of ALL her Naughty America videos (there’s only 6 of them), we’ve chosen this as THE number one. Wouldn’t you believe how hard it was to pick one of them? Well, not that hard actually. But still, don’t underestimate it. This scene is hot! Bailey Brooke is having some troubles and problems with her, I’m likely to say, more mature than usual boyfriend and she just can’t bear him.

He goes on his nerves and always, at the end of their fight, she’s the one who suffers more and gets harmed. Thankfully, she has an escape route every time when she ends up without a reserved fuck in the evening – and that’s her boyfriend’s hot son, Alex D. He will be more than willing to take one for the family and do the things his father never could’ve done.

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And that’s to fuck Bailey properly, like a youthful cock she’s always more eager to have. Not those worn out, old ones. Alex will show her the world of good sex, and his D. of course. Screw relationships, family infidelity for the win!

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7. Fantasy Massage – I Got Laid Off

Poor Bailey recently lost her job and quickly had to find a replacement in order not to fall from her tracks. She had it going for herself and snap! Everything’s gone. To make things worse, she found a job at the massage spa, a masseur position and only a week after, she got fired by her former boss. Guess who she had drawn back to her services? Exactly him. And both sides weren’t thrilled for the other.

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He felt a little bad for her and the awkwardness in the air led him to spit out the truth. He explained that he had to fire her because he’s starting to restructure his company. Not expressing his empathy too far, he was really rigorous, telling her that he’s closely connected even with her new boss so if she provides bad service, bad feedback will be sent to him and in the extreme – she’ll get fired once more.

What does a girl masseuse have to do in this world to keep her job? Hm… Ah! A brilliant idea. A Nuru massage it is, but a vengeful one! She gets her anger and madness a bit off by purposely squeezing his dick while they were in the bathtub and the guy’s just freaked out! Then she continues stroking him gently and when it’s time to orally massage him, she takes a vicious bite of his cock!

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Everything will be done, just to serve justice! After a nice awareness reminder, they’ve took a good Nuru massage session to the end and her ex-boss will surely recommend her! It’s just how business works.

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6. We Live Together – Slurp It Up

The anti-peacekeeper and the disturber, Bailey Brooke is back again with her naughty intentions. Averi Brooks and Kristen Scott were just sitting ducks, not knowing what’s about to happen when horny Bailey comes. They were talking to each other calmly when the blonde devil just drops by with a bag full of sex toys to choose from! Like a devil who’s offering you craving things, which you just can’t refuse to take.

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You simply sell your soul for it. But man, she has a double-ended dildo! It’s like the best thing since the wheel! Neither Averi nor Kristen are as naive as they look, both of them got horny from 0 to 100 and they got rid of their clothes at the same rate. And it turned into a lesbian fiesta!

Pussy eating here, pussy eating there, a pinch of fingering, a slice of scissoring, and all that with 3 factorial. Because you can make combinations with a crowd! That’s why threesomes are the best!

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5. Girls Way – Rival Cheerleaders: Part One, Scene #1

Another Girls Way delight for our tastes! Another step-sister rivalry which ends… Well, you certainly know how. Bailey and Piper Perri are two stepsisters who compete in cheerleading, in a segment like how loud, how appealing you are to the crowd and other factors to make you a good cheerleader. It turned out that Bailey is much better so Piper then asked her sister for advice on how to be as good as her.

She looks so funny asking her with her braces and such, which kind of emphasizes her lack of skills. Bailey, being a wiseguy, grabs her bag to prove why her sister is so bad at cheerleading, only to find a vibrator! As she asks what’s that, Piper confesses her crotchety, admitting she’s a lesbian. Their parents were already aware of that fact, however, she never told her sister.

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Bailey was stunned how easily she spilled the truth and was intimidated by the amount of confidence which her sister was expressing. Then, another L-bomb dropped because Bailey confessed she’s lesbian too. Then, after everyone knows each other’s dirty little secret, why not just let it all out?

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Bailey makes a deal with Piper that if she has sex with her, she’ll go easy on her in cheerleading practice. It was discouraging for Pipper to take on a lesbo with such caliber, but Bailey told her not to worry. They’ve finally shown those step-sister desires which is rooted deep in their blood! Pure sex!

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4. Evil Angel – Porn Perv Drills Thrills 20YO Blonde

If you’re a fresh, from the oven porn star who wants to start a career, who you gonna call? Mike Adriano and his studio. That’s never a wrong first choice. He will make you the best entry out there. Bailey Brooke knows what she’s dealing with, what kind of a challenge it is to impress a porn pro like Mike. But, if Mikey likes the blondie, her future is bright just as her hair! She only needs to give him a 5-star blowjob to convince him.

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To choke on it, to spit on it, to gag on it, everything to impress her harem keeper. Mike oils her ass nicely to make it frictionless so she can slide up and down his giant pole! She does it like a master twerker and enjoys having his cock so far down her pussy that it’s touching her intestines.

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I saw her when his cock slipped from her gap so she started improvising and handled it smoothly, getting down on her knees and sucking his cock more to correct the little mistake. This whole scene seems like light slavery and I loved every second of it! One of her best videos for sure!

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3. Bang Bus – Tight Virginia Pussy

The BangBros are filming this lonesome girl with her blue dress like a pack of hungry wolves, lurking for the delicious meat. The wind is strong in this part of the US, so a skirt uplift isn’t an unusual thing. Once it happened and her round buttocks showed, these sanguinary hyenas got hyped. Previously they asked her if she is lost like she’s in a need of a pick-up. They arrived in these lands by their famous Bangbros Bus and they’ve succeeded picking up Bailey in the end.

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She’s all shy and withdrawn until they’ve made an offer she can’t refuse. Some extra bucks are being served at the table and it’s up to her to accept it and do as they say. In the trailer, there’s not even a cutscene where she takes the cash, they’ve just transitioned to the hardcore pounding part when the guy pleases her from behind! Never backed down, haven’t you Bangbros?

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You speak the truth, no matter how it is. Bailey sold her ass for such small cash. Not that it’s rigged and all. The scene is still neat, though, and there’s plenty of room in the Bangbros tour bus where everyone can put her as he prefers, and screw her until he blasts a hot load on her face! So comfy and spacious! Full-skin and air condition. A bargain!

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2. I Have A Wife with Jmac

Ever found yourself in a sticky situation? When you don’t have many options to survive, and somehow you must use your last bit of energy to pull something extraordinary? Just like Bailey. She was threatened to be kicked out of her rental and to top that, she still hadn’t got money to pay for the extra days she’s allowed to stay.

So she quickly thinks a way out of this madness and just when Jmac, the rental collector arrives, she gives him the fuck of his lifetime! If he does it just right, maybe she’ll live rent free for a whole year! After a good, long and sweaty fuck on the bed, Jmac really soaked his dick contently and gave her some extra time.

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If he’s the one in charge, he’d fuck her on a daily basis, letting her live however she wants. All that because he left hot jizz stains on her face! What a devilish world we live in! Stay with me Bailey, believe me, it’d be free of charge… Only for you, dear… wink, wink…

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1. Moms Bang Teens – Naughty Needs

If I remember high school right, these things happened quite after. This very scene. Bailey, as a school girl, came home in the afternoon with her boyfriend after their classes and they decided to loosen things up by watching a movie. Kind of like Netflix and chill, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to even spell that grand name without getting sued. Anyways, they were laying in the living room, watching a movie and spontaneously started touching each other.

She grabbed her boyfriend Peter Green’s dick and started stroking it while he was kneading her juicy tits under that small tank top. She even had the school skirt. Suddenly, her mom Cory entered the room and Peter immediately covered his dick with a blanket. Everything went well, and Cory carried on. Once she left, they’ve started gliding!

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Oh yeah, and I realized that when Cory asked Peter how was school, his response was “Hard.” 100% pun included. Such deceptive jokes, Reality Kings that I even forgot how to type. Well done. Anyways, afterward Cory wasn’t that stupid, she knew that Peter was low key banging her stepdaughter so she at first rubbed her funky stuff, then jumped right into the action!

A normal school afternoon turned out to be the best threesome for Peter! A high school guy’s eternal dream. And he is living it!

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