Top 12 Naughty America Sites (HD and VR Porn)


Are you still here? Wow, on second thought I’m not surprised that much. Usually, when people see some stuff on the internet which doesn’t fit with their own standards, they bust out from it without looking back. Good to know you’ve got trust in your ol’ reliable best friend because I won’t ever break my promises to you guys! You’ll always get the best porn in a raw form and as in terms of reviews.

Whenever you’re willing to step into an unknown territory, which is out of mindful reach, consider to consult with me on anything, free of charge… If I were to give you a thumbs up on a subscription, no doubt that it’s the right case, you’ll solve all of your problems. Okay, enough of empty blabbering about anything unreal in this meantime essentially will get to that final stage, but first, we’re going to have to do a thorough research on what’s put up for disposal.

This time, it’s Naughty America being investigated, from head to the toe, more likely it’s the opposite, but no site of theirs will wriggle out of my firmly grasp. Of course, this is an article which will promote the best 12 Naughty America’s sites, dated November 2017.

What happens afterward, I have no relations to it, so if Naughty America overhears my mighty roars demanding some reforms of the site, no matter from which hand, second, third, fourth, n-th, I just want to see make my Naughty America great again!

Dunno how many times do I have to repeat myself, but the more the better, it can be dulling your brains leaving it with punctures which gapes you could cover with a lens and make a telescope, but I’ll be the bearer of bad news – most of these sites on NA have a problem with video quantity consisted in each site, but I’ll try my best to select out those who are the most filled. Links to full reviews will be attached for more info, so feel free to check that out. Salutations, friends.

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12. My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend

Believe it or not, but this was (professionally judged and declared by me, officially) the weakest link of them all, but luckily it stayed on the list, barely. It was the matter of small percentages that made the differences, almost marginally better by a single model than the number 13th, which I won’t be addressed publicly. Confidentiality, remember?

Nevertheless, some may find this surprising that this typical Naughty America daydream fantasy couldn’t make it to the top 5 to the core, but I already told you about the video material problem. When I display you the real numbers found live on MGBF, you’ll definitely set your own records straight and come to consent with me.

110+ HD videos, how’s that sounding to you? Is it ripping your earlobes apart, isn’t it? For the same record you straightened out, the concept and model rating average over 95%! Sorry, I told you that, but you’d hear it sooner or later. Tells much about the site’s authenticity, however, a disastrous work of faith for it. But at least it’s 12th, right?!

Check out My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend on PornCodex for more details


11. 2 Chicks Same Time

Hard to see sites which are the essential culprits of you getting addicted to Naughty America score so low with my lethal blow! However, it’s better to die from honesty than live by some plain white lies.

All of these sites have a similar concept, striving for basically the same thing, the endeavor is transparent. What’s more obviously see-through than the actual title that circles paraphrasing sentences and combining them to make a contagious name for a porn site. Like My _____’s Busty/Curvy/Hot ______. See the pattern?

2 Chicks Same Time tends to diverge from the cleared path which is the safest route which NA took, without risks, however, video material is a killer bruh. We’ve progressed beyond 80 videos in total, from 110+ to 190+ and that’s a huge success! Still, though, 11 is the highest possible score.

Check out this 2 Chicks Same Time review by PornCodex for more information


10. Dirty Wives Club

Okay, for once I’ll forgive, but cross me twice and I’m going to publicly claim those numbers. Model rating of 97% and a concept of 94% plus X as a variable implying on video material give an overall of slightly over 80%, just to make sure that 10th spot is theirs.

Dirty Wives Club is a specialized porn site regarding infidelity in-between marriages, where the lovers are those who are the closest to the source, draining the fresh spring waters first (which are the cheating wives), while the husbands get the dirty leftovers that are eligible for filtration.

Disregard my social justice fights between my egos, Dirty Wives Club is an excellent site! The porn I saw there is ultimately rare, and thankfully Naughty America copyrighted this stuff so that we can exclusively watch it in their domain where they reign! Buckle up for a disorientating acceleration, there’s one site which is a lot like this one, but better! You’ll know.

More information about Dirty Wives Club memberships and the site overall are available on PornCodex, check it out


9. My Friend’s Hot Girl

All of these My This Hot That or whatever, are both the causes and reasons why I say that Naughty America is quite tedious if you compare them with other merchandise found on the porn market, that varies from network to network. Other sites have policies to keep things real, not some diminishing fantasies.

I didn’t mean for it to be taken roughly, NA, I love you. But MFHG isn’t that of a taboo which would people watch for an entire day, mainly because it consists of two hundred videos, so they’re not physically able to do so. As for the concept, personally, closeness doesn’t have a large positive effect on me, but if this was taken individually, A GREAT CONCEPT, INDEED.

By far, the most things we saw is at My Friend’s Hot Girl in terms of material, including the image sets and videos. Since I won’t be repeating myself, all of the sites are underlying on the same pedestal, so the two other aspects I rate aren’t relevant for now.

So, is it worth becoming a member? Check out this PornCodex review about My Friend’s Hot Girl to find it out


8. Latin Adultery

Now we’re dealing business! 335+ HD videos fellas! And not only that, we’re not talking about some low-cost pornography actresses, but porn stars which are Latinas! Therefore the name, Latin Adultery, rationally comprehended.

Latinas here are something from outer space, yet, I am no an enthusiastic tourist that’s been around the whole world from one pole to another southern, from the most left most to the rightest most side of the world, well, if it weren’t round that is, fellow flat Earth believers.

Those butts and tits on Latin Adultery, they’re just so wiggly and jiggly, like they’re artificially added to the subject girl, however, they don’t ball like that, Latina’s tend to be pure and a bit insecure, but once they’ve locked and loaded their sight, namely eyes on the prize, there’s no taking them off a dick, since it’s their Invictus throne.

The video quality is appropriate and appraisal-worthy, laudable, in fact. It’s a bit different than their sister sites, however, racial divergence tends to separate from the rightful owner that is NA, and make their own property and gain their own prosperity through time. Thanks to this, we’re able to choose from more distributors, irreplaceable goods that don’t belong to anybody, but it’s like a communistic thing to do. For a small fee, you’ll be granted all the access you want (and asses, ultimately)!

Check out Latin Adultery on PornCodex for more details


7. My Wife’s Hot Friend

Marshalling. We’re slowly narrowing our list down to Sub-X with each step we take further into the article, and now we’re facing My Wife’s Hot Friend case. This is a much more severe case, but don’t perceive this as a bad thing. It’s just that we’re showing serious top lists the closer we get to number one, so the reluctance of the site’s strivings is less and less tolerated.

This way, we’re gonna keep our integrity and eventually the promises we were making. So you won’t be seeing a bad site be at the 7th place for instance. My Wife’s Hot Friend, not literally, I have no wife, but the site has more than 300 videos at your service, featuring poor wife’s being replaced by their good-looking friends, which caught the eyes of their men.

Men will be men, so they’re going to fall down to their knees how weak they are once facing the right, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of screwing their wife’s big titted friend, and at the same time screwing their wife over for a greater pair of tits. One side will say that men are pigs and they only seek for their own arses attached behind, others will state that these are only biological urges, nothing serious. Opinions do not matter, the hardcore porn found here is amazing! Reliving natural ambitions at its fullest.

Check out this PornCodex review about My Wife’s Hot Friend to find out what you get for your membership


6. My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend

This is what made me feel triggered the most, but in a good way. Imagine yourself in a position, where you’re a 25-year-old son or plus. Okay, got the picture embraced? So, now your parents are divorced, anyways, you’re left to your single widowed father, whose destiny was set to cruel either way you put it.

He lost his wife, and now finally, he got a girl of his own, and a very hot one, quite prone to jealousy! Then, you come along like an even more handsome recreation and resemblance of your dad, and you draw the attention of thy babe. Since your father is a middle-aged guy, slowly descending his manhood with each year, his girl is eager to find a younger cock she’d pounce on like crazy.

That’s the problem with age differences mainly, so, somehow, blame’s on the dad just as well on the son. The poor girl does get little or no sex at all, and her boyfriend’s son is the closest she’ll get to the newer version of him. So, life is short, why not try out, daddy won’t know, he’s always busy at work! 350+ HD videos on My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend, I’m not masking anything. EXPOSE ‘EM!

Check out this My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend review by PornCodex for more information


5. Housewife 1 on 1

Coming first in a two-site race of these contestants: H1v1 and MDHG, H1v1 comes out slightly better when you display all the things both of them offer. Oh, yeah, I forgot. Are you redirected here from Dirty Wives Club? Yep, this is the place I was talking about where you’re able to find more material for a similar taste in return.

The thing is, we’re not looking at unfaithful women anymore, like Dirty Wives Club advertises, so you don’t have to go to church later to purify yourself from punishable sins. Housewives of these deadly, but broadly calibers fit only in one gun, their dimensions don’t match any other exemplary.

It’s quite indulging to know that you have a loyal wife waiting for you to come back home from tiresome work, and it happens often that she prepares some pleasurable stunts for her man to cherish his return! I’d be the happiest man on the planet if I were a husband at Housewife 1 on 1, successful in many fields life has to offer. Hats off, Johnny Castle, hats off to you, you idol of mine.

More information about Housewife 1 on 1 memberships and the site overall are available on PornCodex, check it out


4. I Have a Wife

Hate to be alternator of chaos and peace, but we’re ready for the chaos part now, after those bursts of sunshine and rainbows. I Have a Wife features their main actor Johnny Castle, inclined towards evil deeds, not because he wanted it that way, but because he was under pressure! Women these days don’t respect each other, so they don’t respect their belonging spouses!

Instead, they look to obtain the focus of a married guy any means necessary, because they’re hungry for the dick, but a prick stick with no trick ass wife isn’t as fun as when he does have one! It’s always best for you to be the heartbreaker, and not the one retaining a heart torn apart.

Models at I Have a Wife fit properly to their roles, and there are over 500+ HD videos, most of the newer ones available in Ultra 4K resolution, so you have the sneak peek witnessing weak guys imposed to troublesome women, cracking like an eggshell and a Teflon frying pan. These bitches dirty!

Check out I Have a Wife on PornCodex for more details


3. My Friend’s Hot Mom

Hope some of you guys are into economy studies because we’re talking about margins here! Last three bits of this delicious dessert you call a top list is sweetened by the number 3, 2 and 1, which are all in a dead race where the winner takes the prize because he’s better by a nuance!

My Friend’s Hot Mom is something else if you put all these sites shoulder-to-shoulder, because, it’s the most real. How many times you caught yourself thinking about engaging sexual contact with your dearly friend’s mothers?! Modern-days have washed up traditional values, so these MILFs aren’t married to anyone, constantly looking for new dick to fill the hole!

Since you’re a good boy, you are the first in line for her pussy, all what you need to is to accidentally arrive at your friend’s home uninvited, lying that you’re waiting for your friend to come back so that you can hang out, and use that garbage time to fuck your poor friend’s mom while he’s out loafing his balls off. Keep it a secret if you want another one, okay?

Check out this My Friend’s Hot Mom review by PornCodex for more information


2. My First Sex Teacher

Of course, it’s the MILFs infiltrating the top lists and interfering with other valuable sites spots, kicking them off by a few positions below. My First Teacher propagates school systems and curriculums based upon Believeland, how education would’ve been better if it had mandatory sex education with practice.

Imagine how students would be relieved of all the casual stress they receive on a daily basis, so that would’ve improved their studying multiple times more! However, that’s only possible in My First Sex Teacher, where students and teachers meet up in secluded places, such as empty classrooms in the middle of the day!

It’s never late to bang on the teacher’s desk at recess, so let one rip and tear your teachers pussy apart, afterward, you’ll have greater chances of passing one test since your little friend is the actual teacher’s pet. As long as you keep quiet of that forbidden relationship, the more pussy you’ll get! Thanks, Naughty America, for ruining my perspective of school systems by eternity, things will never be the same to me anymore!

More information about My First Sex Teacher memberships and the site overall are available on PornCodex, check it out


1. My Sister’s Hot Friend

FFF (Fast Fun Fact): First time that a porn site has the average score below 90%, but still keeping the first place, but that’s not because of my lackluster of scoring skills, yet it’s the tough competition to blame. Don’t ever compare overalls between porn networks, because the results I showed to you apply to the very network solely.

89,8% isn’t an overall regarding the whole porn industry, but only Naughty America. So, My Sister’s Hot Friend should’ve thanked the other sites for stealing their percentages! But, I equally delivered each percent to everyone that deserved it. My Sister’s Hot Friend showed up as the best porn site on NA, and it must be the 800 videos (not sure if it’s the biggest, but it’s a great video material number).

The concept and model rating are pretty much the same as others, however, NA chose carefully the role of the ‘Hot Friend’, more like extra carefully, since it’s a bit better choice than the rest shows us. Compare the models seen here, and elsewhere. MSHF has the best models and perfect digits and they’re holding their hands together walking straight to victory! Congrats!

So, is it worth becoming a member? Check out this PornCodex review about My Sister’s Hot Friend to find it out


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