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Audrey Bitoni body in lingerie top porn star

No, Audrey isn’t from Italy, she’s from the heart of West Coast – California, Pasadena. What? You’re left bewildered because I for once did a normal intro, sticking directly to the point? No, it’s not that Audrey Bitoni isn’t worthy for a funky beginning, but I don’t know what to say something special for the day. Audrey is a babe and a half, and there’s no doubt about it.

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Audrey Bitoni penthouse porn star

She’s born on August 16, 1986, and had a miscellaneous life. I mean, “had”, she still does have a life, haha. It’s just that when she hit 18, a thought also hit her just as hard. Audrey and her girl, whilst attending high school together as she stated, were looking for some fun and came up with the idea of porn, totally coincidentally. Admitting that she was the crazier one and the “sucker”, she has pushed her wackiness to the end, however, the case was closed ’till 2006.

So, two years later, her fun-seeking has come true and once they’ve reached the porn topic again, it was time to make changes! She sent her application pictures and that’s when the porn star dream came alive! A quite bizarre way to enter the industry but come to think of it, no porn star actually did have a straight path to their final career decision. Life, ain’t it?

You probably can find somewhere that she sent pictures for Playboy in 2004 and they were allegedly published, however, nothing exceeded her comfort zone until she turned 20. As early as 2007, she was nominated for Favorite Female Rookie by the FAME Awards!

It’s a huge deal when you’ve just begun your porn career, trust me, she probably got motivated more and believed in herself stronger! That belief resulted to creating 250 movies!

Audrey Bitoni also gave a nice interview to Porn Star Babylon, click on the link and start reading

She also stated that besides porn, she’s the outdoor type of girl, so she loves running, walking and she simply enjoys nature. In 2008 she was declared Penthouse Pet of the Month for November.

Of all these unimportant things compared to what will next be told to you, we’ve bypassed her looks, appearance – materialistic things – which matter the most in porn!

Audrey is an abyss-black haired babe with beautiful, amber eyes and has a cute face with fat lips that you’d never stop kissing if you had the chance, and let’s not forget that she has an AMAZING body! And, believe me, it really is the true meaning of the word AMAZING!

She’s got them big titties – too bad they are fake – and contra-faced parenthesis hips “)(” a.k.a. curvy. Her tights and legs are just as good as her medium sized ass, and all in all this girl is totally outstanding, I might say!

To make things clearer, I’d say she looks like Snooki from Jersey Shore, however, Audrey is infinite times better. No offense, Snooki. But you’ve come in second in this race! They pretty much are the same height ( 162cm ), as well.

Judging her standing with awards and nominations compared to other porn stars, the first you’ll notice that she has different labels covering her.  As she reached her later years, so have her awards gradually vanished. She’s possibly still active at this very moment and I have high hopes for her that she’ll continue to please us with her outstanding performance and good looks. She makes porn colorful!

Visit her IMDB profile for a comprehensive list of her porn movie titles and a short biography

She brings change in this game! Here are her top 8 movies which you can pick your favorite from and don’t worry, it’s a usual thing to come to a conclusion that all 8 of her movies we reviewed are your favorite. It’s not entirely because of our review, but because Audrey is special! When she stars in a porn movie, she gives 100%! And we drop the same amount of load after all things settle. So, yeah, Top 8 Audrey Bitoni videos, like the title suggested:

8. Naughty Office with Johnny Castle

To be sincere, I’d used Naughty America‘s interview and description as a model for my overall review of her. I’ve come to the conclusion that I completely agree with them. They’ve helped us know her story better besides the rather arid facts we’ve found online, combined with acquired knowledge.

Anyways, Audrey’s working in an arousing atmosphere at the office and she grabs every possible opportunity to give herself a bit while her colleague Johnny is asleep. A really professional office, isn’ it?

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Sleeping at work and masturbating, the very best slogan for a corpor(n)ation. Remember, something like this is only possible in a porn studio, however, like the modern saying goes: “If you didn’t film it, it didn’t happen”, so they’ve done the job.

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Regardless of the fact that this is all an act! What’s even better, is what happened next: Johnny woke up and the instinctive guy took the opportunity just like Audrey did, which also involved her pussy!

He dug deep inside her to find some motivation for work! Maybe next time he won’t be asleep when something important like this is happening!

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7. Audrey Bitoni Fucks Like The Porn Star She Was Destined To Be

Honestly, I was afraid that this was the time when a BangBros title will break into 2 rows. And I suddenly felt a relief when it was just enough space. These darn descriptive Bangbros titles! But all is forgiven when I lay my eyes on this beauty! She’s wearing a fine, white cotton top and I like when girls lift them up to show 2 of their bodily predispositions, especially when a gifted girl like Audrey shows hers!

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I’d die between those two cans of hers! I’d suck them dry, I’d… I’d… There’s not a thing I wouldn’t do. But back to reality, I won’t be doing anything except watching through my 15-inch laptop screen. At least I can look with my eyes, right guys?…

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Anyways, Bangbros never disappoints me with their movies, because for them, hardcore is never left out no matter which porn star they’re filming! It seems that they always steal the spotlight from the girl, believe it or not!

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6. Whos The Boss

Let’s take things back to 2007 so we can show you how a pool party with porn stars was back then. Abbey Brooks, Audrey Bitoni, Eve Laurence and Richelle Ryan rejoice each other’s company at the beach where they’re the exclusive girls!

No one else is relevant rather than these 4. Supposedly it’s some kind of a company employee’s gathering and the prize is – Johnny Sins!

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That bald son of a gun finds a way to get inside multiple girl’s pants every single time! I’m envious of him because he got to fuck 8 large titties while I’m still here watching the big dicked guy. Life is a beach… For the girls… A fivesome for Johnny and then some! 4 girls!!! Lucker.

Audrey Bitoni in RealityKings group scene

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5. My Evil Sluts 3, Scene #6

Evil Angel’s finest lesbian scenes have twice the amount of hardcore! It’s the gap which is a difference when a cock is shown and when it isn’t, so they have to fill it with kinkiness! There is even some BDSM in traces which gets our expectation sky high!

My Evil Sluts 3, in general, is a huge title with huge names like Sasha Grey, Shyla Stylez and many other. In this particular scene, Audrey Bitoni and Jenaveve Jolie‘s destinies collide and they’ve made a hell out there!

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They’re just fingering each other and fucking each other while you’ll simply be convinced that a dick isn’t necessary. And it isn’t indeed! I like Jenaveve’s wicked piercings on her nipples, her tits probably are heavier now than before she’d put them. After they’ve just had enough with their limbs, it was time to bring in the toys! Toys are harder than fingers so a stronger emphasis is put on hard in HARDcore!

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4. Pornstar Athletics

Rocco Reed and Audrey Bitoni are playing a game of tennis where Rocco is the trainer and Audrey is the trainee, and I’ll be the umpire. He explains the basics of tennis and had a strike when he had thrust along with her hips in order to show her how to properly swing a racket. Audrey got tired of all the rackets and balls but in her head, she probably developed an urge for a racket and balls!

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She even told Rocco that she’d love to get a hold of his balls and later on when they’ve gone home and changed, she played an official tennis match with Rocco’s racket and balls. I wonder how she’s ranked on the ATP list!

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3. My Wife Is My Pornstar with Tyler Nixon

Tyler’s visiting his good college friend and he’s good for a reason. Namely, his buddy is known for hotwifing and I’ve already talked about what it is but to put it simply, he’s horny when his wife is fucking someone else, especially someone who he knows, then he’s peaceful because it makes both sides happy. He wanted his wife to act as a porn star and fuck another dude. Her aim was on her stud friend whose name is Tyler.

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He was asleep when she was plotting to give him a little surprise, switching to lingerie and just bouncing on his dick! Well, he isn’t that kind of a hard sleeper, he woke up halfway while she was sucking his giant cock!

What luck can a guy have to spot an Audrey underneath thy’s sheets… He probably thought that he was dreaming but that force she uses to jump up and down his cock is just unbearable!

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2. Audrey Bitoni’s Sexual Rubdown

Bangbros are known for breaking the 4th wall in porn, putting it’s so unfitting that no scene seems like it’s real. The presence of the cameraman is vivid but that doesn’t stop them from being at their best!

Audrey called in a masseuse but she didn’t possibly order this hot of a stud! It was Johnny Castle who was willing to explore her dungeons because Audrey always gets in her birthday suit, shamelessly!

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Johnny does a good job containing himself at first, but after a good rub down her ass and sharing it with the pussy, his dick got hard and he couldn’t help himself but changed the massage to hardcore sex! It’s a thin line between massage and hardcore sex, so why not? Johnny Castle knows what’s best for his client!

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1. Wet Surfaces

This is an additional scene of the “Who’s the Boss” but this time it’s Nikki, Marlie Moore, and our girl Audrey in the spotlight. She invited the first two to hang around her place since the rich bitch has a pool. They’ve all brought their best bikinis and let the sunbathing start!

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After these chicks got roasted enough, they thought it was time to cool things out with some pool water fun! The oil helped them overcome Audrey’s hosting pussy and as time passed, the scene got more and more hot every moment! This scene is old as the hills, but it still has the FIRE in it!

Audrey Bitoni in Reality Kings lesbian scene

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