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Know how hard it is to make a parallel with this review? I’m not even fully sure if we’re talking about Mia Khalifa the porn star, or Mia Khalifa the internet sensation. Why not try both, I say!

Mia Khalifa smiling in hot yoga pants

I won’t even start on for those people who haven’t heard about Mia yet. So let’s say even traditional African tribes know her. Mia Khalifa was born on February 10th, 1993 and her alternative nickname is Mia Callista. Does it ring a bell to you?

Nevertheless, she’s a Lebanese porn actress, a former one to be precise (I haven’t yet processed that fact, so be at ease). Though she is only 24 right now, which is quite young for a porn star. To snap you back to reality, it’s been 2 years from the last time we’ve seen her perform.

2014 and 2015 will be remembered as her years, leaving an impression that most of the porn stars couldn’t for decades in the porn industry. And Mia was only a webcam model! That’s when the social media celebrity kicks in. Her “roasting” tweets are still trending so she’s nowhere near being forgotten by the folks. How could she, Mia’s a living porn legend and beyond!

She was 7 when she moved to the US from her hometown, the capital city of Lebanon, Beirut. Those times which she reigned aren’t yet considered as “plus que parfait”. October 2014 is her official debut month and for a short period of time, PornHub even ranked her as the number 1 porn star.

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The Kickstart of an Extraordinary Career

You probably saw her hijab scene with her stepmom or whomever, it was a clear plagiarism being spread out the whole Pay Free porn sites system! The trick is – she’s not even a Muslim to begin with! Her Catholic family wasn’t very proud of her actions, however, she independently retired in January.

A 3-month long career that impacted and shook porn globally. Lisa Ann was past tense and Mia Khalifa was a new, promising GOAT in the making! Then, shocking news, like always. No clickbait included. Firstly, she lived in Maryland when she was a teen. She played lacrosse, quite a unique sport with short-sensibility by the people.

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She attended high school like any other kid until she got married when she just turned 18. She was working at a burger store at that time. That’s when a guy asked her if she considered joining the porn industry. It got her thinking, I suppose, with great contemplation.

When she joined the industry and soon after she became number 1 for a small period of time, she had been threatened by numerous anonymous users from Pornhub. That’s what you get if you’re a cheap sake and don’t contribute! So many good and bad things occurred in only 90 days.

But we won’t focus on those bad things. What’s important to us that she used to live in Miami, whilst filming porn. And now, a little about her appearance. Well, she really is a beautiful girl. Brunette, beautiful eyes, facial expression and facial constitution in general, lips, nose – everything is designed and crafted by God’s good will.

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Her massive fake tits are amazing, her ass is fine and curvy like a parabola. Her posture is breathtaking, do I need to say more? A picture is worth a thousand words! See for yourself (again, of course, if you forgot her image). Now, for an ex-webcam model, Mia Khalifa knows how to complicate stuff. There’s so much to write about her, but maybe in another article.

This part is a mixture of her greatest scenes from different sources, while the next one will be focused on Bangbros, where the majority of her videos can be found. Don’t forget that this only happens on Sex Top Lists, because we care about you guys and your favorite stars.

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5. Her First Porno She Made

History repeats itself quite often if you haven’t realized yet, however, repeating Mia Khalifa’s history for round 2 is definitely a good idea. We need to learn from our past mistakes, and we haven’t learned anything from Mia Khalifa’s light speed career – because it hadn’t been a mistake!

This is her first porn in case you forgot. Luckily, there’s the stale and obvious Bangbros title to remind you! Okay, I won’t make fun of them anymore, since they’re the main source when it comes to Mia Khalifa.

I like how the Bangbros ask their interviewee about what their current intentions are like they asked Mia. With the stated question, the first phase is when she answers normally, speaking loud and clear.

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After they got to know her dreams of becoming a porn star, they drive their cock into her deep throat for another checkup, whether she has the skills to truly become one. And that is phase two! If she answers correctly again, with no disturbance in her voice while a dick is in her mouth, the whole porn future lays in her hands! And that’s how it was! Afterward, it’s all fun and games.

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Mia’s pussy gets interviewed later, with a dick-questionnaire, but that’s irrelevant. The Bangbro fucked her hard on the couch signaling that she’s ready for her next challenges!

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4. Mia Khalifa Means Business

I don’t know what the hell is going on this scene, but my focus is out of order as soon as I got my eyes on Mia’s rack! I think it’s effective to watch her huge breasts for a certain time, it has healing marks! My heart soothed and is calmly beating without skipping.

What I managed to comprehend is that she was literally on a casting couch, signing in and being checked out by a TLBC representative, which happens to be a guy who’ll fuck her.

At one point, she politely leaves the room to get freshened up in the restroom. The camera relocates there as well, to catch a good angle of that round booty! Mia Khalifa is absolutely stunning! She has the body of a goddess, I swear!

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After she got stripped in her black lingerie, she enters the bedroom where she will later ruin the ironed bedsheets while getting fucked by a BBC! Frankly, Mia’s a nice girl, and the black guy seems considering a gentle intercourse. And he was.

But when it got funky, he picked up the pace and rocked her body! Boy, such a simple scene and yet so impressive! Mia simply has something in her, something quite indescribable that appeals to many porn viewers, don’t you think?

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3. Mia Khalifa Is Cumming For Dinner

This is thy LEGENDARY scene! It’s been registered in the porn bible. I think that there was such a tiny border of this being on a Facebook news feed, available for everyone to see. Of course, It couldn’t happen, but Twitter was definitely overflown by these clips when they came out.

This scene is amazing and it clearly shows the hijab’s high influence. Our freshly baked Lebanese girl inhabited America recently and already has adapted to their folk habits and customs. She started dating an American dude who owns a motorbike, and she was ready to get introduced to his mother.

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The dude parked his bike in front of the house and they approached the doorstep, ringing the bell for someone to open the door. They started making out, just when Mia’s mother saw them peeping through the spy hole. She was a bit disappointed in her because Mia violated their traditions and rituals.

Julianna Vega’s role as a mom was perfect just like Mia’s career and performance. She had to see if her daughter’s boyfriend is good enough for her, so she uncovered her enormous tits to show her what he’s made of! He felt a bit shy, denying the gesture. Later, they all gathered for dinner and Julianna hadn’t lowered her sharp gaze from the dude.

Out of jealousy perhaps, she crawled underneath the table to suck his dick. Mia cried for her mother to stop and the rest is history. They had an irresistible threesome, and this Bangbro dude is a lucky guy, found at the perfect place, at the perfect time. He’ll always be remembered for his deeds, fucking Mia Khalifa in a threesome with Julianna Vega, a big-breasted cutie just like Mia!

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2. Mia Khalifa and her 34DDD’s

POV Action with Mia Khalifa is the closest we’ll get to her, sadly. The good thing is, Titty Attack justified their honor of getting to pounce on that pussy. Mia was seemingly happy, giggling and grinning throughout the whole scene, from the point of being interviewed, during the hardcore sex and after she got sprayed with a hot load.

POV is the niche where you can almost feel the girl while watching the video, and not just any girl but the amazing Mia Khalifa. You are able to experience fucking Mia from behind and thrusting her bubble butt.

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Then a cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, everything is possible when you’re watching Titty Attack. The disappointing part is when the video ends, and you get back to your miserable, Khalifa-less life. Just like I did, just like we all did.

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1. Bangbros – Big Tit Brunette Loves Hard Cock

Words can’t describe how Mia Khalifa actually is something, so special and so divine. That’s why we’ll leave the unspoken words for the other article in case we miss out on a proper attribute and opinion on her. Objective opinion, that is.

This is such a great scene, I had to give myself a bit multiple times. And that deserves multiple reviews. Who understands what I’m saying, he’s our loyal fan. While for the others, well, just leave this out. Anyways, Mia Khalifa has to get sponged and get cleansed of all the whore filth she gathered.

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What’s a better way to clean yourself, than getting dirty just before the shower, in order to feel the dirt one last time before you become a purist? That’s what she did! If you want a strangely long dick into your mouth, who you gonna call? BangBrothers!

Mia needs to wash up her potty mouth with a long stick, and she’s in a need of a hard one to clean those crusty stains by adding potential sperm stains! She deep throated her cock and after he finished, she realized that her pussy also needs some hard pounding.

The BangBro fucked her so hard that her brains got washed as well! Mia can’t handle a single second without getting cock!

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