8 Must-Watch Videos With Sydney Cole

Looky here, what do we have for our hungry desires now? Sydney Cole, not bad, not bad. Born on 2nd November 1995 in Tampa, Florida, US. So she’s like 21 now? Woo-hoo, it was about time that we had some new generation babes on our hot plates! This gal has her hair dyed differently, but she’s mostly a brunette, however, she sometimes changes her style to stay fresh!

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Blonde girl with sweet ass

She has an amazing athletic body, however, her tits are small (32B) and her ass is mediocre, but I blame it all on her age! She’s still young and she actually didn’t fully develop! Her boobs are small, but she has large nipples that look like large stamps that you put on those old envelopes!

This 5’2 (157cm) petite girl – before I continue, don’t forget that there is always something special in the short ones, enough said. Like I mentioned way back, dynamite comes in small packages. Anyways, Sydney Cole started porn in 2014 performing in some hardcore scenes. Later on, she started her professional career pretty fast, as well-known companies and porn studios started to work with her a lot!

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That’s pretty much it from Syndey Cole which you should now about, however, either way, there isn’t much of her and her biography. It’s only been 2 years and then some. She needs to build her reputation like the other girls because she holds a bright future in her hands. Hope it all turns out great, I’ll be loving to see her in the future as one of the best porn stars. We’ve singled out the best porn videos of Sydney, so you be the judge if she has potential or not!

8. Devils Film – Tight Sweet Teen Pussy #11, Scene #01

The Devil always has some juicy ordeals to put us through. Sydney is staying at her friend’s house, being filmed by him and from the preview, we’re revealed that she’ll be there for about a week until she finds a place to stay! The guy clearly says: “I’ll take care of you if you take care of me!” And that’s when the stripping commences!

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Syndey takes off her tank top and does actually start to take care of her little friend there! I mean, his little friend’s little friend. She crouches and bends on her knees to make sure that that cock gets in her mouth and down her throat! You can have everything in life if you pay a certain price, right Cole?

If you’re wondering how tight Sydney pussy is, I’ll spoil it for you: Not that tight, at all!

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7. Reality Junkies – Teen Hitchhikers

Syndey Cole’s car broke down, and a friend of her’s, James, spots her going by the side of the road, trying to hitchhike. She sees James stopping by, and he asks her what’s the matter. When he heard her story, he decides to let her get in his car, so he can drive her wherever she’s heading to. Besides, he doesn’t want her parents to know that he ditches her, even though he saw her hitchhiking!

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She told him that she’s headed for the mall, but she wasn’t dressed for it, she gave out too much intimacy! Since James can’t take her home to change, because her dad will kill her if he sees her dressed so lightly, he takes her to his place, he has “spare parts for girls clothing”.

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They seemed to fail their goal since Sydney did the opposite – she took off all her clothes and found the perfect time to fuck James!

Reality seen from RJ is such a great reality. Too bad that it ain’t a perfect world which we live in!

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6. Reality Kings – Real Ripe

Reality Kings reveal to us what’s the world like through the eyes of a young adult, still teenage girl! And it’s so unclear and messy! Sydney Cole is the example of the newer generations, fearless warriors which are ready to take on anything that stands in their way. Even if that certain thing is a giant cock! She’s filmed by the Reality Kings, and they want to see what is she capable of.

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The iron girl made of steel! They stimulate her a little to let her full potential out, and soon enough the master challenge fades in and the fuckin’ and suckin’ starts! Pretty hardcore from you, Reality Kings, isn’t it? I love these types of porn, where you get to know a porn star a little, however, she does act a little, but still, it makes you horny as fuck. Maybe it’s just Syndey, who knows.

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5. Reality Kings – Super Sydney

Try out Sydney, take two! This one is similar to Real Ripe, however, is Super Syndey the real Sydney Cole? Hm, how do we test this… Oh yeah, that’s right! Silly me, you just take yet another huge cock, to see if she’s the chosen one! I love her appearance more in this scene, with that dark red tanktop which seems it’s made of fine silk or cashmere, and a short white skirt, just to make it easier to drill her pussy!

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She’s still being asked some obvious questions, but on a different couch. This one’s wide! And even more comfortable! So she can ride in peace. Since everything is set, all it’s left for sex to take place! Ready, steady, go! Suck the dick, Super Sydney!

Not much to talk about here, a pattern porn is what we got here:

Best of Sydney Cole on Reality Kings

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4. Bangbros – Sydney Cole Loves it All

When she was only 19, it’s been destined for Sydney that she and the dick will be married together. Bangbros show how much Sydney really is in love with cock, and she enjoys every second of her pussy and mouth torture! The guy who’s fucking her is having a blast! Literally!

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When he puts his cock inside her mouth he throws it on her cheek walls to make her sound like an Indian! Lucky Bastard. Wait, ’till Sydney gets to the top and he’ll be the one to drink her pussy juice, bottoms up! You just go, girl! Try to think of three words that describe BangBros the most. I’ll give you some time:

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3. Bangbros – Sydney Cole Bounces Her Big Ass on a Raw Cock

Sydney’s outside spray painting a what seems to be a big carton with a hole put through it. Right until I read what it says: “Mouth HERE Bang Bros” – where the mouth is pointed at the hole! Oh my gosh! It’s a mini glory hole! And just when I found it out, bam!

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A long, thick cock pops out of the whole and not even a second passed before Sydney got it eaten whole! She ADORES it! It barely fits in her mouth, that’s how long and fat the dick is. The guy gets tired of the cock suck from her, and takes this sexy girl to bed, to make things straight – to her pussy!

Sydney? Check. Ass? Check. Raw cock? Check. We’ve got the necessities, time to open wide!

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2. Nubiles Porn – My Turn

This scene consisted of two rounds. Round one: Sydney and Brick are arguing over the washing machine, who’s going to do it, and it all comes down to Sydney doing it at the end. FYI, Sydney is Brick’s step-sister and she’s too provocative and seductively dressed not to notice.

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Even Brick notices that he has a hot step-sister, which annoys him. She starts to take off her clothes and the two start to fight bare naked! Brick goes Disc Jockey on her clit, and as soon as you know it, his penis is in his step-sisters vagina, right on the washing machine! Turn it on for extra pleasure!

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Later on, they decide to go for round two: In the kitchen. Brick comes back for more, however, Sydney thinks it’s not right to have sex with her step-bro, and she didn’t take long to cancel that statement. She enjoys the forbidden fruit (banana) which her brother has! Especially when it’s sliding down her tongue!

Best of Sydney Cole on Nubiles Porn

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1. Naughty America – My Friend’s Hot Girl with Preston Parker

We meet again, Naughty America. This time, with new bitches and hoes. Sydney decides to show appreciation to her boyfriend’s friend, who let her stay for the night since she has no place to sleep over. What a nice gesture from Preston.

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Not that he knows he’ll score some pussy immediately, knowing Sydney’s gullible, tractable – or she just does what she wants to. Put it in any way you want it, Preston is putting his dick in her, either way. Just a classic Naughty America fantasy, which not only Americans dream of!

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