7 Popular Lexi Belle Scenes

Lexi Belle, or more like Sexy Belle, whether blonde or hazelnut hair color, is a porn star you should note for yourself. If you ever find yourself in a dilemma which porn star you should watch, then knock yourself off with some Lexi Belle hot sex.

You’ll never be wrong picking this gorgeous angel. She was born on the August 5th, 1987 in a small town called Independence, Louisiana. I’m always glad when I see someone who starts from a place which isn’t even located on a map and ends amongst the stars… Porn stars.

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Lexi Belle top pornstar

She began her career as earliest at can it be, in 2006, when she was only 18. We can say that she had a tough childhood, but we aren’t sure how tough it actually is for her because her mom died when she was young age, so she had to stay with a foster family, in which she grew up and was raised. Lexi identifies herself as a bisexual, also to mention that.

She decided to start doing porn instead of any other job, but she can’t really help it since porn is the only thing that she was truly dedicated to. By looking at her face, the more you stare, the more her Irish descent it brings out.

You know, natural hazelnut hair, freckles on her face and just by the shape of her eyes and mouth you can tell that she’s from North Western Europe. Other than these attributes, one of the most obvious is her height, she’s standing at 5’3 (175cm), which is quite small if you ask me, however, it makes her a cute petite porn star and she looks amazing either way.

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Lexi Belle Hot Sex Scenes Rule the World of Porn

She has smallish-medium tits (32C cup size), followed by a small ass. If you ask me what’s so special then about her, I’d probably tell you that she’s charismatic and 99% of us would say – beautiful, and definitely fits into the most-searched “teen” category.

Now, as for her achievements in porn, she’s done quite a good progress. Starting from 2008 until now, she got some pretty nice awards. With her outstanding performance, she successfully earned the following awards:

2010 – Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene, Best New Web Starlet

2011 – Best Supporting Actress

2012 – Best Boy/Girl Scene

2013 – Best Oral Sex Scene, Best Tease Performance, Best Three-Way Sex Scene

2014 – Social Media Star (Fan Award)

Other than these AVN awards, she’s won the “Favorite Underrated Starlet” award from F.A.M.E. and a “Cream Dream” from XRCO. Both awarded in 2010.

You can always find an extensive list of Lexi Belle’s porn movie titles on her IMDB, click on the link and visit her page

7. Hustler – Lexi Belle in Delinquents

Lexi Belle is driving a low-rider when suddenly her engine has stopped, and the car won’t budge. It’s a classic car, you know, like those gangster cars which were ridden by usually African-American rappers. Like the Chevy Impala from 1964. You got to know your car damn it!

Anyhow, she’s in need of a tow, and who can help her else than the convenient bald guy with sunglasses. They somehow managed to bring the car to the garage, and Lexi wanted to award him with a blowjob. The two got horny and before you know it, a Lexi Belle hot sex scene happens on the spot.

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6. Vivid – Fresh Picked

6 carefully chosen girls are getting a pounding each. That means Lexi Belle, Blue Angel, Mallory Rae Murphy, Ally Kay and Ashlyn Rae, all 6 of them are going to get a cock inside them, and all they have to do is perform on it the best they can. Just like fruits, only the ones which seem to be mature are picked – for the best taste award. However, in porn, that’s a contrast.

A porn star tastes cock and the one who looks like she sucked the best cock in their life with some teasing included, wins! And what’s the prize you ask me? It’s more cocks, of course! Silly guys. In whatever way you put it, it will be a cock-fiesta either way. That’s why this scene is special. 3 words. Only The Best!

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5. Bangbros BangBus – Lexi Belle in Miami

Lexi Belle has taken a long trip to Miami, and I need to tell you, her trip is not a straight path to Miami. It’s full of twists and turns. And they make a stop at every single one which is promising potential. If you don’t know what a BangBus is – it’s a bus which you take like any other, except it’s a mini bus and yeah, instead of cash, you’ve got to bang ass to get somewhere that you desire, I think.

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Maybe they just drop you off when you cum on Lexi Belle, and toss you out of the bus, while your butt-ass naked. It’s a hard job to keep horny Lexi satisfied. Miami is far!

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4. Naughty America – 2 Chicks Same Time – Danny Mountain with Lexi Belle and Carolyn Reese

This is a remastered scene from the original that’s dated in 2008. The scenario flows with Carolyn Reese and Lexi Belle being the guests at their friend Danny’s place. He’s cooking for them, while these two beauties duties were only to bring wine. It’s kind of a drag to show up at a dinner at your friend’s without bringing anything out of appreciation.

Check out this DailyEcho article about Danny Mountain and how he became a successful pornstar

However, the girls thought that wine wouldn’t be enough for Danny’s greatly good will, so they offer him their bodies for his full manipulation. Anyways, it’s an offer that can’t be refused. Danny ends up piling his dick inside both girls at the Same Time in this Lexi Belle hot sex scene.

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3. All Girl Massage – Health Club Scene #01

Lexi Belle just can’t get enough. A hard life that she’s living. She’s forced to sit on an uncomfortable wooden chair at work, replacing the regular plush one that she, now previously, had. However, no fear, because Lena Nicole is here! She’s the person to talk to for Lexi when she’s in pain, just like that.

When Lexi came in, Lena asked her to sit down and undress. It’s not weird for girls seeing girls naked, believe me. It’s like a natural, sister-ish thing. While Lexi is laying down, Lena will slowly massage her parts in pain, which is mostly her ass.

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She starts relaxing her muscles, goes down to her ass, and not long has taken Lena to exceed to the woo-hoo part. She starts to rub her pussy and slowly takes off her clothes, where in fact, All Girl Massage has officially started. And then we finally have some hot, lesbian action!

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2. Reality Junkies – Filthy Family Volume #06

Rule number one on the internet, especially intended when you’re surfing internet porn – never trust a misleading title. You’d probably think by now that we’re reviewing some sick incestive stuff, however, it’s not the case at all. “Filthy Family” is simply consisted of family members who love to fuck other people! Whew!

Lexi Belle, Ashlynn, Seth Gamble, Veronica Avluv, all of these sickos are nymphomaniacs. Other than Seth, he’s just a man. Lexi takes dick from the father of the not-her-family, right in the middle of the office!

Next up Seth rails Veronica, a friend’s hot mom a.k.a. MILF. The scene ends with a bang, where India Summer, the mom who is at home alone, gets a massage. Everyone knows where this massage is leading, so yeah, that’s pretty much it.

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All that put aside, Lexi is the MVP on this scene. Filthy Family is pretty much fun, but you always kind of hardly wait for a Lexi Belle hot sex part. Like a lead actor that you had a secret crush on or something, it just feels that way.

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1. Sweet Heart Video – Lexi Belle Loves Girls Scene #04

I don’t actually know which scene exactly is #04, but my spidey sense is tingling when I’m looking at the scene with Nikki Hearts. Must be it. Other than her, Lexi’s doing Kristina Rose, Raven Rockette, and Skin Diamond, ascending order, probably. The final is with Nikki Hearts and we save the best ones for last, don’t you think?

Well, it all starts spontaneous, some talking, then gradually turning into kissing, a little bit of undressing every here and there, gentle titty sucking, it all looks so leisurely.

Then it becomes real serious, when we get to the one and only best part – the pussy part. And what’s better than a pussy? 2 of them! As things escalate, or should I say… get down. Nikki gets to it with the licky-licky down there! It’s only done to prepare Lexi’s pussy for what’s about to come!

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And that’s (other than her), a strap-on dildo! If you want maximum slide – you need to get minimum friction – it’s basic physics and general knowledge. Duh. You got to know your ground if you want to have hardcore sex! Anyhow, this is pretty much it. The scene ends with some talk with another girl. The end. Bye. Just kidding, love you guys.

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