Cute Petite Elsa Jean in 8 Hot Videos


In a galaxy far, far, far, faaar away, there’s a Jean named Elsa. And it’s made out of pale washed-out denim. I’m not trying to draw a parallel line here, instead I want to express Elsa’s blonde hair on those jean(s) from another dimension. When we’re talking about Elsa, there’s no one ELSAS good as her! It’s true that she’s still a freshly baked porn star, hadn’t had much time spent in the industry, but give this girl a chance and she’ll turn anything into gold!

Similar to her hair color. See, it has some symbolic meaning, we just need to read between the lines! It was the year 2012 when she graduated high school by the age of 16, and just like any other typical girl, she wanted a secure future! Her future wasn’t becoming a surgical assistant like she thought she ought to be, however it was a key turning point.

Just like that your goals switch and everything your obliged to changes. A person reborn. Ask Elsa for more, no one predicted this outcome, not even as a joke! But there you have it, a long legged beauty has joined forces! Before we move more onto the wonders of life topic, I’ll continue on about Elsa first.

Elsa’s arousing physique Well, like you’ve been introduced (multiple times), Elsa is a cute blondy with a glamorous face, like you tore apart a magazine cover and placed it on someone’s face. That’s how probably her parents made her. But that face… it’s made for modelling. She did the right thing, after all. The lower parts from the head is what counts the most, so talking about her tits concretely, there’s nothing much to see.

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There’s a pair of slight bulges on a perfect location, size 32A, and nothing else. But, extend your neck and twist your head, or at least turn Elsa around, and you’ll see where her charm comes from. It’s all in that sweet, tight, little, bootylicious, curved, pinchy, tasty – ass! And that’s not the real reason.

It’s her proportionally longer legs that follow up dat ass! High heel ending – and we’re calling Elsa with the prefix “goddess”! Don’t get me wrong, she is short, standing only at 5’3 (160cm), which is petite, just where every single studio placed her in their categories. By the way, since I’ve already mentioned her height, I forgot to justify it.

She was born in September 1st, 1996 in Ohio, US.Why is that important, you ask? Well, you know that Lebron James is some tall guy who plays in Cleveland, Ohio, so since they’re countrymen… it all makes sense! Imagine if Elsa got a few inches… up her ass!

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Hehe, why imagine? Anyways, she actually achieved the impossible. In 2016, with only a year of experience, she managed to get some AVN, XBIZ and Spank Bank nominations, and even extract a win out of a Spank Bank Technical Award – Barbie’s Little Sister!

A.k.a. the “thanks for playing” award. But still, it’s a prize! Okay, let’s not get carried away too much by the ecstatic presense of this blonde one, and proceed to our list of the best Elsa Jean’s scenes, and we’ve counted 8 of those. Sex Top Lists presents:

8. Bangbros – Elisa Fucks A Crook

Good job Bangbros, you couldn’t even properly spell out her name. That’s the symptom of a harsh pain in the groin area when you talk about your guest porn stars. Your intentions are only to fuck ’em right and get it all on tape, huh, Bros?!

Okay, two can play that game!While we’re talking about a game, I have to say that I love the role play on this scene. Elisa, how they address her, is enjoying herself from the comfort of her home. She’s alone, no one to bother, and it’s about time for self-satisfaction! Think twice when you call it a “lone time with yourself”!

Elsa was on the bed, looking astonishing like she headed to a nightout, with a long blonde hair, nice red shirt and denim shorts! I mean, the shorts were put on after she was done solo performing, hehe. She rubbed that pussy so good no man would’ve done it better! But what about that shady guy with a sock over his head who’s peeking?

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!O-M-G! He just crashed into her place and he’s looting her goods! Elsa took a baseball bat and had her back against the wall, waiting for the opportunity to smack him! When the perfect time has come, she poped out of the corner and threatened him.

She wanted to check him up if he stashed something in his pants, and felt a hard lump in his trousers.It turns out that he brought this before he even entered, and that’s his cock! Elsa is totally interested in this tool! She kneels down and starts admiring the lenght of this guy until she put it in her mouth to see the goodness of it in practice! Dirty slut! Well, she did attract mad cock with the tang scent of her pussy!
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7. 21 Sextury – Happy Halloween Party 2

21 Sextury is back on Sex Top Lists and I assure you they’ve become such a sharp sword in terms of fulfilling the requirements and expectations as a porn studio. A 5 second appreciation until we move on… 1,2,3,4,5. Okay, now we’re moving to someone ELSA.

I know it’s a little to early (or a little to late, depending when you’re reading this actually) to talk about Halloween related stuff, but God, Elsa makes exceptions as we go on with our lives! And to think this girl picked to become a surgical assistant… I only see the ASS part but ISTANT doesn’t seem to fit.Anyways, Gina Valentina and Elsa Jean tag team on that dick of Tommy.

For a whole minute there I had a conflict with myself wheter it’s that Manuel Ferrara or not, but I knew that once I get my eyes on that dick, everything will be said. I’m not trying to sound gay here, but people must monumentalize or at least create a vax replica of Ferrara’s dick.It’s symbolic and iconic. The porn industry’s totem. Tommy’s got a good gun, but just for these precious girls here.

When he blasts from his gun, both of them get enough syrup to nurture their skin. External use only.Shake the tube firmly before use and if possible, insert it in your genitalia in case of a female consumption. Wow, I was made for the pharmaceuticals! On the other hand, Elsa’s looking on point here, and if I ever pictured what would my perfect girl look like – I’d indicate directly at Elsa! Wait in line ladies, Elsa is in town!


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6. Girlsway – Dovefucking Darcie

Oh God what a sight for sore eyes this scene is! A deserving rest from all the boy-on-girl porn. Lesbian porn is much more relaxing, underwhelming, peaceful and quite sexier than the classic, to be honest. Especially when these names poke out your eyes and attention: Adriana Sephora, Elsa Jean, Darcie Dolce. I don’t know which girl is hotter than the other. A tight ball-game. How ironic. I realize now how much Elsa Jean is inferior to the other girls, but from a superficial perspective, thankfully.

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She’s asking for her lover Adriana’s attention by luring her with her small tits, but it’s not effective since her girlfriend is into girls with big boobs.Other than this hypothesis, it says on her dating account Elsa found out about on her girl’s laptop.

Since Elsa doesn’t want to bitch about it, she searches for professional consultation with their mutual friend Darcie. She wanted to surprise Adriana when she gets back from work, patientily waiting for her arrival on the couch.

When she got here, it’s better of a sight than I had! Adriana appreciates the gesture, but she admits and advocates her love towards Elsa’s small, perky boobs. We have a girl suffle filled with emotions here, so step on in because there’s a lot of tit-to-pussy rubbing, scissoring and juice involved!


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5. Pretty Dirty – Boyfriend Bait

Another evidence that Elsa’s a strict lesbian. Above all, her plan was to get her stepmom’s pussy served like lemonade and in order to do that, she plotted an evil scheme! First off, she begins to ditch school and as a lousy excuse was her pairing with her new boyfriend Jessy Jones.Little did Alexis Fawx realize that she’s the one being played here, but it’s too of a well-thought plan to see-through it.

Elsa suggest Jessy that he acts like an innocent, virgin boy in front of her mom, even tough she’s against sexual intercourse with irrelevant people.Just to defy it, Jessy wants a fuck-partner pronto, to teach him about sex.

Alex is compromised against her own attitude and opinons, and falls straight to her daughter’s trap. Jessy and Alexis were talking about these taboo topics, and with a blink of an eye, she kissed the poor fella and with a snap of a finger, she has his cock up her mouth!Too easy!

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Elsa got it on camera just to show her mom how she doesn’t obey her own set laws, and since her real face’s been uncovered, time for a threesome! Elsa finally got the pussy she deserved and a cock to the side, while Alexis enjoyed life in her true form – her cockloving nature became evident!

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4. Naughty America – Neighbor Affair with Charles Dera

I remember when we just got to Naughty America, impressed with their neighborhood fantasies and how would it be great to have a certain porn star as a neighbor. Elsa’s one of those. She’s a great girl, but her angel eyes have seen so much evil.

Since an angel is a carrier of good news, she doesn’t want to ruin someone’s life by bringing the bad ones. But you have to look the truth in the eyes, so she ultimately wants to break it up to her neighbor Charles that his girl is cheating on him with the mailman that comes to her place everyday.

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It all makes sense to him. He’s agitated to the bone.Elsa tries to repress his anger and sorrow by showing empathy, and that emphaty for him can only be felt through a good fuck, which Elsa has in offer! Without a question or surplusage of words, she goes down on him and starts giving him head like no other girl did before.

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That’s what you call a divine neighbor! Then say that I’m a bit exaggarating when I’m speaking about NA’s fantasy porn! Not even Charles girl would serve such a succulent pussy to his, now ex-boyfriend! Elsa is an angel indeed!
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3. Reality Junkies – Teen Hitchhikers

Elsa teaches us how being youth in today’s world is so hard, and it’s a lecture for the rest of the people. Namely, she was invited to a crazy part tonight, however, her friend ditched her after promising he’ll pick her up, and after a disgraceful ditch, it’s time for a hike – hitch!Waiting in a small street nearby, she pulled over a Johnny Castle riding a Kia Sorento, if I spy with my eye right. I have a good sense in cars, I suppose.

Anyways, she was hesitant to ride in the beginning, until Johnny showed his charming, emotional side to her, so she was subliminally compelled to enter his chamber.Just when she stepped in, she said “No creepy shit” and I’m quoting this, really.

He was like, okay, but after some time he had to inform her that his house is just around the corner, and it was more of a question than a notice. She said something like, you can take me there if you have a big cock, and I see that greedy chuckle on Johnny’s face!

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Not long has passed until Elsa’s party was relocated to Johnny Castle’s place, where she (wearing glasses and expressing her sexuality by that act) sucked his dick and fucked him until her pussy became sore of that thick cock! Fuck your fake friends, Johnny is the real deal!

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2. Evil Angel – Teen Slut Tryouts

Mike Adriano. End of review. There’s nothing ELSA to say. Man, I’ll never get tired of this goodly premeditated joke. At least till the end of this article.I think that by now, everyone’s introduced to Mike’s kinky chambers and what he has up his sleeves when a girl is present.

Haters will say that he’s not wearing any sleeves in his performances. But, haters gonna hate.Just like any other rookie, Elsa’s brought up to justice where she needs to do certain tasks in order to get a good reputation in the porn industry.

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If she passes Mike’s obstacle course (obstacle, literally), she can be better than Lisa Ann if you ask anybody.Mike’s the type of a person who will destroy your soul, just for your own, greater good. So he’s the worst, yet the best person you’ll meet in your life, Elsa, so eat up his ass and ask questions later.

After that, you’ll get a spit sundae, and you won’t even know whose spit is it anymore.You’re apple bottom will get so fucked, that you’ll need stitches on your pussy and crutches to help you walk. But after, you’ll be a goddess reborn… Sincerely, God.

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1. Sweetheart Video – Advice with Mommy

Shall we end it with a Cinderella story? It’s a good story to get hot on. Especially if Elsa’s playing the poor girl. Anyways, she was busy scrubbing the floor with such force, and her housekeeper, obviously older than her, came up to her on high heels, to resemble that inequality on social positions of a owner and a slave.

However, she offered food to the poor girl and so they go to the kitchen to grab a slice of bread and a glass of water for the poor thing. Later on, they’ve been talking about sadistic, but also real things, and it all came down to their sapphic emotions outbreaking.

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Both of the girls starts squeezing each other’s tits no matter the size (even thogh Elexis Monroe has huge knockers) and commence pussy-diving like those professionals explore the oceans. And then they say that porn stars are limited.

Pft, please.Elsa’s better than 90% of the girls I personally know. And I pledge the credibility of my position and statement. All in all, this is a hardcore, softcore scene I sincerely enjoyed watching. A solid 8 out of 10. Nothing special to export from the plot, but the lesbo sex is fantastic!

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