The Most Important 13 Things NOT to do in a brothel

Brothel etiquette is something that everybody who decides to visit such an establishment needs to learn. These things will not only enhance your experience, but they will surely help you in avoiding sticky situations too. Some tips might sound cliché and obvious, but trust me, there are people who still do even the most basic mistakes. These unwritten rules can save you a lot of money, as well as a lot of trouble down the line. Following them is pretty easy and they can be used in almost every brothel around the world.

The entries on the following list are in no particular order and they are of equal importance. Without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s jump straight into the list of the most important things that you should NOT do in a brothel.

#1 Do NOT be Disrespectful

Being respectful in life can bring you joy and opportunities that you did not even know existed, but being disrespectful can bring you unwanted attention and even put you in troublesome situations. This is especially true for brothels, as being disrespectful towards the girls or the management can cause a lot of trouble. Do not be provocative or unfriendly in any way, as there are still unlicensed brothels that are not regulated by the police. Most of the time, you will meet shady people in such places and being disrespectful can ruin your whole experience.

#2 Do NOT Negotiate the Price

You cannot use the same tactics in a brothel that you would in a flea market. Never negotiate the price, regardless if it is cheap or expensive. Not only that this can have an immediate impact on the bedroom experience, but it also makes you look like a cheap person and you will immediately lose any sympathy points with the girls. Each brothel has their own prices and you should respect this, or look for another establishment with prices that are more up your alley.

#3 Do NOT ask for Taboo Services

Each girl has certain services that she considers taboo. If a girl states that services such as sex without a condom or anal are taboo, do not ask for them. There is a reason for the lady not wanting to partake in such activities and you should respect her decision. Forcing these taboo services can only lead to problems, if not with the girls then with the management of the brothel.

Girl in a brothel on a bed

#4 Do NOT go to a Brothel in Poor Hygiene

While this might sound like the most basic tip ever, it is still something that many people ignore. Even though you are paying the girls to have sex with you, you still need to have proper hygiene. Not only that this can make you more appealing to the girls (directly impacting the hour that you will spend with a particular lady), but it is also always more comfortable to get busy in the bedroom while you are clean. Each licensed brothel is equipped with a shower, so use it if necessary!

#5 Do NOT ask the Ladies about their Marital Status

Chit-chat and general conversations are always recommended, but getting too personal with a girl can lead to problems. You can talk about seemingly anything, but asking the ladies about their marital status is something that you want to avoid at all costs. More often than not, the boyfriend in question is the girl’s pimp or pimp-like figure and talking about this topic can lead to no good. Do not kill the mood and the fantasy with unnecessary questions!

#6 Do NOT try to Save the Girls

Asking the girls why they chose this line of work or talking about them being prostitutes is very rude. Most of the time you know the reason why they work at a brothel and it can be hurtful for the girls on an emotional level. These questions will only make you look like an ass and the clown in the room. Even if you get a genuine answer, this will not enhance your experience; it will rather put the girl in a bad mood.

#7 Do NOT talk about Rival Brothels

Talking about rival brothels is never a good idea! Regardless of how close you feel to the particular girl, you never know if the conversation stays between the two of you. There is literally nothing good that can come from this. The best thing that can happen is that she keeps the fact that you suggested other brothels a secret and you get nothing out of it. On the other hand, if she decides to share this information with the management, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble!

#8 Do NOT ask or offer Drugs

Suggesting the use of drugs or asking for them is also a topic that you will want to avoid at all costs. Doing this can not only put you on the radar of the management, but also the police. The reasons why you shouldn’t do this are self-explanatory and you should step away from the idea immediately!

#9 Do NOT be the Third Wheel

If you see a guy and a lady get confortable and cozy, do not interfere! You never want to be the third wheel and only trouble can come out of this. Just imagine that you are with a girl and the chemistry starts working, just as a random guy approaches you and starts talking with the girl and taking her attention away from you. Do not be a cock-blocker and find yourself another girl that you can talk to.

#10 Do NOT ask for Private Meetings with the Girls

Mainly due to their profession, these girls are not girlfriend-material and you won’t want to meet them privately. Regardless of how good the girls look and how nice they were to you, you need to understand that this is their job and most of the time their affection towards you is an act. The best case scenario that can come out of this is that the girl declines the offer and you just saved yourself a lot of trouble. On the other hand, if she agrees to the meeting and you get closer, you are only getting into a relationship that is surely going to be complicated and much more expensive!

#11 Do NOT go to a Brothel while you are Drunk

Going to a brothel while being intoxicated might sound like the best idea ever, but it isn’t. There are a myriad of reasons why you should NEVER do this. For example, people at the brothel might take advantage of the situation and there are also girls who will gladly take a drunken guy’s money for not-so-excellent services. In addition, alcohol can make you not be able to perform sexually, so you just wasted a lot of money for nothing!

#12 Do NOT accept TRIOs

It can often happen that you are offered certain services (such as TRIOs) as soon as you enter a brothel. You never have to accept the first thing that you are offered, especially if this is not what you have been looking for. TRIOs are preferred by the girls, as they can make more money off of one guy. Having sex with two prostitutes might sound like a great idea, but in reality it really isn’t. Most of the time, this won’t turn out the way you intended and you are only going to regret this decision later on.

Two prostitutes in a brothel

#13 Do NOT Fall in Love

Last but not least, NEVER, under any circumstances fall in love with the girls that you meet at a brothel. You are not there to find true love, but rather to have fun with the ladies. If you are the type of person who falls in love with anybody who gets personal with you, you should avoid brothels generally. The feeling is not mutual and you should get over it as soon as possible. You are never going to find true love in a brothel and you should not even look for it in such places.

Hopefully, the tips that you have learned will help you in achieving a better experience when it comes to brothels of any caliber. Following these tips will help you in saving money and not getting into troublesome situations, so use them wisely!

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Of course, there are still many things that you should avoid when visiting a brothel and we will discuss them in another list. For now, use these tips and advices cleverly and keep yourself out of trouble!




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