The 6 Best Slim Pornstars of 2017


Onto the next one, the superior categorizing is going viral, and now’s the time for the skinny girls to shine! Masses and weights have been reduced in these girls so that we found a proper fan of skinny chicas, and that’s for all of you out there that simply don’t stand a woman with the single most layer of fat!

Pft, you’ve got no culture… Ahem, sorry, something must’ve gotten stuck in my keyboard. Thankfully, the porn industry isn’t overloaded with extra thick women, which by the way, is repressing the part of the community who are obsessed with those women, and I also have an affinity for those, but not in the utmost extreme way.

Anyways, it wasn’t that hard to extract some of the best porn star resources for this article as it was the case with Teens and maybe MILF, however, it still is a competition about winning in a nuance!

As criteria, I haven’t filled it full of babes that are now let loose by body weight, instead, these next girls are still in great, sport-like shape, and who wouldn’t be when they’re getting punctured with lengthy dicks all-day, every day!

The age range (I’ve always been hitting those rhymes unintentionally, with a purpose) isn’t included here, so don’t expect slim girlies that have just turned 20 and haven’t felt life on their own skin! I’m not vending false merchandise, I’m your local internet seller, and the good stuff doesn’t cost you a penny! But put your two penny’s worth in the comment section if you feel like it!

Anyways, without further digressing from the goal, a Top 6 article to be specific, topic “Slim Girls of 2017”. For a wise man, it’s just enough.

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6. Riley Reid

If you haven’t heard about Riley until now, you probably didn’t look into the indulging consequences of watching this girl perform! I remember back in the day when we singlehandedly brought up the mention of this severe name of Riley! The first thing that crossed my mind is how she reminds me of a certain female friend from Highschool.

You may not remember those aspiring moments of mine, but I sure do! And Riley still does ring me a bell of a time when I first ever felt lust as a pesky, horny young adult. When I snap back to reality, I realize that Riley was born on July 9th, 1991, turned 26 this year, and it’s quite difficult to process that it’s been so long knowing her!

I watched her earlier videos when she just stepped in the porn game back in 2011, and she was promising since then because those eyes… they just don’t lie! And it’s the window of a person’s soul, and I think Riley is a great person, but that’s just an understatement.

Little is to say that she’s from Florida, however, this time it’s Miami! Beating the heat of Miami with a girl like Riley is counter-effective, she will leave you steaming! Unless you know her from a different angle, if she’s a teacher of yours or whatever she does in the meantime.

AVN uploaded a great interview with Riley Reid, click here to check it out

Petite, cute, beautiful – she’s all that – and even more! She’s only 163 cm tall, weighs around 45kg, and, of course, her tits aren’t as big as within a Cougar, but it’s the heart inside of the chest that counts! A’s or B’s – irrelevant – they’re going to be small even if she wears D cups! The finesse of hers is that gorgeously shaped tushy! No wonder she gets hammered from cock, I’d personally stick it in, and yes, in any way you put “personally” by meaning.

  • Click here and visit the PornCodex profile of Riley Reid

5. Nicole Bexley

Nicole? Again? First in Teens now in Sleems! What is there more to say? Is there another perspective of each porn star, depending on which category she belongs in, and ultimately, you place in? Well, not quite, Nicole is Nicole, whether it’s Small Tits porn stars, Porn Stars that start with the letters “N-I-C” (in the particular order), and so on.

Let’s just take a brief check on what we’re having for supper here! So, a girl born in 1997, don’t worry, since 2015 it became legal, and now’s… 2017, I think. I had to go up to see the title of this so that I recall back.

Since it’s an article about Slim girls, the numbers, after all, they don’t lie, but they also have to be pointed out so that you know that I’m not a fraud selling fog in a jar. Nicole is 157cm tall, and it’s as small as a girl can get here! 45kgs is a feather-like pressing against the scale that shows two-digit numbers. She seems way smaller and lighter on-scene.

On top of all that juicy Slim stats, she’s got 32D tits, and that cannot be taken from her! They’re big round naturals! She can only reduce the size if she wants, but that’s not what porn stars do, right? Nicole is borderline Slim, a near miss on being considered thick because them big titties justify everything! Search for more about Nicole down here below.

  • Click here and visit the PornCodex profile of Nicole Bexley

4. Ashley Adams

Repetitio est mater studiorum. A common phrase that I’ll be using everytime I start repeating myself, and it seems like Ashley deserved her spot even on Slim Porn Stars. I mean, I talk like I didn’t came up with that idea by myself, and I did, unfortunately. I must’ve gotten carried away, only at hindsight have I realized that Ashley’s back again!

Keywords on Ashley: goddess, 21-years-old, Tampa-Florida, 1996, 167 cm, 55 kg, 34DD naturals, curvy where it belongs – combination packed fully! She’s famous for her anal and lesbian performances, and I too enjoy her Anal stunts with them gifted guys, they seem like they’re plucking out the leaves and dirt from the gutter! Don’t get me wrong completely, it’s not that they’re gathering crap from her ass, that’d be disgusting!

You can find Ashley Adams on Twitter by the name NUT EXTRACTOR 9000! Click here to visit her page and join her fanbase

Anyways, Ashley put 90+ movies on the porn table, adding pounds to the porn cake we all feast and devour on! As a side-note: Ashley must be the thickest slim babe here, and you should appreciate her efforts of maintaining that kind of an astonishing body!

  • Click here and visit the PornCodex profile of Ashley Adams

3. Chanel Preston

Before meeting up with the numbers regarding her body specs, I’d never thought of putting Chanel into this article by simply looking at her! I’d place her in a MILF, Curvy, Big Tits and numerous of other articles on the first jump for the ball, but never here!

I was reassured that I wasn’t wrong when I checked it multiple times, and Chanel is the fittest award-winning stunt of them all, which, on top of all, is the oldest in the books of Slim-city! She was born in 1985 in Alaska, and I’m not sure if it’s hereditary that you gain and develop a personality judging by the localities where you used to live – because Chanel has a cold gaze that frosts our hearts!

Click here and check out this extensive interview with Chanel Preston by Brightest Young Things

She was included in Dirty Dozen’s lists, AVN awards and lots of other prestigious medals and achievements, but that’s all irrelevant. She is what she is. Chanel is a 173cm tall, 60 kg heavy porn star with silicon charged tits to a 32D size! Above all, she’s beautiful, and really, that stare is something rare you’ll find. It’s utterly attractive! So much to say, so less time and space to write about her – or not! Link’s below, just in case, wink, wink… Tall and slim. ’nuff hints.

  • Click here and visit the PornCodex profile of Chanel Preston

2. Asa Akira

I don’t know if I’m worthy enough to say anything more about this Asian porn goddess, that’s done more for the porn industry than the majority! Of course, she’s the undisputedly best Asian porn star of all-time, however, is she even way more than that?

Believe it or not, it may seem that she’s isn’t even close to being petite or at least slim, but would a 5’2 or 157 cm in height size scare or intimidate you? On scene, she looks tremendous, both in an ethical and aesthetical level, but in reality, she’s just a shortie reminding me of dynamite, she always looks like she’s about to blow (you)!

Obviously, As(s)a Akira has got a great, round ass, and fair tits 32C’s. She’s been in the industry since 2006, and this means that using complex arithmetic formula’s, this has to be her 11th year active!

We hope Asa the best since that’s the only thing we can do relating to “best” since she already is amongst the top! A full article link is provided below, don’t miss your chance of meeting this impeccable Slim figure!

  • Click here and visit the PornCodex profile of Asa Akira

1. August Ames

The good thing about us, or me, specifically, is that you never know who’ll be placed in the article. Most of the time. Even greater than that, you’ve got a hint who’s number one, and if the featured image/thumbnails aren’t enough for you to guess, then you’re pretty masochistic in terms of losing yourself to the enigma!

August was born in Canada in 1994, and she’s the type of girl that’s got pale nipples that you just want to suck on, leaving her sacks gunpowder-dry! She’s fairly tall, 168cm’s, still not as extreme as Chanel is in our case, but those 32D naturals make a significant advantage over her like it is seen.

No wonder that August Ames has so many followers on Instagram, her pictures are hot as hell… Click here to check out her profile

What’s most important, she’s got Slav genes, and you know how girls from Eastern Europe have that unique charm that just can’t be surpassed by anyone, nor anything! She fucks and sucks like a maniac, she’d rather eat a dick than something with more nutritional value! It’s the ideology of worshiping dicks that matters, no the form itself! August has many things to teach us, but first, we must keep our pray closer than our allies!

  • Click here and visit the PornCodex profile of August Ames

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