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Aletta Ocean (real name Dóra Varga) is a Hungarian pornographic actress who has made a name for herself in America and throughout Europe. She started off with ranking in the top 6 finalists in a Miss Hungary beauty pageant and she also received various acknowledgments in her home country for her modeling. But in 2007, she decided to start doing porn!

Aletta started her porn career with Private, a European-based porn production company and she has made various scenes with them. Back then, she was known as Aletta Alien and there are some people who only recognize her by this alias to this day. When she moved to the USA, she was immediately hired by Bangbros, Evil Angel, and Hustler.

If you want to have detailed information about her life and career, go ahead and read this article!

Aletta Ocean hungarian pornstar

She has been in many types of pornographic scenes; even some extremely bizarre ones. She has made interracial, fisting, lesbian, anal, double penetration and even watersports scenes.

Aletta’s body is not natural, as she has had surgery done on multiple parts of her body. She had three enhancement surgeries on her breasts; from 34C to D and then to DD. Currently, she says that this is exactly how she wants her breasts to look like, which means that she is finished with plastic surgery once and for all. Of course, this can change but as it stands, she does have a nice pair of tits!

Aletta has many girl-on-girl scenes, but she said that in her private life she isn’t really attracted to women in general, only very pretty ones. Thankfully, this did not discourage her from making various lesbian scenes with some of the biggest names in the business.

Even though Aletta has made a name for herself, she didn’t win many awards, only a few of them. In 2010, she won the AVN award for the Female Foreign Performer of the Year, as well as the Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production for her role in  Dollz House. Other than this, she wasn’t really nominated for any international awards, but she did get a few acknowledgments in her home country of Hungary.

Click here to visit Aletta’s IMDB profile where you can see all the awards, nominations, and the movies she performed in!

Now that you know who Aletta Ocean really is, it is time to take a closer look at some of her best works. You will see videos from Bangbros, Hustler, as well as Evil Angel. Sit back, relax and enjoy the movies that we have compiled for you!

6. Daring Sex – Geisha, Scene #01

Aletta might not be a traditional geisha, but she surely knows what she needs to do in order to satisfy a man. In this scene, she wears the typical geisha outfit and her face is painted white, so she looks just like one of those women.

She enters the room and meets her client. Once they get introduced, they start making out and slowly, but surely, Aletta’s clothes start coming off. We get to see her huge and beautiful tits and she also gets fucked in many different poses.

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If you like more sensual and erotic scenes, this video from Daring Sex is exactly what you are looking for. The director, Lisa Loves (read more about him here) does know how to spice things up and Aletta did an amazing job with the role that she was given.

5. Evil Angel – Slutty and Sluttier #07

This is yet another hardcore movie that has Aletta in it. As we have previously stated, she enjoys these kinds of scenes very much and this might be the reason why she is featured in so many of them. In this one, she is joined by David Perry and Greg Centauro (read more about him HERE). The two guys take turns fucking Aletta’s perfect ass and pink pussy and she enjoys the whole session very much.

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In this Evil Angel production, you can see fingering, anal and vaginal sex in a plethora of poses and, of course, an open mouth cumshot in the end. First, Aletta slowly undresses, revealing her sexy body to us. Her breasts are very nice (this was after her surgery) and her round butt is also flawless.

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Once she is completely naked, the guys come in and start having some fun with her. Watching Aletta’s face and body react to the guys is a lot of fun and the video should be more than enough to satisfy your needs too!

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4. Bangbus – Big Titty Beauty

By now, you must know exactly what the Bangbus is all about. If not, it is pretty simple; the crew invites a famous porn star into their van and they go on a quest to find a random stranger who is willing to fuck on camera. Most of the time, this is a very simple task, as there are not many guys who would reject an opportunity like this, especially when they are offered to have sex with Aletta Ocean!

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This episode of the Bangbus was filmed in Spain and the crew did not have to spend a lot of time before finding a guy who was interested in the whole thing. As soon as he entered the van, Aletta started touching him and telling him to start taking his clothes off. The guy did what he was told and once he was completely naked, Aletta gave him an amazing blowjob and then sat on top of him.

This dude must have felt like he is the luckiest guy in the universe, as he fucked Aletta in all the ways that he wanted to. Thankfully, Aletta enjoyed the whole thing too, so this was mutually pleasurable for both of them; and let’s not forget about us, the audience!

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3. Bangbros – Hot Fucking in Public

Public sex scenes are always more interesting, especially when there are complete strangers around to see the action happen. If you like these types of scenes, PublicBang is the right site for you!

In this episode from 2014, Aletta goes on an adventure with the crew to a local park, where she gets her whole body oiled up by two girls who happen to be passing by. This is one of the main reasons why so many people love Aletta.

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The fact that she is never shy and that she is willing to do anything! Of course, a porn video wouldn’t be complete without some hardcore fucking and this is exactly what she gets!

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The guy fucks her pussy really hard and she enjoys every single moment of it. She even deepthroats the cock and starts gagging on it. You are not going to want to miss out on this scene, especially if you like Aletta or public movies in general!

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2. Hustler – Aletta Ocean in the Doll House #6

You might think that this is the movie that she received an award for, but it’s not. Regardless, it is still a very good porn film that you will want to take a closer look at, especially since all of Hustler’s videos are generally extremely high quality. This means that you can see Aletta’s whole body and inspect everything that you would want to.

First, Aletta seduces the camera by dancing and touching herself in a quite seductive way, showing her round ass and tits. She slowly undresses and reveals her breasts to us while dancing and once she is completely naked, the guy comes in and gives his dick to her.

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She is very excited by this and she immediately starts sucking it. After this, she turns around and the guy starts fucking her doggy style! There are numerous other positions that they have sex in too, so be sure to check out the whole movie or the preview.

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1. Evil Angel – Angel Perverse #11

The last video that we have covered was very sensual, but this one is truly a hardcore scene that features the gorgeous Aletta Ocean. This movie shows you that not all angels have to be shy and conservative, especially when it comes to porn.

Not only that you can see rough anal scenes, but there are many other extremely rough videos too, depending on which scene you choose to watch. In the whole video, there are many porn actors that you might recognize, such as David Perry and Lauro Giotto, but Aletta is the one that you are going to want to keep an eye out for.

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If you haven’t watched hardcore scenes with Aletta yet, you are not going to want to miss out on this one, as it is truly an extreme scene that you will enjoy! You can watch Aletta get spanked, fucked anally and slapped around!

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