5 Porn Scenes With Latina Porn Star Yurizan Beltran

Mexican + Asian descent + sugar + spice + everything nice = Yurizan Beltran. This Latina girl is simply amazing. She has it in her. Even though she looks kind of controversial and unordinary, that’s also kinda what makes her an outstanding porn star! She was born in Los Angeles, USA, on November 2nd, 1986. She doesn’t look like she’s in her 30’s, and that’s why she is always listed as a teen and can be seen on famous teen porn movies!

The reason why is because she’s small, 5’4 (162cm), has a baby face.Despite her height, she has big jugs (fake, but doesn’t matter for her, actually, it fits like she’s born with them. She made it to Boobpedia with a Yurizan Beltran hot profile. This girl has a small ass that immediately makes you want to grab her and do some naughty things.

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There’s not much about her, she’s a casual girl with a casual lifestyle, she lives it the way she wants it, she graduated in LA, her birthplace, which is a great thing when you don’t have to travel abroad or something to succeed, actually. Her porn debut was back in 2005, when she created a porn site of her own, and 5 years later, she’s shooting like a real porn star doing with boys and girls as well!

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Yurizan Beltran Hot Award-Winning Girl

They grow up so fast. I mean, her tits do. When she officially debuted, she was thinner, smaller and had natural breasts that were significantly smaller, and 2-3 years later, she had them implanted and suddenly her breasts became one of the main reasons we watch her. Wait, what? And like any other good porn star, why wouldn’t Yurizan win something, or get at least nominated for AVN or XBIZ? So yeah, she got nominated for 3 awards, which is quite admirable:

HERE is the AVN profile of Yurizan Beltran with a short bio and lots of hot pictures, check it out

2009 – Nomination for Web Starlet of The Year by AVN (you think something fishy is happening here, because it’s a year before she officially debuted, however, no, she got it for her site, you know, WHICH YOU CLICKED ON! Hehe.

2010 – Nomination for Web Babe of the Year by XBIZ, Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene nomination by AVN

2011 – Nomination for Best Web Star by AVN

If you think it this way, she’d be a great Youtuber, since she won all her nominations for her internet page! But thank heavens she picked the right way of showing herself! Let’s skim trough some of her videos and movies:

5. Evil Angel – Tattooed Anal Sluts #02

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Yurizan has sleek tattoos! So, what are you expecting this time from Evil Angel, but only the most hardcore porn scenes ever? Even this time, they haven’t yet disappointed us. Evil Angel has lots of movies where their porn stars fuck the director! Mike Adriano takes on his pupil Yurizan, to see if she has learned anything about porn.

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Yurizan looks more than eager to grab his dick and start sucking it like it’s the last thing she’ll put in her mouth! Don’t forget that every film is through the director’s eyes – and this one doesn’t exceed that principle, either. It’s like you’re fucking Yurizan personally!

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Which makes this Yurizan Beltran hot scene even more awesome! You finally get to score something… and gag a girl for the first time with a massive cock that you possess. Evil Angel just shows in its name the contrast between everything they film. You got to find that reference yourselves, sorry guys. Here’s a teaser to help you out.

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4. Reality Junkies – Big Breast Nurses #06

Yurizan Beltran has caught up with something that reminds her of the past, and she can’t hesitate, she has to fight it inside. It’s kind of neat when you fuck the doctor. It’s like it makes you a doctor, as well, huh Yuri? Or Sarah Vandella, Rachel Starr, and other girls from this movie.

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Wow, this movie really is something! I like the cover of it, reminds me of the old vintage movies, simple and sexy. Nothing too flashy. It’s a happy reality where we use sex as medicine. Especially when testing the cure on nurses!

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3. Naughty America – My Wife’s Hot Friend with Ryan Driller

This is the latest scene of hers on Naughty America, and it has been a .5 of a year. Anyways, in the video, she’s having some trouble in her life, and she needs to settle somewhere, just to get a hold of herself a little and somehow get back on track. A friend of hers has let her stay in his house, and she’s been really thankful for it, however, she felt under pressure lately, you know, stress about life and all that.

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She quickly needs to do something to relief her of this stress, and fortunately, her friend Ryan is a generous man, and he’ll always help a friend in need. He’s a friend, indeed. Especially because he sticks his dick up her pussy just right!

You aren’t a porn star if you didn’t shoot for some of Naughty America‘s fantasies which we all breathe for!

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2. Bangbros – Latina With Huge Tits

Aw, we just annihilated our tradition by putting Bangbros second to last! What happened? Anyway, Yurizan is in a giving mood, and she wants to give it to all her fans that found her ass round! Get it? Ah, forget it. She just likes to fuck, OK? And Bangbros seem like the perfect site for it. It’s time to ride on the biggest cock they can give!!! Alex is gonna be the perfect dude who tries out some naughty stuff with this bad Latina girl. She deserves a spanking… with his dick… to her face and ass.

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At least we broke the tradition with this hell of a video. Personally, this is my best pick of all the videos I’VE seen of Yurizan Beltran, not only the reviewed ones. I reckon you should check it out.

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1. Hustler – Busty Athletics

Of all the 5 videos, this is the medal of honor. First of all, she filmed for Hustler. Secondly, she passed the audition in a second for being busty. But we also need to add that she is in a rather athletic shape in this Yurizan Beltran hot video. And since we’re in a mathematics and science mood, all that equals to Hustler’s Busty Athletics. It maybe seems like this one’s a medal of Courtney Cummz for the taking, however, I think Yuri is underrated here.

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Courtney is like the coach here, getting a team of girls that fit the requirements to be athletic porn stars. But, can they pass the sports test, that’s the question. They will be pushed to their limit, just before they start moaning and scream “Uncle!”. However, all these sexy girls, Alexa Nicole, Halie James, Franceska Jaimes, and don’t forget Yurizan Beltran, aren’t ready to just give up like that, they will ride a fat and lengthy cock without conceding. They are riding it, squeezing it and eating it all up!!! If I were a sex coach, I’d let them all be sports stars!

Hustler knows what their viewer want most, and that is famous porn stars – for which we all have a crush on!

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