Top 10 Sexiest Music Videos of All Time

It’s no news flash when we say that sex sells. What other great way to exploit this topic if not in music videos? After all, ratings grow, high placements into music charts are being made and film directors have a chance to transform sexiness into a visual delight and sometimes it takes form of an actual masterpiece.

Sexy video charts

Hip Hop artists always had their place in various sexy video charts because of their explicit content videos. Artists like 50 Cent, Ludacris and Nelly never went too shy about the parties they threw and the female company that followed. Videos like “Tip Drill” (Nelly), “P Poppin’” (Ludacris) and “Candy Shop” (50 Cent) are just a few of the honorable mentions that we decided on.

These guys know what the public wants and if you know these music videos you know it’s hard to not look at the whole thing although you probably have seen them at least 50 times. And if you missed any of these ranching videos make sure you get informed and blown away.

The making of a hot video

Unfortunately today making a hot video isn’t that big of a deal, with all the singers that are competing with each other on who is sexier, who is the most outrageous and who makes you download more albums. If you wanted to make a sexy video in the 90’ you would have featured a hot girl or a model who would dance, making steamy scenes in the video if you wouldn’t mind the high-waisted thongs.

All in all it would have been decent scenes in where sex wouldn’t be overwhelming. We are not saying that we mind when we see beautiful ladies and hot guys in music videos today but many role models are promoting a very sexist image.

The biggest booty competition

When Miley Cyrus appeared naked in “Wrecking Ball” everybody went nuts, convincing us that “Hannah Montana” will never come back. Apparently the competition of who has the biggest booty is held between Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez and occasionally the R’n’B queen Beyoncé.

While Nicki has shown her body in an explicit way since her first music videos, Jennifer Lopez tried to school her with her video “Booty”, alongside Iggy Azalea. Iggy is a white female rapper, showing her voluptuous body in many of her videos, like “Work” or “Black Widow”. As for Beyoncé, we all know how hot this diva is but she enchants us up until today with some amazing sultry videos like “Yoncé”, “Partition” and “Drunk in Love”.


The legends we all know

Let’s not forget though the contribution of some older music videos that made the world of pop and r’n’b what are today. When Sir Mix-A-lot came up with the video “Baby Got Back” in the 90’ it was actually banned from MTV due to its outrageous video but made out of him a legend and out of his song a symbol.

More artists like Eric Prydz and Benny Benassi intrigued the public with their “Call on Me” and “Satisfaction” videos that had huge success. Check out our complete list of what we think are the sexiest music videos of all time.

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10th: The White Stripes – “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”

The song originally belongs to Tommy Hunt but The White Stripes decided to make a cover on “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” in 2003 adding a bit of blues and alt rock hints do the pop song. And it’s nothing that sexier about the lyrics as it is about the video.

Director Sofia Coppola had the perfect idea of a videoclip when supermodel Kate Moss was added to the scene doing one of the best pole-dances on-screen. Her flaunting moves mesmerizes the eye and keeps you glued to the screen.

The video

The single is from the album “Elephant” for which the band received a Grammy. The video was shot in black and white as he opening scene is with the British beauty sensually moving along a box just to get us into the scene.

kate moss, I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself

Kate’s sexiness isn’t one to argue with, definitely delivering a hot yet classy performance of a confident pole-dancer. Her perfect body that keeps bending over is one to linger after. She effortlessly moves to the dance pole and with a clear stare at the camera she starts riding the pole like she’s born for it.

Although you might have taught Jack White would come with this dirty idea of a video, it was director Sofia instead, who simply said why not let Kate Moss do a pole dance? Sofia usually works that way. Whatever she would like to see, she puts her efforts in achieving it. “I try to imagine what I would like to see.

Amazing Kate

Her only problem was not to create a video that would be too sexy, being self-conscious at the beginning about the shoot. The decision of making the video black and white was in the idea of not showing that much of the pole-dancing and of Kate’s luscious moves.

We want it to be a little Fosse, but I also want it to have that weird Factory feel. The role soothed Kate amazing in the end, after all you couldn’t get any other result with the supermodel being the face of the “heroin chic” trend from the 90’.

This isn’t the only raunchy video Sofia has directed, given a famous scene from Peaches, “Fuck the Pain Away”. This is one of the humorous moments in “Lost in Translation” and then again the moment from “Somewhere” with the two dancers makes it one of the saddest.

The music video delivers a sexy but also a lonely state and Kate is filmed with an evident adoration while she so well controls the camera and the lightning. It doesn’t come as a shock, given the fact that Kate isn’t such a famous supermodel for no reason.

The attention she demands when the camera is on her is the same when she walks at runways. And just like that she does in the “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” video, even though it’s shot in such a dark tone. It’s just Kate and the pole, dancing for no audience whatsoever and these two things are the reason why the video is both erotic and empty. Simple yet sexy.

9th: Sir Mix-A-Lot – “Baby Got Back”

Although the video isn’t as smoking hot as others, the lyrics and the bum shaped décor says it all. Sir Mix-A-Lot taught he should set the record straight in the 90’ with his song saying that men prefer women with big butts. And that a healthy but is a big butt.

He created a hit with what was intended a funny yet sexy video, but was overall received as a controversial statement that got banned for a while but as soon as the public showed interest in it, it was aired on TV.

Banned from MTV

Of course not everyone agreed, starting with MTV who banned the video because it was a bit too controversial at that moment. Sure, today we have Nicki Minaj remake of “Baby Got Back”, “Anaconda” who faced different times and was received very differently.

big butts from song

It was no surprise that MTV would ban a guy who sings while on a giant ass but this actually helped the single become an even more wanted one and after reaching a level of a legend song, MTV suddenly change their minds and allow it to the public.

Idea of the song

The song came out as an ode to women with curves and not so much as a political statement as it was perceived in 1992, when the song was released. Sir Mix-A-Lot had enough with the “ideal” prototype of women that Cosmo promoted. A white, skinny, tall girl with no curves whatsoever.

The idea of the song was making African-American girls feel good about their natural forms and stop hiding themselves in large sweaters and no longer feel ashamed of their bodies. But people misunderstood the idea of the song and felt threatened.

If you come to think about it, 20 years before “Baby Got Back” was released, you wouldn’t spot an African-American woman that wasn’t over 300 pounds and cleaning someone’s house. But the artist wanted to endorse all types of bodies.

Given now when big butts are not only accepted but actually wanted by all types of men and women, you could say things changed a lot since 1992.


It’s possible that Sir Mix-A-Lot might have been a factor to the all-time battle between body shapes and to today’s community of big asses. Nicki took it to the next level but she did released her song in 2014, when the population of ass-lovers was already growing.

But it’s not like Sir Mix-A-Lot didn’t appreciate the remake, saying that it’s a beautiful thing: “But this is a new era. And Nicki’s in charge. How they gonna say ‘no’ to a woman talking about some asses? Beautiful. If I could’ve just been on the set that would have been cool with me.

Sir Mix-A-Lot has a few thoughts in attempting to come back and make more music but in the meantime he doesn’t want to feel desperate. We only hope to hear more from this controversial artist and see what he has next planned for us. Especially now that big booty is now the hottest thing he might definitely have some great hits to release.

8th: Cristina Aguilera – “Dirrty”

Cristina Aguilera wanted to get rid of her “sweetgirl” image and by all means she made it with her video and with the collaboration of rapper Redman.

Similar to her former colleague from the “Mickey Mouse Club”, Britney Spears, Christina, or Xtina as the pop star would go in 2002, presented herself as no-longer the innocent girl. Although, she decided to make the move a year after Britney released “I’m a Slave For You”, she sure did shocked a lot of her fans with her apparel and dance moves in “Dirty”.


“Stripped” was her 4th album and the launch of her inner “dirty” side. Her look was different too, showing up with tattoos and piercings and who doesn’t remember her ombre blond and brunette hair?

Dirrty music video scene

She wanted a transition from the old Christina and she made it loud and hot to the public.

The video received mixed reviews, David LaChapelle calling it a “post-apocalyptic orgy” but the bad critics didn’t count for anything when the music video was declared the sexiest music video ever made by MTV and was an international hit also being nominated for “Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals” in 2003.

It was forbidden in Thailand for its explicit sexual content and for several sexual fetish content.

The video received mixed reviews, David LaChapelle calling it a “post-apocalyptic orgy” but the bad critics didn’t count for anything when the music video was declared the sexiest music video ever made by MTV and was an international hit also being nominated for “Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals” in 2003. It was forbidden in Thailand for its explicit sexual content and for several sexual fetish content.

The slutdrop

“The Voice” judge showed no mercy to her former self when she mud wrestled, reveal clothes and suggestively danced with her dancers in the video. She even invented a dance-move that she will be forever associated with, named “the slutdrop”.

You can guess which one is but we will spare you. You know when she is dancing with two dancers behind her, after the ladder is released for her boxing opponent, when she says “I like that”. The move was so influential it appeared in many other celebrities’ videos like Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and The Pussycat Dolls.

If you are wondering why was the video called “Dirrty” and not simply “Dirty”, it’s because Christina wanted misspelled in order to be personalized, as a reflection to the video itself. Redman’s contribution was he’s song “Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get In The Club)” as an inspiration to her song which ended with the rapper’s featuring.

However, the entire video is filled with hot scenes, not to mention the suggestive scenery of a underground set where illegal things happen and Christina is in the middle of it all…and in the middle of all the guys.

All in all we can’t deny that the video is outrageously hot with Christina grinding in leather outfits or really short skirts. It was named the sexiest music video by FHM, TRL, The Sun and VH1. If you want a trip back to 2002, click on the video above and enjoy Christina dirtiness.

7th: Eric Prydz – “Call On Me”

Dance music had its inspiration from a genre you probably wouldn’t expect. Ten years ago, old rock tunes were the guide of Swedish DJ Eric Prydz, giving the almost forgotten song a new face. And what a face… Eric Prydz was the first to adopt the technique, taking the single from Steve Winwood, “Valerie” and turning into an international hit.

The video was also inspired from elsewhere. It seems that “Call On Me” was the reproduced scene from movie “Perfect” where actress Jamie Lee Curtis was the instructor and John Travolta was the “lost” guy that came along and exercised along beautiful women. If you watch the movie you should recognize some of the iconic moves.

The video

hot scenes from Call on me song

Several hot looking ladies and an instructor to top, working hard on some juicy dance moves that makes sweat drip all over their bodies? Yes please. And one lucky guy gets to stand in the middle of the all, working alongside the ladies on some crazy moves. The song is energetic, fun and catchy.

No wonder it was such a hit in the clubs for a couple of years and no wonder Steve taught a hit was born when he heard the new release of his song. The only lyrics of the song are “Call on me” and “I’m the same boy I used to be” that Eric taught of taking from the original song in order to increase the thumping effect.

Although the hit single stayed No.1 in the music charts for a while, it had some competition but that didn’t stop Eric from selling 520,000 copies only in the UK.

Girls Aloud wanted to compete as well but didn’t stand a chance with their single “Love Machine”, being outsold by two to one. Seriously now, nobody stood a chance in front of a couple of beautiful women wearing spandex. You could say that “Call On Me” sort of set the genre of producing sexy videos with beautiful models.

Heart pumping scenes

The whole video consists in hot sessions of pelvic exercises and booties up in the air. Sure, the camera do flatters the video when it’s taking close shots of boobs, bums and the only crotch there is. As the guy is stunned by what is surrounding him, he doesn’t take his eyes off the instructor who is wearing a thong and who shown no shyness when she lunges and bends over. With a body like that, who would?

As if the exercises weren’t sexy enough, it features also a scene where all the girls are taking a break. You know, laying down and lusciously moving wiping their wet bodies with a towel…in slow motion. In the end it seems that the instructor fancies the guy too and get close at the end of the session.

The single became a hit and crowned many record charts. Eric Prydz is also known for hit singles like “Proper Education” and “Pjanoo” but no other video was this influential than “Call On Me”. Eric outdone himself when he decided to feature a bunch of hot women doing aerobics in a very sexually suggestive style. We can only thank him for some great dance sessions in the club and for the spectacular view of his video.

6th: N.E.R.D. – Lapdance

Whether you like N.E.R.D. or not, you have to appreciate when a video is done so outrageously hot. It’s sexy, it’s dirty and it’s catchy. It’s pretty obvious from the title that this is a raunchy song but the video that the self-proclaimed “dirty dogs” have come up with is beyond what you would have expected.

The “Not Suitable For Work” labelled single features girls that are not restrained to reveal it all. Released from the album “In Searching For…”, the song also features rapper Lee Harvey.

The uncensored video

The video is a peak of a lot of hot moments and of Pharrell constantly repeating “I dare a motherfucker to come in my face”. The action takes place on the classic leather couch of a strip club, where hot girls grind on the band boys. The uncensored version is the one that interests us the most and it includes a series of boobs and mostly naked girls that grab on each other’s asses, boobs and nipples.

pharrell in lapdance

The girls featured in the video have a lot of girl action but the attention is on one in particular, the one who sings the chorus. Oh and on the two girls that kiss each other while their hair is blown, obviously.

The boys ride their bikes like a gang of “dirty dogs” around the block. Other than that there are a lot of peaks of beautiful and sexy girls that show their bodies and touch each other.


Trent Reznor did a remix after “Lapdance” but it’s censored, the uncensored version being really hard to get. The song is on the album “Spin This”. It made it to No.36 on “Hot Rap Tracks” and No. 85 on the “Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs” chart.

The band has several singles that turned out hits, some that you may count as sexy songs, like “She Wants to Move” but their sexiest video that got everybody’s attention and also our attention was the uncensored version of “Lapdance”.

Long before Pharrell started making pop hits for movies like “Despicable Me 2”, he was into strip clubs and “Lapdance” is a teaser for what goes down in there. Obviously, that if you are the singer of a funk/rock/alternative band.

I mean, girls biting each other’s nipples and Pharell grabbing random pairs of boobs? The video itself is very hot and includes a lot of nude scenes that might get you hot and bothered really quickly.

5th: Benny Benassi feat. The Biz – Satisfaction

If you didn’t know there were made Playboy versions after this video, like it wasn’t hot enough. As if a couple of curvaceous Victoria’s Secret looking models doing some type of Home Depot commercial with big, heavy power tools that wiggle all the girls’ goodies wasn’t enough. Benny Benassi is an Italian DJ, reaching his top moment as a DJ and producer when he released “Satisfaction” in 2002.

The clubs were banging with the tunes of this ridiculously good song. But it’s not because of how well the song sounded that made us include it on our list. It’s because of its lyrics and video.

Absolute hit

Although many people found it offensive and sexist, banning the original video and replacing it with an animated one, most of the population taught it was great, even used it in some movies, commercials and TV shows.

hot girl from satisfaction music video

The video was an absolute hit because many videos made afterwards followed the “Satisfaction” model. The hit reached No. 2 in the UK Single charts just because Beyoncé released her “Crazy in Love” single and honestly it wasn’t any way around it.

With over 200,000 records sold, Benny released his debut album “Hypnotica” for which he won the European Border Breakers Award. He received great consideration from famous DJ’s like Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez and Darren Emerson.

Saucy video

But enough about Benny, let’s discuss the saucy video that gave another standard to sexiness in 2002. The scantily dressed women were the first thing that wowed the viewers. The next thing was the girls started working rhythmically on the base. The girls handle the tools in a very erotic way and their facial expression works in that way too.

Although they obviously didn’t know how to operate them well, they sure seem to work them as if it was no tomorrow. Apparently sex can sell power tools too. Given an information about each and every one of the tools on the screen, the video also appeared as educational or informational and not only sexy. The oily ladies are one by one introduced to the scene, everyone operating and presenting a different power tool.

Maybe if the video was with the same girls who would just act out as sexy with no items whatsoever, it would have not been so controversial in the final result. It’s quite fascinating to watch these girls trying to tame large powerful machines. And by that I mean their boobs and asses giggling up and down to the power of the power tools.


This wasn’t the first time Benny Benassi had success with his music. In 2001, “I Feel So Fine” charted really well in Italy as well in UK. But nothing was as big as “Satisfaction”, although the DJ had collaborated with Chris Brown for the release of the single “Beautiful People” and with Madonna for the song “Celebration”. You can say what you want but nothing compares to a bunch of hot girls bouncing, slapping, pounding and smashing. “Satisfaction” has it all.

4th: Nelly- Tip Drill

Let’s take a trip back to 2000 when one of the most misogynist or the hottest song of all times. We didn’t place the song higher in our list because when Nelly and St. Lunatics came out with the video of “Tip Drill” it created quite a controversy. The song was very bad received and created a few feuds between the hip-hop artist and some people. Although we can’t deny the video is clearly objectifying women, the song is also very explicit sexually. And catchy too.

Tip Drill

tip drill music video scene

Wondering what a “tip drill” is? The name comes from the basketball movie in which players’ line up to the free throw line and tip it off to the backboard repeatedly, one by one. In other words it stands for running a train on a woman.

Think about a group of men with the first one in line hitting it, the next one follows him right up until everyone had their turn. It doesn’t mean a girl with an ugly face but a nice booty, as you might think from the lyrics “It must be your ass, ‘cause it aint your face”.

While plenty women would shake their asses in bikinis, touching each other in bath tubs, Nelly and St. Lunatics would throw hundreds of dollars on their bodies and asses. There are so many outrageous yet dirty scenes from which you cannot take your eyes away. The women in the video look as juicy as it gets but their dancing moves makes your head bounce up for six minutes.

Of course the best scene of them all is the one at the end of the song in which Nelly crosses over a woman’s butt cheeks a credit card and afterwards the woman starts shaking her ass. Which states that every woman can be bought if you set the price high enough.

Negative criticism

Nelly faced a lot of negative criticism but the most important was the incident with Spelman College. A couple of student were very unhappy with “Tip Drill” and with objectifying the African-American women.

Nelly had a bone marrow drive to the campus in order to save his sister from leukemia but the college cancelled the drive and later on Nelly’s sister died but not necessarily because of the cancellation. Nelly saw nothing wrong with the video, explaining that as long as he is an artist he will not feel sorry, as the video would be a work of art.

It lacks of taste and it’s the sexiest compilation of beautiful women dancing we have ever seen. So why does it sound so good? All in all it’s only a party and as Nelly said when questioned about the video: “I didn’t do anything illegal. I put it on a show that was for adults at an adult time, and maybe some people took it the wrong way.

Best party ever

Yes, it is obnoxious, yes it is very demeaning towards women but it’s the best party ever in which everyone would want to participate. “Tip Drill” set the standards for every guy’s bachelor party. At least the standards of what he might hope to happen.

Keep in mind that if your best man arranges this kind of party for you he is one true friend. Imagine to have it all: large jerseys, cards swiping through asses and beautiful women around you dancing in their bikinis. For what is worth “Tip Drill” raised the bar really high for the average party and the credit card move made out of this video one of the greatest in hip-hop.

3rd: Rihanna – S&M

The beautiful Rihanna had her shares of nasty songs and outrageous videos after her break-up with singer Chris Brown. But we all knew that. The “good girl gone bad” decided to get rid of her innocent-girl look, as many female pop singers did (Christina Aguilera being just one from our list).

She stated through many songs but S&M stood out because of its video. As you might figure out from the title only, the song had many BDSM scenes with Rihanna tied up in rope, playing a dominatrix and wearing leather costumes.

The video

The video starts with Rihanna being dragged out from a scandal, with reporters that wore mouth gags.The message of the song is that Rihanna wants to get rid of her innocent Barbie look that media around her tries to link to her. Even her dress has a newspaper pattern, meaning that she wants so much to be accepted for the woman she is, even if that means that she enjoys the BDSM world.

bdsm scene from s%m music video

The lyrics are, as you can imagine, on point with the title: “Feels so good being bad. There’s no way I’m turning back” is the first line that Rihanna tells the reporters at a weird press conference where she is tied up and the reporters are wearing and some of them faint at her statement.

The people around her are all BDSM freaks dressed in leather and lace suits. Rihanna is featured in a scene with a man into a leash while she walks him around the house with a whip and the line “Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me” say it all.

Outrageous scene

The most outrageous scene (in a saucy sexy way) is when Rihanna appears in a white leather suit covering parts of her body. She is in a room were reporters are tied up and she comes at them with a crop, humiliating them in an S&M way. Whipping them, riding them, kissing them on the tape on their mouth and all that stuff.

When she is all tied up in rope, lyrics are “Oh you turn me on” and “Give it to me strong”. Sure, both “Pour it up” or “Rude Boy” were as kinky as they could get but we are no stranger to Rihanna’s shocking lyrics in most of her songs but “S&M” came out a bit more shocking and perverted than all of her videos.

Banned video

S&M was banned on MTV and in other 11 countries. When asked about the video Rihanna simply said: “When I go out to make something, I kind of go out with the intention to get it banned,” “To me that is successful”.

So according to Rihanna, she had quite the success with her colorful sexual fetishes and kinks from S&M. She even faced a lawsuit in 2011 with film director David LaChapelle, who said that eight of his photographs from several international magazine publications were ripped off in the video.

2nd: Beyoncé – Partition

She could be throwing her pajamas on and dance in her house and still be sexy. Oh wait, she actually did that in “7/11”. We can only be grateful to Beyoncé for exploring her deep sexual nature, as we depict a scene of sex in the back of a limousine. The R&B queen said that she felt embarrassed after recording “Partition” because the lyrics were too sexual for her. But she got over it and recorded because she realized it’s a dedication to her husband after all.

The song

The song actually contains in two parts: “Partition” and “Yoncé” but it was “Partition” that caught our attention because it reveals a very sensual, romantic and sexual. Not to mention all the luscious scenes with the singer slowly dancing.

sexy beyonce, leopard lights

Beyoncé is an inspiration and always shown creativity in her videos, like “Single Ladies”, “Drunk in Love” and “Naughty Girl” (which you might find similar to this video). The song is more of an electro- R&B because of its propelling bassline and heavy drumbeat. It goes from innocent pop girl to dirty hip-hop.

The controversial video

The video starts with the singer at the breakfast table, staring at her husband who makes one of his all-known cigar-smoking appearance. Then several scenes of burlesque show, strip tease and smooching on the back seat are shown until the video returns to the breakfast scene.

Beyoncé appears in a series of bodysuits made out of diamonds and sequins. She then appears in red stilettos, laced body and a trench coat as she is caught in the lights of her husband’s Bentley and he opens the door for her to get in.

The next scene shows Beyoncé sitting from behind in a jewel string bikini that allows all of us to fully admire the singer’s bottom in a close-up. She looks beyond sexy flashing all her assets in a way she wishes to portray the girl Jay likes. Some called the video too “pornographic” for Beyoncé, especially since her fans are mostly young girls but we don’t mind it we actually embrace this side of her.

Every man’s fantasy

Beyoncé truly becomes every man’s fantasy when she appears covered in leopard-printed lights while she grinds on the stage and on the couch, showing only a silhouette of her.

In this time Jay Z has first (and only) ticket in the front row smoking his cigar and watching he’s wife’s lascivious dance moves. The song has a French speech about sex in the ending minute, translated as: “Do you like sex? Sex. I mean, the physical activity. Coitus. Do you like it? You’re not interested in sex? Men think that feminists hate sex, but it’s a very stimulating and natural activity that women love“.

Maybe Beyoncé wanted to reassure herself and her husband that she is still the sultry curvaceous dancer even after giving birth to Blue Ivy or maybe she just wanted to rediscover her inner sexual side. She did, though, felt embarrassed to play it for her mom.

I’m just talking shit,” “She’s going to be very mad at me”, queen Bey said. We couldn’t imagine how she couldn’t with lyrics like “Driver roll up the partition please, I don’t want you seeing ‘Yoncé on her knees”.

“Partition” placed second in our list for the very explicit nature of sex in scenes and lyrics, for which we can’t do anything but just love Beyoncé even more. The song simply exploded on iTunes being the most fast selling record of all times.

If you’re hoping to see the singer in the same outfits when live performing in concerts you probably should put a hold on that taught, given the fact that Beyoncé will be a dance move away from a sexy wardrobe malfunction. But no worries, there are definitely other ways around it for the diva to still look sexy and stylish while performing.

1st: Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

We let this booty themed song at No. 1 for the worldwide phenomenon that it created. We can tell this much: it is not a song about a snake. The female rapper really showed her assets in the NSFW video “Anaconda”, giving a new face, or ass, and sound to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s single “Baby Got Back”. The title comes from the lyrics of “Baby Got Back”, “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hon’” which is also the opening line to Nicki Minaj’s song.

Dirty video

The dirty video opens with Nicki and a few fellow friends in the jungle and as soon as the music starts the booties start shaking. The new and improved version of “Baby Got Back” got a new set of lyrics to which if you listen closely you will probably sound like the infamous valley girl in Sir Mix-A-Lot’s intro: “Oh, my gosh”.

big butt star nicky minaj - anaconda

Nicki brags about her gigantic ass, belittles skinny girls and says she has sex with a guy “high as hell” while on a half of pill. Nothing too classy about Nicki because that will ruin her “so hard” worked on image.

She twerks in the jungle with all her heart, along her dancers, while touching each other and really giving us close-ups to her booty and boobs that are hold in a chain bra. Nicki looks sexier than ever and her ass actually seems bigger than ever. She then features her dancers in a white scene where they dance shaking their bums.

Some sort of aerobics are included, in a scene where Nicki is wearing a high-waisted pink thong and a pink brassiere lifting the easiest weights while she “exercises” and describes this other guy who had a “dick bigger than a tower”. While she sometimes wear gym pants that reveal half of her ass, she continues to work out and dance saying that she let a guy fuck her “because he slang cocaine”.

The final scene features rapper Drake who is given an exclusive lapdance by Nicki. Poor Drake isn’t allowed to touch but just to watch how that humongous ass is shaking in front of his face and when he finally touches, she leaves.

Amazing success

The song had amazing success ranking No. 2 at US Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for eight successive weeks. Released from “The Pinkprint” album, the video broke a 24-hour streaming on Vevo with 19.6 million views from only the first day. Nicki promoted the song by performing live at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, as well at “Fashion Records” and “IHeartRadio Music Festival”.

It was nominated for Best Rap Song at the Annual Grammy Awards in 2015. VH1 named it one of the sexiest videos of 2014, representing all the women with big bums, Nicki made out of “Anaconda” a monster single that was well received and reinvented the whole concept of a big booty.

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