Hot Busty MILF Ava Addams in 9 Scenes

A invigorating porn star we have, after all those amateurish teenies it’s sight for sore eyes to read some good material about Ava Addams. If you haven’t heard about her yet, you probably are too young or have heard about porn yesterday. Or maybe today, because 1 day is just enough to stumble on Ava.


She’s a MILF queen equally important as Lisa Ann, Sasha Gray or other sounding names you come across on a basis. Ava was born in Gibraltar, which complicates things about her nationality. Gibraltar is officially a British territory, where residents of Gibraltar can be granted British citizenship.

Its geographical location is between south Spain which is the northern part of Gibraltar, and the southern part borders Morocco on the African continent. A little lesson in geography from me doesn’t hurt. Although, Ava’s birth in Gibraltar was a mere coincidence.

She was given birth by French parents, who pull Spanish and Italian roots. To make thing even more bizzare, Ava was raised in Houston, Texas in the US. Quite diverse, don’t you think? A true divergent! She had a promising life story since the beginning, a mad house from September 16th, 1981!

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Due to her gene predispositions, and set of life events obviously, she speaks fluently English and French. When she was a little girl, she knew Spanish, however she keeps the knowledge of the language on recognition and understanding level.

Before we move onto her life biography, let’s just finish what we’re primarily obliged to do – sky-high exaltation of one’s physical appearence. Ava’s got black hair, brown eyes and a loving smile. So, her face ain’t anything special, she’s more of a mom figure resemblence than anything else.

Maybe something deeper is hiding between these lines, but we’ll just say that there’s nothing special about her facial beauty, which is still present. She is surprisingly small, 5’3, I expected more from a veteran MILF, but she’s one of those dynamites which knock your dick off only by seeing them.

Huge and fake are the adjectives which go along with the noun “tits”, speaking about Ava. 32 triple D watermelons are more than enough to feed a entire Gibraltar inhabiting 30000 people. There’s more to it, because she has a nice ass aback that just begs you to slap it hard with a post-burning sensation!

During her early childhood, she did acting and modelling besides attending a nursing school which Ava essentially hadn’t finished. Later on, when she matured, she worked in a doctor’s office, working with health insurances, coding and billing.

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Eventually, the dulling job made her life indifferent, so she quit and had turned to the porn industry quite soon. She states that her girlfriend is responsible for her final decision to leave Houston for Miami to move in with her, where she signed with Playboy several months later.

Ava was firstly a Playboy model and then in 2008 she made a scene debut. Those starting scenes were lesbian and solo, non-dick related to express myself vulgarly. 2 years passed until James Deen became her first on-scene man whom she performed with. Until today, Ava’s performances count 270 movies. For this given time, she received the next awards and nominations:

  • 2012 – AVN: 1 nomination
  • 2013 – AVN: MILF Performer of the Year (n) and 1 more nomination
  • XBIZ: MILF Performer of the Year (n)
  • 2014 – AVN: MILF Performer of the Year (n) and 1 more nomination
  • NightMoves: Best MILF Performer (n)
  • 2015 – AVN: MILF Performer of the Year (n)
  • NightMoves: Best Cougar/MILF Performer (w)
  • XBIZ: MILF Performer of the Year (n) and 1 more nomination
  • XRCO: MILF of the Year (n)
  • 2016 – AVN: 3 nominations including MILF Performer of the Year (n)
  • XBIZ: 3 nominations including MILF Performer of the Year (n)
  • XRCO: MILF of the Year

That’d be probably it, briefly about Ava Addams. Maybe for some it is too much, for some it isn’t, all in all, skim through it, you’ll definitely find something interesting and worth reading. However, this Top 9 Scenes of Ava Addams below is the thing we’re all here for, exclusively on Sex Top Lists!

9. Evil Angel – Big Tit Centerfolds

Ask Evil Angel if you’re wondering what does it take to make a good porn film. 1) Hot reliably trending MILF – Check 2) Good enough guy with a big dick as Ava’s partner (yes, I mean the dick as her partner) – Check 3) Hot production studio with a hot director – Check. There you go, you’ve got a bomb of a film making.

Ava Addams has those huge tits which don’t take much for maintenance, a couple of oils or lubes and a good rub, preferably with a dick – and she’s all set to get demolished by dick. Mr. Pete is a kind of a guy who’s always ready for action, so he’s insured. Kevin knows business, so it’s lights, camera, action!

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It seems like Ava could be Pete’s mom if you take a better look. Like she’s at least 15 years older, but I think that they’re similiar age. Pete knows how to handle that pussy with just 2 of his fingers, Ava who simply got used to getting rubbed and doesn’t feel anything down there, actually felt something!

And that’s when Mr. Pete inserted his monster in like you did with CD-ROMs and 2000’s computers! Okay, I think I took a huge crap while writing a review about this, and it’s only for those who don’t know my style of writing, so to be sincere, this is just a plain scene from Evil Angel, you really think it takes 3 easy steps to make a piece of cake like this?! Pft, please! I could’ve directed a better porn movie! If I only had Ava Addams on my bedsheets…

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8. Naughty America – Seduced by a Cougar with Preston Parker

This one of Ava’s latest shit is very lit, she be looking so thicc af” – as the colloquial English “consumer” would say today, probably describing this scene in his own words. In technical speak with a slight affix, it looks like this: Like any other MILF in the neighborhood area, a certain plumbing issue occurs quite often, which is ultimately rare in any other neighborhoods which are populated by different age groups.

No more no less, but usually a dildo gets stuck in the drain and who knows how many similar cases did this plumber have recently! But a plumber’s got to do what a plumber’s gotta do! He was let in Ava’s home, she directed him to the epicenter of water deficiency and soon enough he pulled out the ruined dildo and that’s when Ava realized that toys aren’t for her anymore.

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She’s a big girl now, and big girls get big cocks, it’s reciprocal! She lets out her massive tits and fine ass, and it’s all up to Preston Parker and his vast plumbing skills to fix her personal plumbing problems! No, nothing’s stuck in her pipes, and that IS the problem! Preston is there to manage everything as far as he’s concerned!
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7. Anal Acrobats – Strap-On Anal Lesbians 3

Isn’t it a delight to watch Phoenix Marie and Ava Addams, two experienced gals, two gifted bodies with lively and playful tempers! Just like little chli… woah… let’s not take it over the legal limit, shall we? Since this is Anal Acrobats, disregard the wicked porn stars now, the main character here is the strap-on, and by using my special virtual visual measurement, I’d say that the brown strap-on, is after all big as any other black cock, of course and that’s about 30cm, right?

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It could barely fit in these MILFs pussies and asses, I wonder if the tip would even enter a teen’s pussy if that’s the case! Phoenix was the commander while Ava was the rook getting loaded by her girlfriend’s sweet thrusting abilities! Afterwards, they switched and now let’s see who’s being ditched!

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Ava takes revenge on Phoenix, it’s her golden moment! She swings her sword around, places it deeply in the throats of her enemies, then between their two huge, hanging extremities and above all, does whatever it takes to conquer girls’ ass gaping holes with her mighty strap-on!

Big tits Ava Addams’ rectum is safe and sound now after it was getting pulverized, but at the end of the day, both of the girls got a harsh rash in their anal canal and only some lube with therapeutic effect or ass cream(pie) will help!

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6. Bangbros – Big Tits Ava Addams Gets An Anal Excavation

Oh, Brother! Is Ava Addams really that dastardly? The epithet “Anal” is as frequent as her first and last name combined! Come to think of it, I’m quite shocked that the Bangbros hadn’t had Ava as her guest more. They’re usually those ass drilling kings which are obsessed with gaping holes, asses, sluts, MILFs and any other description which matches letter to letter with Ava Addams’.

They’re more skilful with asshole expanding and stretching than at cutting bread. And yeah, I’ve compared their filming style with an existential, necessary action of a everyday human being in order to survive nourished. Don’t throw ME off a bridge for it! Okay, I’m again hitting the high mark with additional overage of rows to fill in reviews for scenes which aren’t story-worthy, but hey, life goes on, yadda, yadda, yadda… some coincidental rhyme, then my boasting around, etc.

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The scene is great, I find now that Ava Addams’ scenes are really basic and straight-forward, at least these which I consider the best. She is always on point, the Bangbros are routine, oil was applied, holes were gaping, dicks were flying and mostly everything which happens on a plot-related scene, just without a strict scenario.

Ava just gets drilled throughout the whole show! We want emotions, heart-breaking, nerve-wrecking, tongue-twisting, hair-bristiling – not something basic! Come on Bro’s you can do better than that! Porn was better back in the 90’s, everything had sense back then!
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5. Sweet Sinner – My Daughter’s Boyfriend

I don’t know if you noticed or have just skipped to this part, but I’ve been changing mood sequentially in this article, mostly criticizing Ava Addams’ poor directed scenario related to her performance. It oughts to be when a specific porn star isn’t domestic American.

She is French, don’t forget that. It’s different with foreign girls. We’ve had various articles about girls from every single continent (except for the cold ones), and I always remain speechless after some point. Girls from the USA are more comfortable with their climate, natural environment and stuff like that, so I get inspired and blurt magic from my head. See the fauly moral behind porn titles?

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You don’t, exactly. It’s because they’re see-through after you watch the scene, and all I seen was Logan Pierce and Ava Addams getting a hard on the washing machine, like a cloth storage room or replacement for a basement. What would you father say if he caught you sucking Logan’s balls dry, Ava?

How can you sleep at night with such evil deeds implemented in your brain?! I’m worried sick for her. Logan’s got a sharp Excalibur in his pants, it can easily hurt her uterus. But I don’t think it will happen, she has wide hips, it’s well-enough spacious for a penis to get through the penis-casing. If that even makes fucking sense!!!

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4. Naughty America – My Wife’s Hot Friend with Charles Dera

Ah, we’ve pulled the good ol’. A common way of cheating on your wife, some may even felt it on their own skin. Namely, Ava Addams went on a date that didn’t went quite well, so like any other chick, she wants to talk about it with her best friend.

There’s always room for gossip, so she goes freely to her place, but unfortunately, she wasn’t at home, being answered by her husband Charles. Why does that keep her from opening up, men sometimes understand things better than women? Not trying to sound sexist or anything.

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When they omitted into discussion about relationships and sex, there wasn’t anything left for them to say each other, because they found a perfect match in their beliefs. Talking about the certain Mr. Right, Charles got hard and his dick became the concerned.

Ava gladly accepted his dick as gift, so she grinded on that cock after stripping that sexy dress, I wonder how lousy was the guy before with whom she went on a date. It doesn’t matter anymore, she found her consolation in her BFF’s hard cock and big tit Ava Addams doesn’t feel shame! Someone has to fullfill her need for a partner! You can’t keep everything to yourself, Brenda!
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3. Reality Kings – Learning Curve

This is why MILFs are loved widely on the globe, and this is why Ava is as well. The role of a step mom. Fits like a glove for this French oriented lady. Shae Summers is her daughter and their talking about her and her boyfriend’s relationship.

They suffered from a widespread malfunction in a bond between two people and that’s usually sexual implementation. Logan hadn’t quite satisfy his girlfriend in bed, and now Shae is searching for help asking more serious adult about the topic.

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Ava got a lucid idea of calling in Logan for a personal tuition about sex, and along the way, she opened the legs of her daughter for a free entry, so that she examines the field by herself first. She starts digging up her step daughter’s pussy, and what do you know, Logan has arrived to see this spectacle!

Nothing significantly changed, Ava made him comfortable on the couch while she explains how will he please a woman! She now forces him to dig deep and after all, Ava needs some action as well, he after all needs to make his girlfriend’s step mom happy too! Logan bamboozles both the tattletale and her step creator, and both Shae Summers and big breasted Ava have a thing in common – they have deep throats and know how to use them cleverly!


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2. Reality Junkies – Couples Seeking Teens

To tell you the truth, Ava Addams is a beautiful woman and all that, however her beauty is quite odd. When I focus on her head, I notice some strange inexplicable details. Maybe it’s just that’s she getting older and is starting to get wrinkled skin.

That’s the worst case scenario! Anyways, Ava’s man Erik Everhard achieved his last stage name because he’s staying late for work and has to, somehow, redeem himself. Ava expects from him a fancy restaurant, however, he’s got a better thing in mind. Masseuse Casey Calvert comes over ordered to relax Ava’s tightened muscles with her special tecnique!

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It will be just enough time of role play until Erik joins them, and just when they were about to crack an outburst of lesbian lovemaking, he interupts with his presence and immediately jumps in with his arrow directed at Casey’s larynx! He fucked and the masseuse and the wife! If that makes Ava happy, he’d do anything! That’s what you call a husband’s devotion to marriage! Take notes younglings!

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1. Bangbros – Experience Ava Addams

Finally something a bit minted from the Bangbros. BangPOV brings some freshness to the game and their dirty talk with the porn stars is key about their scenes. I talked about it on one of my previous articles, and that’s what makes Bangbros special.

And that’s why I “hated” on the previous scenes, which are great, don’t get me wrong, but don’t have the Bangbros charm. This one hella does! My nuts busted themselves at the part when Ava sucked your dick! And even afterwards, when you helped her apply sunscreen on her tits, which we’re bunchy since she lowered her bikini to stick them out.

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It’s not hard to stick those enormous tattas out, ain’t it, haha! Except for the blowjob, I loved the end, when you fucked her in the ass and jizzed your warm cum all over her buttocks and parts of her back! She’ll need some help to clean that up, later in the shower! Mind if you join her? Or if I join you two?… crotchety cliffhangers are the best!
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