10 Most Beautiful Female Pornstars

The fact that porn is a growing industry is no wonder to anyone. But alongside this gigantic industry, there are some beautiful female pornstars that stand out. Either by their looks, performance, or in some cases both!

Time to see who the Most Famous Female Pornstars are:

10th Sasha Grey

First, yet last on our list of beautiful female pornstars, is Sasha Grey. For those who weren’t aware, Sasha’s first porn scene was in an orgy with none other than Rocco Siffredi, in “The Fashionistas 2”. Wow, now that’s a real desire to do porn! Sasha’s got the look of a real girl next door, with an ass that’s AMAZING!

After getting the part in “The Girlfriend Experience”, a mainstream movie directed by Steven Soderbergh, Sasha started to stray from porn, until she eventually retired. Sasha’s porn career was short and bright, full of controversy and attention from media.

You can check out this nice interview with Sasha Grey by

We’re still sad and sorrow for her leave, but we’ll always have her vast collection of porn movies (over 300 as performer and 2 as director) to alleviate our pain with…

Hmm… we might’ve missed something… Ah yes, Sasha Grey starred in Eminem’s Space Bound (watch it HERE) music video. If you haven’t, then you must surely check Eminem’s collaboration with Sasha Grey.

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9th Mia Malkova

Blonde bombshell Mia Malkova is the DREAM of any blonde-loving guy! Age 24, born in 1992, Malkova is a real surprise in the bedroom, and here’s why: With a real contortionist’s talent, Mia Malkova makes most of her porn scenes unique and sexy as fuck.

Mia’s got that naughty yet angelic look until you check the over 200 porn movies which she starred in… and suddenly you can forget all about her nice-girl look. Throughout her porn movies, Mia didn’t shy away from partnering up with girls in 2 on 1 scenarios and even has lots of girl-on-girl sex scenes.

We have a full article about the best porn scenes of Mia Malkova that you can check out HERE

All in all, Mia is a rising star in this industry and all eyes should be on her!

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8th Riley Reid

Riley Reid, the sexy young girl of only 25 (born in 1991), is a relatively new sensation in the porn industry, although she first starred in porn back in 2011. Everyone loves her, including me! There’s that Girl Next Door feeling about her hard to find these days…

Fun fact: she majored in Psychology and had the desire to become a teacher. Good thing she decided to leave the matter of minds and switch to a more desirable matter, that of body and sex. In an industry where it’s all about big boobs and MILF-like bodies, Riley Reid is hot as hell! Her small tits are mesmerizing…but her’s out of this world!

By the way, you noticed Riley’s tattoos on her back, written in Kanji right? For those of you who didn’t know, it means “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Kind of what she did with that petite body of hers. She is one of the more unique beautiful female pornstars on our list.

You can visit Riley Reid’s website HERE and you can easily order fleshlights that are exact replicas of her vagina or anus, depending on what REALLY turns you on

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7th of the Beautiful Female Pornstars – August Ames

August Ames is a favorite among many porn lovers. Ames is in the porn industry since late 2013 while her first appearance was in a solo scene with stocking fetish. August has a lovely big smile, complimenting her curvy body and giving fans boners for over 140 porn movies already. Her tits are amazing, big and round, just as you’d expect from a top porn performer. Her ass is just as great!

We also reviewed the top videos of August Ames in another article, click here and take a look

August Ames’ biggest strength is the pleasure she shows while playing with cock, either by sucking it or riding it. She has also dabbled with VR Porn, which I’m sure will peak her fans’ interest a bit. Since August Ames’ career is just at its starting point, we can’t wait to see how she’ll develop as a porn star! (we REALLY REALLY like what we see so far)

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6. Asa Akira

Asa Akira, a name that needs no introduction, has already been featured on our site in three different articles:

Asa Akira remains one of the most famous pornstars ever, mostly for how passionate she is in all of her movies, displaying a perversity and kinkiness we rarely see in porn. Asa is also into directing now and taking her talent and passion to a whole different level.

One of Akira’s most recent porn movies is Suicide Squad XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2016), a porn parody that was mandatory to be made! She’s playing Katana and can be seen in two scenes: first with Kleio Valentino (playing her most famous role as Harley Queen) and with Lexington Steele as Deadshot.

Asa Akira is, overall, a power-house name in the porn industry and among all the other beautiful female pornstars.

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5th – The most Extravagant of Beautiful Female Pornstars – Mia Khalifa

The American pornstar, born in Lebanese is also known as Mia Callista. She’s, perhaps, one of the biggest stars the porn industry has seen (in terms of worldwide celebrity). She came onto the porn scene in 2014 and soon enough everyone was talking about her. About her amazing big tits and MILF-like body, as well as her controversial decisions in doing porn.

Mia Khalifa, Mia Khalifa…have you heard the song dedicated to her? HERE it is, and as a bonus, it’s with Mia twerking in the background

Mia triggered a lot of hate towards her, with her Lebanese tattoos, hijab porn and total disregard towards the Islamic religion. At the same time, she also gained her fame and fans. Drama was always around her porn career, though it didn’t faze her at all.

Mia’s career was bright but brief, it ended in 2015 (we’re still hoping for a cumback!!) and she has a total of 22 porn movies (according to IAFD). Although a year has passed since Mia Khalifa released any new porn videos, she’s still in the top searches, interests and obviously, in our dirty dirty minds.

Mia Khalifa on the most beautiful female pornstars list

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4. Sophie Dee

Time to take a look at UK’s beauty, Sophie Dee. Sophie’s as curvy as it gets, with beautiful big tits finishing up her MILF look.

She’s a dirty pornstar that seems to be always enjoying cock, be it in her mouth, ass or pussy. Although her performance has always been top notch, there’s something else that separates her from the other MILFs in porn. And that’s her accent. The classical British accent is so rare in porn (at least in a few famous porn movies) that it actually improved the quality of the movies I’ve seen of her so far.

She has been in the porn industry since January 2005, when she moved to the USA to pursue a career in porn. In this time span, she performed in over 500 movies and directed one – Sophie Dee’s My Point Of View.

Sophie Dee has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, click here to check out her profile

Did I mention her mesmerizing blue eyes? They’re sure to take your thought off of her ass, at least for one second!

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3. Brandi Love

There’s no way you missed a porn movie with Brandi Love, especially if you’re into MILFs. And Brandi is one of the best MILFs out there!

She started her career back in 2007, when she was 34 years old, and slowly but steadily made a name for herself. Not only that she’s famous for her MILF roles, but also the more recent “Hot Wife” trend that took over the internet in the past years.

Brandi Love’s body is that of a goddess! Her gigantic tits, her worked out a body and natural smile are the causes for many erections throughout the world. And what’s even sexier about her is her attitude as a MILF, a cougar, and a sensual woman.

By the way, you can also check out our Brandi Love toplist with her hottest porn scenes HERE

Fun fact: Brandi Love has been married since 1994 with Chris Potoski. The two are enjoying and advocating for the benefits of an open marriage. Quite inspiring right?

Most beautiful female pornstars featuring Brandi Love

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2. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann, the “mother” of all porn-lovers out there, is without a doubt one of the most famous female pornstars. Her MILF-like body has tingled with many guys’ fantasies, leaving them wanting for more. She has played every role out there: teacher, mother, secretary, office boss, university dean and the list can go on and on. Fun fact: she prefers the term cougar over MILF, which in all honesty fits her better!

However, Lisa Ann’s most famous role was Serrah Paylin (parody for Sarah Palin, vice presidential nominee in 2008) in “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?”. The series continued with “Obama is Nailin’ Palin”, “Letterman’s Nailin’ Palin” “You’re Nailin Palin”, “Hollywood’s Nailin Palin” and “Who’s Nailin Palin 2”.

After becoming an idol for many fans and up-and-coming girls and a well-established name in the porn industry, Lisa Ann retired, without looking back. In December 2014, Lisa released a hand-written letter on her personal Facebook in which she detailed her retirement.

The Vice interviewed Lisa Ann as the World’s favorite pornstar, click here and read the full article

Soon after this event, Lisa Ann also released her book: “The Life”. Nowadays, the sensual cougar has switched from porn to fantasy football. She now hosts the “Lisa Ann Does Fantasy”, a biweekly show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

We have to say, we’re already missing Lisa’s curvy body as well as her full lips…but at the same time, we have over 540 videos with her…that should be enough right? WRONG! Come back LISA ANN!

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1st of Beautiful Female Pornstars – Alexis Texas

At the top of the list, there’s Alexis Texas, the pornstar that many are calling the “Anal Queen” and for good reason! Her best feature is her ass as well as her appetite for sex, especially anal sex.

It’s kind of hard to think that not that long ago (around October 2006), she was an unknown girl doing an Amateur College Girl video which set her career in motion.

Back in 2010, Maxim featured her as one of the twelve best female pornstars. However, Alexis’ hunger for fame didn’t stop to the porn industry, as she went on to star in Bloodlust Zombies (2011), a comedy horror movie.

We have a nice toplist about the best anal scenes of Alexis Texas, click here and check it out

Ever since her appearance in the porn industry, Alexis has been one of the most beloved and adored pornstars in the scene, with over 560 adult movies.

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