Top 5 places for paid sex in Europe

[formatp]P[/formatp]rostitution is the world’s oldest profession. Women selling their bodies for money has been something that stayed in our collective culture over the years and even today people go to prostitutes for a bit of fun time. In the 21st century, there are many different countries in Europe alone that have legalized prostitution. Mongers seek out these destinations for paid sex and this has become the norm in some parts of the world.

Today, we are going to talk about some of the best places for paid sex in Europe. We will list the countries in no particular order, but we will certainly talk about the pros of each location. Without further ado, here is our toplist of the top 5 places for paid sex in Europe!


[formatp]G[/formatp]ermany is no stranger to prostitution. Prostitution there has been legal for more than 100 years. Reeperbahn, in Hamburg is a red light district and one of the top two nightlife neighborhoods. The area itself is packed with restaurants, nightclubs, bars and theatres. Other parts are filled with strip clubs, sex shops and a sex museum. The side-street with the most “action” is Herbertstraße with prostitutes luring potential customers in through the windows. The street is partitioned off to minors or people who don’t want to see those kinds of things. Just because it is legal doesn’t mean it should be thrown around and displayed to children and people who don’t agree with it.

The thing about Germany is that it holds the title of being “Europe’s biggest brothel”. With prostitution being legal in Germany for as long as it has been, it seems to have become a common thing amongst the people there. However, condom use in Germany is a must according to the law when paying for sex. There is absolutely no shame in being a commercial sex buyer in Germany. Also there’s this thing called porn theaters, in which men can find prostituted women, regular escorts and as always, online prostitution.

FKK Artemis Germany

And it comes as a surprise to most people that there are micro-brothels in their neighborhood. People who visit Germany for the paysex scene can also expect to see many FKKs or Saunaclubs. These are the most popular establishments when it comes to paying for sex in Germany. Additionally, brothels, escort agencies and individual girls can also be found in Germany.

Here are some of the most popular places for paid sex in Germany:


[formatp]S[/formatp]imilar to Germany, prostitution in Austria is legal as well as regulated. Most sex workers who work here seem to be migrants. A good example of this is Vienna, where prostitution is quite the successful business. Very few cities could rival Vienna’s flourishing sex market, if any. The country is filled with brothels, studios, FKKs, sex clubs and other types of establishments where clients can pay for sex. And, as it seems, tourists are highly interested by Vienna’s prostitution scene.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, clients would much rather get a hooker than a prostitute, due to the fact that they are cheaper. The only problem with this is that street prostitution (hookers) is illegal in Austria, whereas prostitution, be it a brothel or anything of the sort is legal. Girls who work legally also have to go through regular health and STD tests. Interestingly enough, even though prostitution is legal in most place of Austria, it is illegal in Vorarlberg.

sexclub maxim wien vienna

Nevertheless, the number of business trips in Vienna has increased by quite a bit in the past 20 years, which results in more establishments offering sex for money. At this rate, Vienna’s sex market might even flourish more than it already is, seeing as to how there’s been a big increase in revenue in the last couple of years. Even if you’re visiting Vienna for sight-seeing and it’s tourism, you’re bound to bump into a brothel or two, and even see lots and lots of prostitutes – be it legal or illegal.

Here are some of the most popular places for paid sex in Austria, Vienna:


[formatp]A[/formatp]msterdam seems to be quite the hot spot for Netherlands’ sex market. De Wallen is probably the cleanest and safest red light district you ever could have hoped for. It is quite an example for some and all. This is all thanks to regulations. It’s a massive tourist area and thus the streets tend to be packed with people walking by, taking pictures and such. And the indulging part is, the women are displayed in windows, which makes the regular tourist want to come in and check everything out. Think of it as shopping, but much, much more spicy. The average starting rate for most women in said object starts around $55 for about 15 minutes. However, if you’ve got ways of convincing the girls otherwise, you might lower the price a bit. As soon as you enter the room though, you’re on the clock. So think fast and think smart.

netherlands holland red light district de wallen

The De Wallen red light district is among the most popular location for paid sex in Netherlands, but there are still other establishments and places that allow visitors to pay for prostitutes. In addition to window prostitution, visitors of Netherlands can also enjoy sex bars, regular brothels, as well as an abundance of escort agencies. If you’re lucky, you might even find the individual girl who works on her own. Amsterdam is also the only place in the world that has a bronze statue in commemoration to its sex workers, so paying for sex is certainly no taboo subject in the Netherlands.

Here are some of the most popular places for paid sex in the Netherlands:


[formatp]M[/formatp]any people consider Spain to be the capital of the paysex scene. Although prostitution is legal in Spain, the act of pimping isn’t. People are also allowed to own brothels and sex bars, but only if the girls working there are not specifically there to sell their bodies for sex. This introduced a rule that Spanish establishment owners needed to bypass. Additionally, there are some places that have introduced fines for girls who are working as street prostitutes. However, with the current state of Spain, this rule doesn’t really seem to lessen the experience that tourists who go to the country to pay for sex have.

In Catalonia, the government allows owners to get licenses that can be used to start a sex bar. Of course, because of the rule that we talked about before, the women are technically not working in the bars; they only work on the premise of the establishment and are not employed by the owner.

spain prostitution flag

Even with these government laws in place, Spain is still considered to be among the best places to have paid sex in Europe. Each year, millions of tourists go to this country for one reason alone: to pay for sex and have a good time. Visitors can enjoy street prostitutes, girls who work in bars and brothels, as well as an abundance of escort agencies to choose from, depending on what the particular client is looking for.

Here are some of the most popular places for paid sex in Spain:


[formatp]T[/formatp]he last place on our list of the best places to have sex in Europe is Switzerland. Prostitution in Switzerland is legal and regulated. The act of prostitution has been legal since 1942 and many tourists and locals alike enjoy the act of paying for sex. Naturally, like in most places, pimping or forcing girls into prostitution work is prohibited and highly punishable.

In Switzerland, it is not a rare sight to see brothels and other establishments for sex. Usually, the places have a reception that leads to a set of rooms where the girls are located. These places usually have many girls available that clients can choose from. The closest things to a place like this are Laufhauses in Germany and Austria, which operate in a very similar fashion.

switzerland club globe

Additionally, Switzerland also has a large number of street prostitutes who work mainly in the capital of the country. The girls who work in this country are mostly migrants from neighboring countries, as well as from overseas. Most girls who work in Switzerland are advertising themselves on the internet or in the local newspapers. It has been reported that some girls even accept credit card payments, which is certainly a modern thing to do.

Here are some of the most popular places for paid sex in Switzerland:


[formatp]A[/formatp]s you can see, Europe is a magnificent place for paying for sex. There are numerous countries that are perfect for anybody who is looking to have paid sex in Europe. Depending on what you’re mostly looking for, you can freely choose from any of the above mentioned countries and you are probably going to have a good time. Of course, as with anything else, it is highly advised to do some research and know exactly what you are getting yourself into before venturing forth. If you do your homework, you are surely going to have a problem-free experience!

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