The Story Of Jayden Jaymes And Her Best Videos

Jayden Jaymes big butt pornstar

It’s was about time to get back to the names which are more common to a wider range of followers like Jayden Jaymes is! Admit it, there were always about 10 porn stars which even minors have heard of somewhere. It’s just like that. We’re pawns of our Mason leaders that we see on TV. But, who cares? The world is still spinning, though. On to some more important stuff now like the body of Jayden James!

Jayden Jaymes BangBros top pornstar

Well, first I need to put forward her beautiful, deep blue eyes. It’s the first thing you’ll see on her especially if you’re looking at high-resolution pictures, and even more if she’s wearing a blue shirt, dress or anything that brings out her lovely eyes. Other than her eyes, she has a long liable colored hair, but naturally, it’s brown.

Her pretty face is recognizable because she has a pinch of the typical look and phenotype of an American woman. If you know what I’m sayin’. Plus, she’s a porn actress, which means she expresses those patriotic looks more often. Her body is amazing, it’s in a pretty good shape for a 31-year-old. Jayden has a body like those hot volleyball players with huge asses because they jump and squat a lot.

Jayden Jaymes round ass big tits

Jayden instead practiced ballet with her sister, so some kind of a sport is the reason why she has a stunning body today! Her nice tits are huge, however, they’re fake and comparing her ass with her tits and the rest of the body, she has a small one, but yet, not a bad one at all. It’s perfect for doggy-style thrusting.

Not too shabby nor too hard, just perfect. Oh yeah, her birthdate is February 13th, 1986 and she was born in Upland, California. She is pretty tall for a woman (173 cm), but still keeps a woman-like weight (61 kg). Jayden Jaymes began her career in November 2006 when she was 20 and she claims that before then, she worked as a certified insurance salesperson.

The job was numb and dull, she didn’t want to spend her life working behind a computer screen for years, so she decided to enroll in a college. However, she lacked the money, resulting her to do businesses familiar with this one she does now and that is to be a topless dancer. She had to do it to cover her college debts, however, she fell in love with the job and saw the way women enjoyed their bodies, and what to do you know, she turned to the porn side!

Wise choice. She also claims that people think porn degrades woman as human beings, and she completely denies that statement. This is why she does it, to show the people how porn is just a normal thing, and that people must learn to accept different ways of life. Jealous bastards.

Jayden has a blog where you can keep track of her, and I suggest to do so ASAP because everything she writes is worth reading. You can find anything you want to know about her. I like her because she keeps her fans connected to her life, not like some other stars who isolate theirs! I bow before you Jayden! Of course, she is also the proud owner of a few awards and even got nominated a few times in her career.

If you watched, or if you have ever watched MTV then you maybe have seen Jayden Jaymes already because she was in the MTV show True Life. But that was decades ago! By the end of the year 2016, Jayden counts more than 500 movies starring herself.

It’s a huge accomplishment and that’s out of the question. Jayden Jaymes will be a Hall of Fame porn star without a doubt! Here are 8 good reasons why, sp you can lay your eyes on a nice, in depth, yet short, description of her videos below.

Hustler – Apple Bottomz #6

If you ever tried to find an English word for good ass but still a non-vulgar one, then it’s right to say Apple Bottom. You know the song of Flo Rida – “Apple bottom jeans, boots with the furr…” Yeah, it’s a word. Or 2 words to be precise. It’s because some girls asses are so squeezed in their tight jeans that their ass looks like an apple.

You know, not literally, but just imagine an apple’s silhouette and you’ll get the idea immediately. That’s how Jayden Jaymes’ ass looks like. A tasty, green Granny Smith! Makes you want to take a bite of that juicy fruit of hers! The Guy at Hustler’s got even more from this apple! He gets to stick his big tool in her while we drool over our keyboards, thinking of Jayden’s forbidden fruit. For us, that is.

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Hustler made just a proper one, making Jayden wear shiny thongs and high heels to point out her small ass! I don’t know why, but the set which she wears makes her ass bigger. I like it how it got pounded in the old fashioned style, by our good ol’ Hustler!

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Cum Fiesta – Hibiscus Love

Jayden comes by to Bill’s crib uninvited, thinking she is invited to a fiesta! Billy seems a bit confused in the beginning, but once he got a good check-out of Jayden, his mind probably was crossed by some evil deeds which he’ll do to her later! For starters, he remains calm and sweet to her until it’s time for a moment of truth. While she was still standing at the entrance, her side tit was showing and of course and Billy has noticed it a long time ago.

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Once they both got comfortable, Billy asked her to show him what she is made of. Surprise, surprise, Billy! These are two giant boobs, in which you’ll be smothered later! Again, she has an apple bottom with the tight white shorts and you can just tell by Billy’s inconstant and unequable breathing that he’s hardly waiting to get her naked.

She bounces her titties all over the place, having fun while doing it and the time soon hit the deadline. Resting is over, it’s cock sucking and riding time, Jayden!

Jayden Jaymes fucked hard RealityKings

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Can He Score? – Jayden James and The Casting Couch

The couch is back featuring Jayden Jaymes. It’s a Bangbros sit out and it’s Jayden’s time to prove herself and to show them her value and worth! The casting couch is even invented because of our girl here. It’s why it became so famous. Here are the trick and a plot twist with this one: Jayden James isn’t the one getting tested and auditioned. It’s Rocco and Jayden Jaymes is his owner.

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She wants to test his abilities in sex and the couch is the most comfortable place to do it while he’s in the waiting room! Jayden needs a good pair of surgery gloves to inspect his sprouted cock! The test is simple: His cock needs to go from 0 to a rock solid sediment stone. If he passes this tricky part, he’s making headway!

The rest is up to his desires, however, he wants to put Jayden in a position which suits him the best, his only mission is to fuck that pussy good!

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Reality Junkies – MILFs Seeking Boys

Jayden Jaymes invited some random bald guy to move her furniture. He’s willing to help her and when they finally arrive at her home, he asks which furniture is misplaced for him to move. This is when she replies that he’s uselessĀ and that the furniture doesn’t need to be moved. Instead, she tells him that someone informed her about his huge cock and she wants to take a look.

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The helpless guy pulled out his cock and showed it to her and she responds pretty well, something like “She was right”, I just didn’t hear what exactly, because I was so focused on her giant tits behind that dress. Once things have settled, she jumps on the couch which was allegedly the one which had to be moved, but the only thing this guy will be pulling is his cock from her vagina, in and out.

They do it doggy style as a pinch of bitterness and the rest of the main meal is closed to the public! You have to tune in on Reality Junkies to find out more! A very nice performance from both of them!

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Hustler – I Love Ass Cheeks 3

Yet again, Jayden’s ass in the blueprint of Hustler’s, and it’s turning out to be great. Not even her tits, nor face, nor her athletic body is pointed out here, however, her perfect, round ass which is her weakest linkĀ is the MVP here and in many more places!

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Nothing special if you ask me, but it seems that when she dresses nicely with strap ons, leggings, sex outfits and other porn stuff, her ass becomes the first thing you’ll notice. Not even her deep blue, gorgeous eyes! But let’s not question Hustler’s professionality and enjoy this video. It’s a definite 9/10!

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Evil Angel – Lex’s Breast Fest, Scene #2

Lexington Steele is steele the only black director in porn. And he’s a great one! I mean, a great black guy. As a director… meh. Just kidding, he’s a sweetie to his girls. A real PIMP if you ask me. He just doesn’t brag about it. He has the all sexy Jayden Jaymes over at his place and he keeps the excitement inside. Jayden is, like always, a real beauty dressed in a pink corset to make her breasts fall off, making an optical illusion for us to think they’re even bigger than they actually are!

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It’s magnificent! Her nipples are always big enough for our guy Lex here to stick his whole mouth on them, licking them off! We can tell that Jayden is also excited to suck the highway long black cock of Lex’s! Who wouldn’t be? This duo is so iconic, I haven’t seen this good of an interracial scene for quite some time. The way she sucks his cock is so natural and unforced, it’s like the two of them are in love with each other, expressing their love via their bodies.

But enough of the romantic shit, the scene is pretty hardcore! Lexington sticks his monster cock right between the eyes, but a little bit lower, where her mouth is! And next up, things don’t look good for her ass because it’s about to get pummelled! It has black written all over it!

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Monster Curves – Roof Top Romp

Monster Curves is back and they’ve got Jayden’s ass over their steel shiny pony bike. She twerks a little on the seat to establish her territory, then walks around looking all important and in the spotlight. She turns up front to show us her massive tits, putting her light dress between them from her neck to her V! It’s a rooftop filled with booty and boobs, however, they need to find a nicer place to place a cock inside Jayden!

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The Reality Kings seem to have fun with this babe because their guy just sticks his head in her ass and it doesn’t look like he’ll ever be breathing fresh air again! Everything through Jayden’s precious anal canal! The friction seems to be quite high, so they need to oil things up a bit for his cock slide and glide.

He oils up her ass well, doing the same to his dick and the thrust seemed so frequent, barely catchable for the human eye! Looks squeaky neat! I want to bang Jayden Jaymes so much! A bunch of luckers taking advantage of our poor girl!

Monster Curves is a huge title for a small ass that Jayden has, but remember, your will is your strength! You can do anything you set your mind to!

Jayden Jaymes RealityKings Video

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Ass Parade – Lots Of Butt With Jayden James, Scarlett Rose

This scene seems brutal and I know it! The first thing on the trailer what you see is Scarlett’s jeans been taken off forcefully while Jayden smacks it hard after they strip her down! Or maybe it’s the other way, Jayden’s jeans were being taken off and her ass gets smacked by Scarlett’s very own hand? Hm, I can’t tell, these girls look like sisters to me. They work and twerk their asses, kiss each other lesbian style, all while Preston Parker films them with his personal phone!

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This is a thing to remember for a lifetime, though! This scene is so hot and sweaty, Preston’s cock gets all wet of these girls sucking it, but it comes in use when the cock’s about to get stuck into their asses! You need some bonding material when you’re creating some kind of a system and it’s a lesson in Construction number 1!

Hopefully, Preston’s tool will withstand these two gaps! Or should I say, 4? 6 maybe? I don’t know, holes are the only things in this world which can be made easily without any effort. Wow, I’ve crossed the line now. That’s it. The scene is over. The end. Go before it gets really bad!

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