Top 6 Online Progressive Jackpot Games

Every player in online casino wants to get the big pot! Either they play on one strategy, or another, all players want to reach the maxim amount of money that a licensed site like this can offer them.

But not everyone gets the best out of the game. In order to achieve a great bonus, you must decide which strategy fits better and go by that one. Then, the practice is also very important because an experienced player will always have more chances to win. If you really want to win, use the bonuses and this will lead you to bigger chances of winning. Which are the best bonuses and where are the best places to start this challenge in your life?

Here’s a Top 6 Online Progressive Jackpot Games list for you to start practicing.

6. Gladiator Jackpot

The Gladiator Jackpot is brought to us by an important provider – Playtech. Since so many films, TV shows, and even commercials are going back in time and show us the historic Roman soldiers, Playtech also decided it’s time to bring in The Gladiator. This game has 25 pay lines and 5 reels, and even if the winning combinations aren’t very often, winning the jackpot is similar to 5.000 times your bet. Don’t you think it’s worth trying it?

Two bonuses

This game actually comes in with two kinds of bonuses: the Gladiator Jackpot and the Coliseum. The first one gives you the big pot, but you can also win money in bonus rounds, which also have their challenges. Here, on the 2, 3 or 4 reel you will need to get wild cards. This will lead to the helmet game, where the actual helmets are made of gold, silver or bronze.

Winning a number between 1 and 5 will multiply your line bet. There are 9 helmets in there and you can win all of them in a single round. The other bonus, the Coliseum gives you free spins. In order to get it, you need three Coliseum symbols on the screen in one shot. Better than the Coliseum is the Commodus which gives you three free spins if you get it on the third line.

The Gladiator has its biggest jackpot on 31st August 2013, with a total value of over 1,6 million British pounds.

5. Fantastic Four

As expected, Fantastic Four from Playtech is a Marvel themed game. You play it on a blue color theme and the machine shows 20 pay lines and 5 reels. The symbols include, of course, the famous Fantastic Four family: Mr. Fantastic, his wife – The Invisible Woman, his brother in law – The Human Torch and The Thing. You can also find as a symbol Earth and the logo used by Fantastic Four. The slots game has a great graphic including all kinds of stunts your favorite characters will make while you win.[

Lots of bonuses

The game of the Fantastic Four characters gives lots of bonuses when the wild symbols appear. This wild symbol actually replaces any other symbols you may need, except the scatter. Depending on the number of wild symbols you get in a game, you can win from 40 times to 10 thousand times your bet payout. Only imagine it: you make a bet on 5 dollars and you get 5 wild symbols and win an actual pay of 50.000 dollars!

The scatter symbol also comes with bonuses: 12 rounds for bigger chances to win. If you meet one of the Fantastic Four characters, they also come with stronger chances to win:
Mr. Fantastic provides you 4 spins, Invisible Woman comes in with other 4 extra spins, but also brings in a multiplier, The Human Torch also brings 4 free spins, while The Thing gives you 3 extra spins.

Just like all the other Marvel themed games, Fantastic Four also comes in with the mystery jackpot which can  “hit” you on any combination. If you choose the multi-game cumulative jackpot, it will show up with 20 squares. Choose one of these: power, extra power, super power or ultimate power. The last one starts at 100.000 and goes up till one million. It reached the highest jackpot value in September 2013, with more than 550.000 British Pounds.

4. Millionaire Club

It was developed by Cryptologic and it comes in two different versions: one with 3 reels and one with 5 and 9 pay lines. Most of the users liked more the 5 reels game. And it is no surprise since the game provides you the chance of winning 1 million dollars in the jackpot and also the possibility to play on a progressive jackpot. But pay attention, you can only achieve the jackpot while playing also on the bonus round!

Game Symbols

The game theme has everything to do with Luxury and that’s why you’ll play on a blue colored screen and the symbols you’ll see on it will be a Diamond, a Gold Ring, a Car, a Yacht and a … Horseshoe (for better luck, we guess). The Wild Symbol is, as expected, more than gold: a Platinum Card icon and the game gives you 10.000 coins each time you gather 5 symbols on the pay line.

The Scatter symbol is also one that you would like to see as many times as possible because if you manage to get it 5 times, your bonus round is activated and you get a chance for the big Jackpot! It looks like the Millionaire Club logo and if you only see it two times in a game is also gives a bonus: the total bet you made multiplied by 2.

If you manage to activate the Bonus round, you will be taken to a new screen where 3 wheels are shown, one under the other one. In order to get the biggest prize – the Jackpot, you’ll have to get an arrow on each of these three wheels. And trust me you want that Jackpot: the highest value for it was of more than 2.4 million British Pounds, in May 2013.

3. Aladdin’s Lamp

As its name shows it, this game developed by Gtech G2 is a magical themed slot, but still with true chances to win a great prize, without being a magician. The game was released on the Internet in 2010 and it still manages to complete some people’s wishes.

This game has only 3 reels and, unfortunately, Aladdin didn’t bring in any wild symbols or scatter symbols.

The best bonus Aladdin’s Lamp provides is the progressive jackpot, but this one comes by the random choice of the … Jeene. But the game also features a non-progressive jackpot, which has a value of 2.000 dollars. The biggest value ever touched by the progressive Jackpot was over 2.1 million British Pounds, in August 2013.

2. Mega Moolah Isis

This game brought to us by Microgaming is actually the newer version of Isis slot and is themed, as expected, on ancient Egypt. The game is laid on 5 reels with 25 pay lines.

If you reach a wild symbol (Isis in this game) that leads you to a combination, Isis will double your prize. The scatter symbol is pictured by Ra (actually, the hawk) and it’s a really lucky hawk that can double your prize or make it even 20 times bigger than your total bet. With 3 or more hawks on the screen you will get up to 30 free spins and if you also manage to reach 5 Isis in a row here’s a 60.000 coin win for you!

Everyone’s favorite is the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot which brought a lucky one more that 6 million dollars. It’s all about luck to get there on the screen with the spinning wheel and you must hit white to get rich!

1. Daredevil

Another Marvel-themed game, brought in by Playtech, featuring the famous Daredevil character which gets you into the slot by jumping from wall to wall on the screen. There are 5 reels in the game with a total of 20 pay lines and you can count the winnings in this game in “coins”.

Again, as expected, Daredevil is also the wild symbol of the game and the graphics in 3D are also great and make the entire game really entertaining. Another interesting card in the game is the bull’s eye which can win you 3 times your bet. The scatter symbol is Daredevil’s logo and if you get it three times on your screen, you win 10 free games.

Just as in Fantastic Four, Daredevil also comes in with the mystery jackpot. The biggest cumulative jackpot brought in this game reached more than 550.000 British Pounds in September 2013.

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