Top 8 Tattooed Female Pornstars

Watching professional female pornstars in one of their newest movies is a delight, especially if the girl that we are watching is covered with some amazing tattoos. There is something magnificent about seeing women with tattoos having an amazing time in one of the many sex scenes which are available for us.

Today, we are going to list some of the most popular and best-looking tattooed beauties that the porn industry has to offer. There is a huge selection of girls who paint their bodies with ink, so let’s jump straight into the list!

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8. Draven Star

There are many things that you could say about Draven Star, but shy isn’t one of them! This United States born actress has already had many scenes throughout her career. You are able to watch her pleasure two guys at once, team up with another girl in a threesome, and take the whole load like a champ as well as in many other scenes.

You can find a variety of movies and scenes that she stars in, but if you would like to learn more about her, be sure to follow her Twitter or check out the Burning Angel profile which is solely dedicated to her. You can find out more about her likes, dislikes, hobbies, what food she likes to eat as well as a variety of other interesting things.

The full filmography and short biography of Draven Star is available on her IMDB page

If you are looking for a tattooed girl with a slight emo-vibe, Draven Star is surely not going to disappoint you.

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7. Bonnie Rotten

Even though her name might suggest otherwise, Bonnie Rotten is a very good looking actress who has been active in the industry since the beginning of 2012. Her body is covered with tattoos, so you are not going to miss that fact and in addition, she also has a very versatile arsenal of adult movies.

Born in Hamilton, Ohio, she had a very active sexual life even in her teens. According to her, she already had multiple male partners at the age of 16. She first started out as a model for fetish related scenes, but since then, she has expanded her portfolio to include a variety of anal, facial, deepthroat, girl-on-girl and many other scenes.

We have a full article about Bonnie Rotten where you can read more about her career and best videos, check it out

You can find her in seemingly any type of porn movie and she loves to please her fans with the amazing movies that she stars in. In 2015, a sex toy manufacturing company has created the “Bonnie Rotten Signature Collection” which includes a doll designed to look just like Bonnie with all of her amazing signature tattoos. This is a toy that any fan would kill to have!

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6. Krysta Kaos

The next entry on our list is Krysta Kaos, a 26-year-old porn actress from the United States. Her body is covered with colorful tattoos and watching her move is a reward in its own. In addition to that, she also likes to star in BDSM and slave fantasy porn movies, so if that is what you enjoy, you are in for a treat!

Krysta is truly unique, as she doesn’t shy away from any scene, regardless of how brutal or extreme it might be. For example, you are able to see her get double penetrated by two black guys as well as publicly humiliated. A variety of bondage and facial scenes are also available. This means that it does not matter what kind of pornographic content you are into, Krysta Kaos is able to provide the needed fix.

The Naked Issue posted an awesome article about Krysta Kaos full of hot nude pictures, click on the link to check it out

Following her Instagram account will provide an insight into her everyday life as well as a plethora of professional images from photo shoots, caves as well as other exotic places. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with her or to inspect all of her magnificent tattoos before you start watching one of her movies.

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5. Joanna Angel

This Brooklyn-born actress is 35 years old, but she looks and moves like a 20-year-old. This is exactly why there are so many men as well as women who love her. Her tattoos are one of her signatures and she is not shy to show them off.

Just like with any of the other entries on our list, you are able to see Joanna Angel in a variety of scenes, but what makes her stand out from the rest is that she has her own website as well. On this website, you can see pictures, videos and read news about her, but you can also pay money to gain access to private shows, the ability to chat with her and much more.

There is an interview with Joanna Angel by Inked Magazine that you should definitely read

Her tattoos consist of a “BA” which is located on her wrist. This tattoo stands for Burning Angel, as she is the mastermind behind it. She also has many other tattoos as well, such as the skull with three Xs. Right under this tattoo, she also has a busty pink haired girl with a halo around her head. Exploring all of her tattoos will surely entertain you for a while!

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4. Angelina Valentine

Angelina has been in the porn industry since 2007 and in this time, she has starred in a variety of movies. She has over 200 movies to her name and this is one of the reasons why she is so popular. She also has a variety of tattoos all over her body, which are nicely painted, like the one on her left shoulder.

Angelina Valentine has also been nominated for many awards, from which she actually won a few. For example, she has won the Deep Throat Award in 2009, which she is very proud of.

You can find scenes where she is being pleasured anally, in a threesome as well as a variety of other exciting setups. Her large breasts, amazing body, and magnificent tattoos are surely going to seem appealing to almost everybody!

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3. Belladonna

Belladonna has unfortunately already retired from porn, but we are still able to see many videos that she starred in. In the peak of her career, she was a very popular porn actress, partially because of her tattoos. She did not only star in the sex scenes, but she also did work behind the camera as a director and producer.

There are over 300 movies to her name and in one of her earliest movies, she was banged by twelve men in a prison. This shows how kinky Belladonna really is and that she is not afraid of anything.

The legendary pornstar Belladonna talks about her life after porn to Vice Magazine, click on the link and start reading

There are many archived scenes that you can inspect if you are interested in this actress, but unfortunately, we are not going to see a new movie starring her in the near future.

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2. Jessie Lee

Another member of the Burning Angel team, Jessie Lee is a freaky girl who has starred in a variety of movies. Her whole body, even her neck is covered with great looking tattoos and you are able to choose to look at the one that you like the most.

Reading about her fantasies as well as best sex-related memories will allow you to get to know her a little bit better, and you will see that she likes the business that she is a part of.

Her Burning Angel profile is a great way to start learning about her and you are not going to regret this decision, as you can instantly start watching pictures or videos that she is in. There are many scenes that you can choose from and she is still doing new movies on a regular basis, so if you like what you see, stay tuned, as soon you might find a new scene starring her.


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1. Indigo Augustine

First a stripper, then a professional porn actress, Indigo Augustine has joined the porn industry in 2010, when she starred in her first movie, as she needed the money. Even though she got paid, she liked the whole thing and regularly came back for more.

In no time, she added a variety of movies and scenes to her name and accumulated a plethora of loyal fans. She did have a 3-year mini-retirement, as she wanted to try what a “normal life” would feel like, but now, she is back in action!

Check out the full filmography of Indigo Augustine on IMDB

She lost her virginity at the age of 17, which is rare in the case of porn actresses. According to her, she was very shy in her teenage years, but once she started college, she opened her wings (and legs) and explored her sexuality. Today, we are able to see many videos that she stars in, in lots of different positions as well as fetishes.

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Regardless of what you enjoy watching, these tattooed girls are going to satisfy most of your needs as a porn enthusiast. They have starred in many types of movies which you can choose from.

Hopefully, you have found your favorite tattoo-covered actress on the list. Even if your favorite one did not make the list, you have been introduced many alternative choices. Hopefully, you found something for your taste when it comes to the most beautiful girls with tattoos.

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