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To be honest with you, I never heard of August Ames before a month or so. And I see now that I’ve been missing out a lot of it. August brings some color to this monotonous porn world, where typical blondes, brunettes with big asses and tits are at the top. Nothing wrong with it, but you sometimes get tired of the same porn stars. That’s when August Ames comes in, looking absolutely gorgeous!

She comes from Canada, born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, on the August 23rd, 1994. That unique thing about her is that she’s mostly Polish descent, with some African American roots and ancestors. You can firstly tell that because she has a darker skin color than usual.

If you want to know more about her, you can read about her career on this page!

When she was about 14 – previously living and moving to different places in Canada, she worked at a horse ranch in the US, where she cleaned stables and taught disabled children how to ride horses!

Even by her general appearance, you can say that she is a calm, good person, who emits loads of positive energy and vibes which she expresses through rough sex! The way she smiles is just… indescribable. You have to see this wonder of nature.

In high school, she said for herself that she was a weirdo, until the 11th grade, when her body started to change and she became hot. As she says: “I was kind of a little loser, it was in Grade 11 in high school when I got hot. I got a bad reputation by the time I finished high school because I wanted to have fun.

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Apparently, everyone was so hurt by that”, as seen on Naughty America. Anyways, I’ve made a slight digression here, however, it’s all purposely for me to try and transfer the feeling that August makes to grow inside you. It isn’t only me, right? I mean, she really is one-of-a-kind.

I see that some porn critics seem to call her out as “tall”, but she’s only 5’6. Her legs make her look tall because they’re long. It’s so sexy when she has high heels. You fall in love with her limbs. She has a nice pair of tits, bigger sized and natural, and they come in a package with her small ass.

Ahem, so, later on, she worked as a yoga instructor, and just before she entered the porn business, she was a bartender and tan salon worker. Officially, she made her first step in November 2013.

As for her awards, she doesn’t have many but we can give her a break because it’s only been 3 years. Plus she’s still young, has a whole career ahead of her. I think she will make it. No doubt. Hm, I’m starting to think that I have a secret crush on August… She won my heart, and here are the stuff that she also won – porn star awards:

2015 – Cutest Newcomer (Fan Award) by AVN (visit her profile here), Cream Dream by XRCO

Also in 2015 and 2016, besides these wins, she had 9 nominations such as Best New Starlet, Best POV Sex Scene – AVN, Best New Starlet – XBIZ, Female Performer of the Year (2016) – AVN and XBIZ, and others as well.

8. Naughty Rich Girls with Ryan McLane

August looks beautiful with short, blonde-brunette shaded hair. It brings out her sexiness. Apparently, she’s a rich girl who’s successful daddy spoils her in different ways. Such as, she has a thing for her Ryan, her dad’s employee.

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She wants to fuck him good while she knows that it’s wrong, because it’s her dad’s employee, for the love of God! But, these are the situations where spoil kicks in – and August gets anything that she desires! Naughty America just being naughty as always:

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7. Dirty Wives Club with Preston Parker

Previously with the short hair, and now with the long hair, curl-edged. August is astonishing. Black stockings mixed with pink colored bra and undies – priceless. Preston is fucking lucky. He thinks that by giving August a ride home he’ll get anything, including a ride from August in return.

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He’s fortunate because her husband is, and will be away for quite some time. It makes her feel lonely a bit, being completely left to herself back home. That’s when Ryan comes in, to help her with it and fulfill the needs that remained unmet.

Another one bites the dust:

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6. August Ames Demands To Get Fucked

August is hungry for cock, and she came to the right place to get some dick! She literally came, haha! Bangbros send out their best boy to slam his cock inside this voracious whore! Before anything, he lifts her cute pink black striped shirt to put some slippery sliding, and fastly enough, she gets down on her knees to suck him off!

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She even has that trendy leash around her neck, probably put as a measurement where the maximum amplitude is. She should try and push the limit – she IS horny and all. Now is the time to try different things! After Logan, maybe she’ll think twice before she barges in wanting cock before bread! Or maybe she will “dick” twice?

Bangbros typical exaggerating porn, where they exceed every possible way you put the scenario, sex-related, of course:

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5. The Gift of Dick

August’s boyfriend makes the best use of the colorful piercing on her tongue by giving her a little gift, as a “sorry” for when he’s not around. The gift for her when he’s away is a trusty vibrator since there would be no one to fill her sexual needs (assumption). She can use it as much as she wants, but for now, when her boyfriend is here, the only thing she will get up in her pussy is his long and hard cock!

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There’s no mercy and no excuses! The dick is getting in, right here and right now! And probably a little there, as well. Ah, ok, she can use it for additional stimulation as he gets to the “there” part if you know what I mean. August always appreciates it if she can have some additional anal sex that spices things up a little bit.

Bangbros always adds some extra spice to that meal, however, they keep its authenticity:

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4. No Pants Dance

She really enjoys the dancing with no panties! It sets her pussy free, free for a real hard cock to start penetrating it! A classic scene, with some teasin’ and later on some pleasin’. She takes out her melons and plays with them, and it appears like she’s bragging and showing off, like, “Look what I’ve got and you don’t!”

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This policy doesn’t seem to change even after Chris comes to bang her, destroy her pussy, and blow it to smithereens after the cock of his, with its large diameter COMES in!! But it actually comes out. On the early-mentioned titties and face!

This is some very exclusive Reality Kings stuff:

August Ames

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3. Big Tit Fantasies #4

The numero quatro scene is dedicated only for August Ames, but besides her, the “Big Tit Fantasies” stars are Peta Jensen, Romi Rain, and Nina Elle. The legendary Manuel Ferrara (read his Wiki page here) is the director, and you can tell it because his scenes are straightforward hardcore porn!

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August is trying out her favorite pose, teasing her man poolside, grinding on his dick. She takes her casual pink socks, and they took the sexual tension with them to the house, to let it all outside, and they pretty much do! Such a sweet mansion to get fucked in, ain’t it Aug?

Some reality from these guys again? They make me jealous of these people:

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2. Sinning With My Siter: Chapter Two

Of all the hotties starring in this film, guess who’s listed number one? August Ames! She has probably the best scene of all, better than Abella Danger, Phoenix Marie, and other girls. Don’t think anything wrong about the title of this film, it’s a serious porn publishing house, that’s illegal what you had in mind, you dirty scum!

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I like it how Johnny Castle makes funny faces in this scene, for an example, when his step-sister August lets him touch and play with her boobs! Later on, they extend the step-brother, step-sister love on a whole new level, having a hardcore fuck on the black linen king sized bed!

Did you ever wonder what would it be like to spend your day with a porn star? Visit Day With a Pornstar now and start watching!

Pretty Dirty knows what’s pretty dirty! You can’t help but love these sort of a forbidden fruit videos! Especially when you’re close to a relation with a porn star!

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1. Titty Creampies #07

August Ames is auditioning for a porn career, and she’s making a scene through the director’s eyes, POV style! Did I say through his eyes? I mean and through his dick, as well! She needs to take this one seriously and give her best shot. So that director Kevin Moore can take his!

On her large tits, which she unleashed, being all bouncy and juicy and big! She teases him for a bit, like a professional porn star that she is – she does have to impress another professional, so it must flow like that!

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For some style points, she gets down on her knees to put his massive cock inside her mouth and down her throat – the deeper his dick goes the bigger the chances are that she will pass the audition, onto the next stage! Such a hot scene, with no extra hardcore activity, and THAT is quite impressive! Evil Angel up to its own mischief, nothing unordinary, only the best porn:

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